~ Special Author Notes ~

Well. Most of you will be disappointed by this update, and you have the right to be disappointed, because it's not an actual chapter of Kit and Fox (neither a confirmation of completion of the chapter 18th) but simply... notes.

But for me, those notes are important... Extremely important. Then, something I suppose you must wonder, before I say anything, is why do I chose this peculiar date to update (my updates don't follow the classical rules, for the people who've known me since the beginning).

The 17th March (in my country), is the day of Kit and Fox's conception, my very first serious novel written until now (and perhaps it will be my only one). If you check my profile, you will see that I'm there since the 03-18-12, which means one year minus one day before this "update". Sort of, those notes are the "point" of the year passed in this web site. I still remember the first moment I updated and that I received a flame because I updated Kit and Fox with only few words that announced what the story will be. I don't remember which member it was, but it was a bit rude from him, and well, I think this person is responsible for the erase of the first version of Kit and Fox English version, and all the reviews made by my many readers, who advised me mostly to take a beta, and as you can see, I've respected their wish (chuckle).

Some stats now:
You have submitted a total of 178 signed reviews.
Total words archived : 544,683 words.
Average number of words per story : 54,468
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As you can see, I am a very active author in this web site. In solely one year, I've written more than six hundred pages only related to fanfiction works, with eight different stories (which contains two translations from English ones) and this translation of my main story, which is Kit and fox. I don't think I'll keep the same pace in the next years because I am not able to, simply.

For some reasons, I don't show the number of person that have my profile in their favorite list, neither the alert list, because I think it's personal, and arrogant somehow to show it. I know there are some people right there who read me, and for me, it's enough. It's enough for me to feel that what I've done till now is not "useless", is not "worthless". It's necessary for me, but unnecessary for you to know this precise number. I just thank all the people who've favorited my stories, review it, or even put them in their alert list. For all the people who read those notes, which means that they have read this story till the "last chapter updated", I also thank them.

I render thanks precisely to one person, who is XxAmiIzunexX, who have played the job of a shrink for me, because yes, I do have problems, and those very problems that I'll not expose there are the cause, and also the reason of what I'm there here, and you here to read me, to read those meaningless sentences that I think you care less than the 6222th year.

But as I said, those notes are important to me.

Now, we'll talk about the interesting part for you, or whether, the part that might interest you the more, I mean about my story; Kit and Fox.

Kit and Fox English version will not be updated before one or two years (don't worry though, I will finish the 18th chapter in few weeks) because I am rewriting the story COMPLETELY in French, and because the 18th chapter is the last one I've written (I've written a prototype of the 20th chapter that has 33K words but well... it's a prototype). It means for you... HIATUS! I hope you understand it, but you shall know that the time I'll spend is not waste, because it will be in this story interest. It's the time I'll need to write up to the 30th chapter. I do not know if I've said it to you, but Kit and Fox will have precisely 54 chapters (if we exclude the sequels). The first one that is currently in this web site in English will be sequenced in six. I'll add a chapter before Kurama's arrival in Konoha exclusively reserved for Naruto's development. The rest will be rewritten, this means some adds for the dialogues, some scenes will be added too and some peculiar things will be explained, such as Kurama's backstory and the world's background (The Gods I don't introduce still, the sentient animals' universe such as Gamabunta's, as the bijuu's influence on them and the human's influence on the bijuu, etc...). I also add the pre-chapter scenes that will have mostly between five and ten short paragraphs.

An example :

At the beginning, everything was gray

Then, the first feelings come; the touch, the taste, the smell, the hearing, and eventually, the sight...

He felt his body taking form, growing. Him, who had been only a part of a multiple entity, he apprehended for the first time his surroundings...

But who was truly he?

He then heard a sour voice:

"Kurama, embrace eternity..."

The fox finally opened his eyes...

That's why, there, I show you a list that you will be able to check regularly if you want the most recent news about the story advancement : (C for completed, R for rewritten)

Chapter one: An old new world (C)
Chapter two: Commonalities (C)
Chapter three: To understand (C)
Chapter four: Human or Demon?
Chapter five: Reality Dysfunction
Chapter six: Distress and Affliction: The first Oath
Chapter seven: An unlucky childhood
Chapter eight: A newcomer, the fall of the mask (R, 6K words =3 33K words)
Chapter nine: Unpredictable events (R, 4K words =3 12K words)
The next ones are not rewritten yet.

