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Zander's POV

"That's it. She's gone," Kevin whispered. My beautiful love is gone. My eyes welled up with tears again. I will never be able to forget the moment I lost her.

"I think it's time for you guys to go," Stevie's dad said. "The doctors will come in any minute to take away Stevie's body." I looked at her dad carefully. If you just took a quick glance at him, he looked sad, but not depressed. It looked as if he was told he wouldn't have a vacation. Taking the time to inspect him, you would notice the tear stains on his cheek, the wrinkles on his forehead, and the expression in his eyes. The once strong man who would do anything to protect his daughter looked so miserable and broken.

I looked back at Stevie one last time. Below the empty cup was a neatly folded piece of paper. I took the paper and placed it in my pocket. Everyone walked out of the room except Stevie's mother and father. Once we were outside, I opened up the paper. It was the letter Stevie was talking about.

"Hey you guys, stop for a second." Everyone stopped and looked at me. "You know that letter Stevie was talking about?" Everyone nodded. "This is it."

"Read it Zander!" Kacey said as she wiped her eyes.

"My name is Stevie Baskara. I'm only sixteen years old and diagnosed with a rare condition of cancer. I've been fighting this cancer for years, but slowly losing. I only have enough energy to write this one letter with a thousand words, no more no less, to everyone I love and care about. These are my final words…" I continue to read the whole letter. Each word came to life. It felt as if Stevie was reading the letter to us. When I finished the letter, everyone, including me, was in tears. We all sat down on the sidewalk. A few moments of silence passed. Kacey finally broke the silence.

"I can't believe that I let a guy get in between my friendship with Stevie. What was I thinking? I was such a jerk. I regret all of it," Kacey said. She ran her hands through her hair and started twirling the ends of her hair.

"We all done things we regret, especially to Stevie. She made some mistakes too and she has forgiven us for all of our mistakes," Nelson added as he stared at the sky. "I should've told Stevie I forgive her. I hope she knows that." Another heartbreaking silence. The letter was comforting, yet shocking. I passed around the letter to each person. Each person held the paper delicately like a porcelain cup.

A small beeping noise pierced through everyone's ears. Grace let out a little shriek of surprise. Nelson pulled out his phone and checked the text. "My mom wants Grace, Kevin, and I to get going. I guess we'll see you guys tomorrow. Make sure to photocopy it for each of us to keep." Grace, Nelson, and Kevin started to get up and leave. Nelson faced Kacey and I. "Goodnight. Don't worry about this too much. I think Stevie would want us to move on." Nelson made his way to the car. They waved goodbye and disappeared behind the trees.

Once they were gone, Kacey whispered, "Stevie didn't deserve to die like this."

"I know." I mumbled. "If only we could cure cancer." Without another word, we both walked away to our separate cars. Kacey turned on her engine and left while I sat in the car, rereading the letter over and over again. I miss you already.

When I got home, I let myself in and made copies of the letter before I would forget. I folded them neatly like Stevie had earlier and stuffed them into an envelope. I tried occupying myself, but everything reminded me of Stevie. Memories of Stevie flashed into my mind when I come across something she used. My ukulele reminded me of how I would always serenade her with a song. My room reminded me of the times she stayed over. Even the guest room brought too many memories. I lie in my bed under the covers. With the dim light of the alarm clock, I started crying myself to sleep.

The morning light shot through my eye lids. My eyes fluttered open. I yawned and stretched out my arms and legs. I completed my morning routine of showering, changing, eating, and brushing my teeth. Realizing I had an hour left before I should leave, I plopped down on the couch and watched TV. My mom rose out of bed and made herself coffee while my dad snored as loud as a bear's growl.

"Mom, where is my permission slip?" Hayden, my younger sister, asked. Mom told her it was sitting in her office. Hayden ran to my mom's office and grabbed her permission slip. She gave everyone a quick goodbye and left to the bus stop.

"You don't have to go to school if you don't want to," Mom suggested. Yesterday, she was home early and I had to explain what happened to Stevie. Dad came home when I was fast asleep. I'm sure Mom told Dad what happened.

