You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you
You'll never treat yourself right, darling, but I want you to.
If I let you know I'm here for you
Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you, oh.

'Little Things' - One Direction - Beetee and Wiress's theme song.


I make my way down the side-walk of District Three. It's cold, it's December, it's the day before the 25th. A day that used to mean so much more to people of all ages. Christmas. It was a time of giving and receiving. Now it's a time of mourning the lost and forgetting the rest.

My footsteps start to echo as I walk through Factory Nine, looking over at where people would be working if they didn't have the week off.

As I leave the factory I turn right and start the slow, painful walk to Twitch's house. "I wonder if her friends are over." My breath chills in the air as only the howling of the wind speaks back.

My eyes soon fall on the house of where Twitch lives. And just like every time, my breath catches, almost stopping my wanting to see her.

It's a good-sized house in the poorly painted colour of grey, with its windows dimly lit with candles and oak wood door just hanging on with the help of ice that would melt in the coming summer. I look down at the frosted ground, you couldn't tell there was grass under the snow if you had never been here before. I believe the house-top was most likely made of old red bricks that look about ready to cave-in. Over all, this house is heaven.

I raise my hand to knock on the door, but it swings open just as it hits. "Israphel! I was so worried that you were out in the snowstorm..." Twitch looks out and blinks as she sees the snow is only falling softly. "Nevermind, come in."

I put my hand up at the offer. "Come out." I say, putting my hand out to her. "Don't worry, it'll be fun." I give her a small smile and she returns it. Taking my hand and following me out.

We walk down the path and on to the side-walk. As we walk along we make small talk, dropping our hands so she can do those things girls have to do when talking. "And so she said 'what about him, he's better than what you've got...'" We stop and I look at her, my long-ish hair falling down so it covers my eyes, and in a way I hope it covers my anger as well.

"Better than what you've got..." I know my voice is hollow, but I'm upset at Twitch's friend.

Twitch looks at me through fearful eyes. "Oh, Israphel, she didn't mean much by it! And I told her I didn't like him." She says, giving him a small smile as she tries to take my hand. But this time I pull it away from her.

She seems hurt, but now, when I can, I have to ask. "Do you love me, or do you pity me?" Three words, Twitch. Why can't we say those three words?

Twitch takes a minute to think about this. Something she shouldn't have to do. "The first one." She says in the end. Not the three words I was hoping for.

I start walking again. "Okay." Is all I say as she comes up next to me. "That's good to know." And I can't help but add. "It's good to know I mean as much to you as you mean to me." Simple, I hope she gets it.

"It's not going to work, is it?" Twitch says as our hands seem to meet once again.

I stop her and look at her. Wow, I never really looked in her eyes. They look like dark blue crystals burnt with fire. "It will if you believe it will." My gaze drops to her lips and I could care nothing if she told me I was staring. I am. I've never truly looked at her like this.

"And what does that mean?" She asks as I look back up to where her eyes are.

I'm lost for words. What does it mean? Why is my heart beating so loud I'm sure she can hear it. "I don't know what it means, Twitchy, I just know I believe it. And I don't believe a lot."

And I get a laugh. "Oh, Israphel..." Twitch says and I know what I want to do now. I want to kiss her.

But kissing is one thing I've done, never kissed a girl, never. I think back to a sunny day in school where I heard the boys talk about kissing.

There are 7 steps to kissing a girl.

First without thinking, I grab her waist, letting my fingers slip down on to her hips slowly and lightly. This is step 1.

I pull her closer to my body. Wrapping one arm around her waist tightly, as the other plays with her thick brown-black curls. This is step 2.

I then cast my gaze to her eyes and stare longingly into them. She stares back. This is step 3.

I bite down on my lips as I drop my gaze to hers. They're parted and look chilled in the cold, but still look as inviting as hot chocolate. Step 4 done.

Slowly my eyes meet hers once again. This time, she's the one who stares with longing. That's step 5.

I slowly place my hands gently on the sides of her face. Gingerly running a finger along her lower lip. Step 6, one to go.

My heart is beating in my ears as I lean in to place my lips on hers. But it most definitely was not going to happen as the ringing of a clock awakes me from my dream. As well as the sound of someone's voice.

"Israphel?" I pull my head from the pillow, wide-eyed. I throw my hand to the bedside table where my glasses would be in a box. This time of the morning I always need my glasses. "Hay, calm down, now Israphel." Someone hands me my glasses and I put them over my eyes only to find myself looking at Beetee Techon.

"What the hell, man!" I shout as I pull my cover up more, Beetee just laughs.

"Sorry to have to wake you, but you've got kind of a long day..." He smiles as he pushes his glasses into place. "I know you were dreaming as I'd been standing here for five minutes, and I woke you before you started making out with your pillow... so... what were you dreaming?" What. The. Wires. Does this guy stalk me?

"Nothing..." Simple, get it and leave.

Beetee rolls his eyes. "Nothing? Israphel, I maybe in my 30's, but you were about to start kissing a pillow."

Ohh... that's awkward.

"God forbid but were you dreaming about Aqua?" Beetee asks as I sit up.

"Hell no! I was dreaming about Twitch!" I say a bit to loudly, but who the heck cares.

Beetee nods slowly. "And what were you doing in this dream?" He asks, raising an eyebrow at me.

I think I just threw up in my mouth. "No, no and no! Nothing like what you think at all! We were just going to kiss and... well, like you said, I was about to start making out with my pillow." Wow, dry humour.

Beetee nods. "Alright, if you say so. We'll all be waiting for you in the dining room... don't take to long." What the wires does that mean...

Beetee leaves and I get out of bed, throwing my clothes on and quickly brushing my hair. I take about five minutes in all. Only letting out a sigh when I take my seat at the table. What an awkward start to the day.

This one was mainly for fun as I was really just wanting to get an Israphel X Twitch bit done! Next one we'll have Wiress and Beetee fluff, and Wiress *Cough* beating Butter up *Cough* trying to speak with Butter.

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