This will be done in Wiress's POV!

I wake up to the sound of birds and the smell of soot. "Home..." I whispered, like I do every morning. I jump to my feet and look around, my grey room looks dull in the mornings like this. I pick up a small bag and walk out of the room, pushing the door to the living room open. "Good morning, Wiress." I look up to see Cord looking down at me. "And how is my little sister doing this fine, soot filled morning?" He asks, I smile at him. "Good..." I whisper, I'm not so good with words. "Well, you need to get to school, or where ever it is you go..." "Factory." I tell him, he just gives a smile. "A 17-teen year old, working at a factory, what has this world come too." Cord says rolling his eyes. I just walk out the door

"Hey Wiress, wait up!" I look behind me to see my best friend, Lily. "Hello, Lily, how..." I stop looking over at a small leaf flying in the breeze. "I'm good, Wiress." Lily said, her long brown hair falling into her blue eyes. "Come on, lets get to work." Lily says, walking away, I follow her, my head low to the ground. I don't want to go to a factory and help take soot away, or melt some things together. I want to help invent things. "Wiress, we're here, you've been looking at a wall for ten minutes..." Lily said, pushing me into the loud factory, that I hated, sure I liked knowing how tihngs worked and all, but I wanted to invent things, not see other people invent things. "Come on..." Lily said, walking over to where some girls were putting soot into bags.

"Lucky him." I heard one of them mutter. Him? Who's him? I sigh and pick up a bag, starting to fill it with old and new soot. Out of the blue I felt my eyes go black. "Huh?" I say looking around. "Wiress?" Lily says, pushing me a little. "You have soot in your eyes." One girl muttered. "Oh." I mutter, I can just see, I walk away from them and outside, the soot filled air makes me cough a little. "Dear, are you okay?" I turn around to see a man in his 20's. "Yes - I'm..." I stop myself, looking into the small black dots of his eyes. "Fine?" He says, taking out a napkin and giving it too me, I give a small nod, not really knowing what to do with the napkin. He sees this and smiles. Well I think it was a smile. "Let me help." He says, pushing the napkin onto my face and taking off the soot.

"Thank..." I can't seem to say anything today!

"You?" He asks me and smiles. "You're welcome my dear." He says. "I'm Beetee by the way."

Wait...did he just say...Beetee, THE Beetee, the guy who won the hunger games...Oh my wires! "You - You're, Beetee?" I say, he gives a small nod. "Yes I was just coming by to make sure factory 3, was doing okay. They had a blow out a few days ago." Beetee said, taking out a small notebook. "Oh, um, thank you again, Beetee - I - I should be geting back to my - my friends." I say, walking off back inside. "If you must Wiress." I think I hear him say. does he know my name?