"I want to go. In case Kacey, Kevin, Nelson, and Grace show up at school," I responded while flipping channels.

She sat next to me and gave me a hug. She rubbed my back and gave me a small peck on the forehead. Her business attire smelled like vanilla mint perfume. "If you want to go home early, just call me and I'll drop you off at home." I nodded and retrained myself from tearing up. Mom got up from the couch and got her coffee. I got up, grabbed my backpack, and left for school.

School wasn't supposed to be different from any other day. It wasn't supposed to be full of pictures that triggered sweet memories. It wasn't supposed to be a place full of teens, younger and older, who stared at me. I was supposed to go unnoticed by the Perfs, the girls who were taken, and guys. But today, the unusual stares crossed my eyes. As I walked, everyone became quiet. It was like I was the general and they were my army. I walked to my locker, put in the combination, and grabbed my books.

From the corner of my eye, I saw a picture of me and Stevie taped onto my locker door. We were on the swing set in the park. Stevie held my camera in one hand and formed half a heart with her other hand. My right arm was around her shoulders and my left hand was raised to form the other half of the heart. It took a few times to get the picture perfect. Both of our heads were inside the hand heart. On my left pinkie, it read, "I love you." Her right pinkie read, "As big as the sky." We got that phrase one day when I was out of town to visit my cousins across the country. Stevie was watching "An American Tail". We were on the phone while she was watching the part where Fieval, the mouse, was singing "Somewhere Out There". Stevie was bawling over the phone over the movie. She told me she cries during every cheesy movie, but always made sure no one is around or she would quickly covers up her tears. Then she told me she loved me as big as the sky. Our love would spans across any distance, even around the world or past every universe.

I smiled at the picture, not realizing that I took the picture off of the locker and held it. I gently ripped off the tape and put the picture in the front of my binder for all to see.

With my backpack on my left shoulder, I walked to my first class. Throughout the day, everyone kept staring at me, but no one spoke. Even the teachers showed sympathy by letting me by in class. They didn't ask me any questions, nor did they care if I didn't take notes. They would print out the notes from their lecture and let me have it.

At lunch, Kacey, Nelson, Kevin, and Grace barely spoke at all. We ate lunch in silence, feeling the awkwardness. There was the occasional "pass me the ketchup" or "do you have a napkin", but other than that there was no conversation. Before the lunch bell rang, the intercom turned on with an unbearably loud noise. People covered their ears and grunted when the screeching noise happened. The principal apologized and made a special announcement that everyone needs to report to the gym after lunch.

The gym was packed with every grade level in Brewster High. We found enough seats for the five of us and sat down. Principal Jameson stood at the podium organizing his note cards. He cleared his throat, grabbing everyone's attention, and started the assembly.

"We are here today to make a special announcement. I would have said this over the intercom, but the staff and I came to an agreement that we are better off giving this announcement to the entire school together. We are a family, a team…" My eyes started to shut as he started talking. Sometimes I just want to fall asleep when he makes announcements, but a teacher would snap me out of my sleepiness. "As you all know, a beloved junior has died recently." That one sentence woke me up. My head snapped up with full focus as he continued. "From what her parents told us, she died yesterday from cancer. She had a rare and serious condition of cancer. The doctors couldn't find a cure in time, therefore leading to her unfortunate death. In memory of her, we are creating a memorial for her. Everyone is invited to the funeral at St. Patrick's Funeral Home. Your homeroom teacher will inform you with more information regarding the funeral and memorial. We encourage everyone to participate in this remembrance our young student who fought cancer, but didn't survive. That is all."

I froze in place while everyone filed out of the gym. My vision became blurry for the first time in hours and I felt a pain rise in my chest. I blinked and felt warm tears rushing down my face. A hand started rubbing my back, trying to sooth me. I only cried harder because it reminded me of Stevie. She used to rub my back whenever I cried for her. The weight of someone's head landed on my shoulder, but I didn't bother to look who it was. I kept my head buried in my hands, crying my heart out.

I miss Stevie. And I can't live without her.

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