"Tonight, you are to take Darya." The cold voice loomed over her shoulder as the young Natasha gave a quick bow. "You should know this by now, but do not have any mercy. Natasha," The redhead looked up at her master, "do not fail me. It would be a pity to lose you when you show so much promise. It would also be a disappointment to me as I have invested so much time in you."

"I will not fail you." The ten year old clicked her heels together and saluted the Leader before bowing away. Her mind was racing with what she would have to do. She slowly walked back to her room and sneaked back towards her bed. Her sleeping comrades surrounded her as she searched through her small bag of belongings. Very few things were in the rucksack, a hairbrush with extendable spikes, a handheld mirror with poison powder, and candy pack which became a dartgun. At the very bottom of the bag, she fished out a sheathed knife.

She pulled the knife out of its sheath and watched as a sliver of green poison ran down the blade. Natasha stuffed the weapon back into its holder and attached the holster to her waist. She was ready. The girl swallowed nervously as she crept back into the corridor. The lights were all off and the light coming through the windows gave the place a ghastly hue. The Russian moon glowed blue as the girl hurried through the halls.

G1, G2, G3, G4, G5. She stopped at the entrance to the doorway and took in a deep breath. Darya's face flashed into her mind. A thirteen year old with dark brown hair and brown eyes. The girl was Natasha's peer and had been a mentor to her for years now. And Natasha was going to thank her by killing her. Her heart raced as she unbolted the door and slid it open. She crept inside the room before sliding the door back into place.

She walked silently past the first two bunkbeds and headed to the back of the room where Darya slept. She saw the girl sleeping on her side on the bottom bed. The faint moon lighting upon her face made a chill run up Natasha's spine. Darya looked so calm in her sleep. Natasha almost wanted to run, but she couldn't run. The Leader would kill her if she didn't even try. It was a die or die kind of thing.

She slipped her knife out of its sheath and walked over to Darya. She held the knife over the brunette's head and quivered there. That was her mistake. Darya's brown eyes shot up and she whirled around to knock Natasha back with her fist. Natasha tumbled across the room and her knife slid out of her hand. She grunted as she hit the metal rim of the bed. Her eyes widened as Darya came flying at her, knife in hand.

Natasha rolled to the side as a knife sliced the place where she had last been. There was no sentiment in these killings. It was the law of the Red Room. By the time you wake up in the morning, five more people will be dead. It was almost impossible to sleep knowing that you may be the one who is attacked next. It could be sister attacking sister or friend attacking friend. There were no guidelines to which these killings ran. Everyone just knew that they happened.

Natasha scrambled over to where her poisoned knife lay and grabbed it in her hand. The adrenaline pumped through her veins as she clenched it in her fist. Darya came at her again with fierce determination lighting in the brunette's eyes. Natasha reached forward and grabbed Darya's hand as it descended, stalling the knife. She used her other hand and swung up towards the other girl, catching her in the neck.

Darya let out a rasping gasp as the poisoned blade sliced against her throat. She quivered for a moment before raising a hand up to the side of her neck. Her eyes widened as no air made its way to her lungs. Darya shuddered before collapsing down over Natasha.

The horrified ten year old felt tears rush down her face as she watched Darya die before her. And then she screamed.

"Tasha! Tasha, it's alright!" Clint shook his girlfriend to try and get her to wake as the redhead screamed in her sleep. Clint had never seen his girlfriend like this before. She was never afraid of anything!

Natasha startled out of her sleep and grabbed the knife that always slept close to her chest. She whirled around and sliced at the unknown figure only to have her hand grabbed midway. She thrashed as she tried to escape the grip of her unknown attacker.

"Tasha! It's me! Calm down!" Natasha froze as the voice finally registered in her brain.

"Clint..." She had just tried to kill Clint. No, no, no. She shook as the knife fell from her hand to the bed sheets. "I-I..." She stuttered out as her brain tried to catch up from everything that was whirling in her mind.

"Sh... It's alright, Tasha." Clint pulled the redhead into his chest and rubbed circles on her back. He whispered soothing words into her ear as Natasha clung onto him and sobbed. "It'll be alright."

"I was back there, Clint! I killed her, Clint! I killed my sister!" Natasha screamed as she cried hysterically. "Darya was only thirteen and I murdered her and watched her die!"

Clint swallowed as he let Natasha cry. "It's over now, Tasha. You aren't there and you won't ever have to return. You're safe with me. Fall back to sleep, Tasha. I'll be here for you."

"You had better be," Natasha murmured softly as Clint crawled into bed beside her. She snuggled into his chest, closed her eyes, and slept peacefully until sunrise.

Author's Note: This plot bunny came up and I just had to write it. (: I loved the potential it had as a story. Yes, Darya was her sister. Her peer for many years and close friend was also her sister. Sister is used metaphorically since they both came from the same orphanage, but they had lived together for many years , and they were as close as sisters. This is what happened in the Red Room Academy. (;

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