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Sitting at his mahogany desk reading Les Miserables was the dhampir few knew as the son of Dracula; Alucard.

'Hmm, the anniversary of Richter's turning is coming up... Perhaps I could do something intimate this year...Oh?'

His golden eyes darted to the window on his left when a thunderous explosion rattled the glass, disturbing his thought. He looked fully at the window and saw droplet's of rain starting to tap it causing him to frown and set his book down.

'Storming? So much for going out and spending the day with Richter...' He let out a sad sigh as he stood up. The storm outside was not the only thing making noise as several metal and tin objects clattered downstairs. With curiosity peaked, the halfling trekked downstairs and found his lover leaning down to pick up cookie sheets and pots, the open cabinet that housed them right next to the man. Alucard smirked, rather enjoying the position the brunette was in as it gave him a quite a nice view of his rear end.

"Richter, love, what are you doing down here?" The Belmont stood rigid at the calm, rich voice. Richter turned and looked at his lover with a pout.

"Adrian! I-I was, well, I was..." He sighed and started putting the objects in his arms in their proper place while Alucard walked up to him to help.

"I was going to bake something for the two of us and I wanted it to be a surprise." He was still pouting slightly. Alucard looked at the kitchen table to see a box of cake mix, bowls, spoons, and all the other utensils needed to make a cake.

"You can still make it you know, I can help also if you wish." Richter frowned.

"Well, I do need a few things from the store, but It's raining and I know-" A kiss silenced him.

"What do you need?" Richter gave his fellow dhampir a look of uncertainty but shifted his gaze to the cake mix box only for a moment before he walked up the table and picked up the box.

"Milk, eggs-" He set the box down and scanned the table, the counter tops, then looking at the floor in embarrassment. "And the frosting apparently." Alucard let out a seductive chuckle in the Belmont's ear causing him to jump slightly. The poor guy didn't even hear Alucard sneak up behind him.

"You always forgot items even when they where listed. You always are too cute." Richter blushed scarlet at the purr in his lover's voice and he could feel Alucard's throat vibrate against his shoulder.

"I'll go and get what you need. Milk, eggs, and what kind of frosting?"

"I, uh, I..." Alucard pulled away from his sputtering lover with a smirk.

'Must he be so seductive?!' Richter coughed to clear his throat as he dismissed that thought.

"You can choose..." Alucard gave a small nod as he left the kitchen and over to the front door. Richter had fallowed him out of the kitchen and leaned against the wall watching as Alucard slid his arms into the sleeves of his jacket. He then grabbed the keys, opened the front door, and looked at Richter.

"I'll be back shortly." With that he left leaving a rather flustered vampire hunter behind.

Later Alucard came back in with two shopping bags, one of which he hid within one of the enchanted pouches he kept from his old days running through Castlevania, the other he strolled into the kitchen with. Richter was sitting in one of the kitchen tables reading one of his many cook books.

"You never could cook without help could you?" Richter rolled his eyes at his lover and closed the book. He stood up as the dhampir walked over to him and set the bag down on the table then gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Do you need me down here?" Richter shook his head.

"I should be good, go back to your study." the brunette waved his lover off as he looked into the plastic bag. He pulled out the items as he heard the door to Alucard's study and got to work on the cake unknowing that Alucard was up to something.

Once the cake was put in the oven Richter cleaned up the kitchen, got out the butter knife, frosting, and set them all on the kitchen table. A small squeak entered the room causing the brunette dhampir to look towards the window and lock eyes with Alucard's Bat Familiar hanging from the kitchen's curtain's bar.

"Hey there Desmodus, how long have you been there?" He walked up to the unusually large bat who squeaked happily at him. He heard a giggle from behind him and smirked.

"Hello Finaiya, what brings you down here?" He spoke as he looked over his shoulder at the Faerie who sat on the table next to the frosting can.

"I wanted to ask if I'm able to help with the decoration of the cake?" Richter turned to her with crossed arms.

"You just want a piece of cake don't you?" She gave another giggle and nodded.

"But I still want to help decorate it too, please?" He smiled at the tiny familiar.

"Of course you can help me. Desmodus too." The duo let out cheers making the former vampire hunter laugh.

Later Richter was knocking on the door of his lover's study.

"Enter." Came the muffled reply from within.

"Alu, the cake is readyyyyyyyy..." Richter let the word fade as his jaw dropped at the sight before him.

"Is something wrong love?" Again he used that husky tone. The pale dhampir lay on the study's floor with a lustful look donning his face, he was covered by nothing but whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Richter stuttered with a deep crimson blush spead across his cheeks.

"Adrien, what-" Aludard purred at him.

"I thought you would want something abit...sweeter then cake. Eat up." Richter hastily shut the door behind him and pounced on the sliverish-blonde. Both the cake downstairs and the Les Miserables novel on the desk were forgotten in an instant.

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