The first scene have been translated also. I show it to you as last words:

On a field of ruins, of desolation and of sorrowfulness, a woman with gold tresses dissociated herself from the place by her presence and her force released from her alabaster skin. It continuously blew a striped aura which covered her with scarlet amber. Her powder blue kimono was now tinted with a lively red which had formerly belonged to her enemies. She had as ornament only the earmuffs of her mother. They was enthroned in the opulence of the copper-colored hair and spread behind her fine appearance of elf up to her toned and rounded hips from where her powerful legs supported her while she stood, static.

Then, her soft chest filled with air to evict a soundless and odorless rasp that was getting lost in the world of silence and reproach. Her bow formed by pure energy fell in ethereal dust as her tense limbs fell slowly forward.

As the flame of her bluish eyes went out decidedly...

She closed eyes resolutely...

Because she had won...

Finally won...


When she opened again eyes wearily, she considered from afar the man who had threatened her all of her life. He had perished by her ultimate technique, where his accursed soul had been forever sealed in the depths of the earth. She had filled her task—her mission, her duty—of surviving. Yet, this victory came with a terrible price, for it was tainted by the condemnation of her dearest relatives.

And there remained one that she still had to kill...

She looked behind her; there was nothing.

She looked in front of her; there was nothing.

There was only death, an ocean of death that made her capsize in a weighing feeling of waste and bitterness... A terrible waste that was responsible for the single man that was lying alone in this desert of life.

This man, who had been in the past the most feared and the most powerful being that the world had known since its genesis, had carried the title of the Lord of Destruction.

The Mishap of Abnegation.

Fixing him with narrowed eyes, she tightened her grip on the purple ninjato, and then, she dashed forward in his direction with potency.

He waited for her serenely as she continued advancing towards himwhile he was still.

She stopped her rhythmic march when she arrived at the place he was standing.Then, their eyes met.

They considered each other in a jumble of determination, hardly contained resentment, and especially an abominable affliction that went through very core of their essence.

"Is it finished?" she spat.

His mouth opened to reveal only a bitter and throaty voice, "Yes."

She shook her head."Was it really necessary—all these deaths? Weren't there other choices?"

He blinked at the question that he had been asked many times in the past. He glared intensely at the things surrounding him and then acquiesced in silence. On his face were no emotion other than a terrible stoicism that moved away only to leave behind an infinite sadness.

He deeply swallowed.

"Yes," he murmured slowly by closing eyes as to not show his conflicting emotions, "It was more than necessary; it was my duty..."

She then gave him a trembling smile."Are we really obligated to finish this way?"

When he opened his eyes again, he raved one last time in front of her radiant beauty; her hair fell on her narrow tunic containing her muscularly toned body that he considered to be truly perfect. The caution she used in all her acts seemed to come from a foreign divinity to this world. She represented for him the best of his works; his only real redemption...

"Yes." he croaked slightly still as he lifted his hand towards the face of this majestic goddess, who carried his mark on her cheeks; the mark of the Fox.

At the moment when his hand established contact, she shuddered and stepped aside coldly. He sighed and let fall again his inert and moist hand, tortured that he couldn't touch her any more without causing such a reaction towards him.

"You must do it—for him. Don't forget our oath." He said.

She remembered her oath, but remembered also the unforgettable crime that he had committed. Their agreement lingered in the back of her mind.

She looked at him for a time that appeared to last an eternity. He seemed so brittle in this dried out carcass. His skin was covered with wounds and his torso sagged under the torrid wind that reached from the North and that tormented them with an infinite lament. His life as well as his blood escaped persistently from his body, escaping the web of suffering and guilt.

She then heard him to huff quietly. "Come," he said. "I wait for you, Naruto..."

Kurama presented her a smirk he used to wear; a smile filled with so much mystery that never had she managed to make sense of it.

Her throat tightened, she shook her head then closed her eyes as to not watch the act she was about to commit. She brandished her weapon skyward and swung it back down towards the earth with her bountiful strength.

The aged man opened his eyes through the sadness that clutched him by seeing her weapon bearing down on him.

His past life flashed before his eyes...