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So this idea is based off RLD Flame-point Callie-co's Merlin story, 'The Sorcerer's Bride.' Thanks and props to your awesome story. And since some or most of you do not know that story, this is basically an AU set in the same time as the series but things are very different. Same characters, very different plot. This is a test chapter. A prologue of sorts. Depending on your reactions, I will stop or continue.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. They belong to Paolini.

He watched the beautiful woman just a few strides away and his heart skipped a beat. Despite not knowing her, barely having spoken to her, he was awestruck. Raven hair flowed in waves past her shoulders. Her face was porcelain, and looked as soft as silk. Her cheekbones were sharp and fit her perfectly. But of all her beauty, what took his breath away were her eyes. Pure emerald. They were like nothing he'd ever encountered and he wanted to get lost in them. There was just one problem.

The coldness he was seeing in her now, the deep rooted disdain, was all pointed at him. The woman's body was tense, her slender and graceful form locked into a stance of pure rebellion. She'd been told to behave. She hadn't seemed to listen. As he watched her, her gaze suddenly shifted to him and he froze. Her already angry eyes narrowed and the fury of her stare urged him to look away. But he didn't. He couldn't.

Luckily so because he caught the movement of her lips and was able to throw up a weak counter as her spell hit him. It wasn't a forceful hit. No, it was a warning. He felt his throat constrict slightly as the spell took hold. He shifted, reaching a hand up to pull at the invisible bond closing off his airways. A smirk lit her features before he was released and she turned away, obviously pleased. He frowned and started toward her just as a hand clamped down on his shoulder.


He winced and turned to his guardian's voice.


When he met the eyes of the rugged man he could see they were worried.

"Don't do something stupid."

Eragon crossed his arms.

"She did."

A smile spread across his mentor's face.

"It wasn't stupid on her part. She could whip you like a switch. You, on the other hand, would be pummeled if you tried to challenge her."

Eragon clenched his jaw.

"Thanks for the support."

"I'm only speaking the truth dear boy. You mustn't harass your bride to be with petty arguments. Take it like a man. Be the bigger person."

Eragon fought off the urge to disagree and shrugged, walking out of the dining hall and to the doors to the balcony. He looked ruefully out across the sea that spread below him and rested his arms on the railing. A voice next to him almost sent him over it.

"This will never happen."

Even with the barely controlled rage he could hear in her voice, it was still mind numbing. Eragon cleared his face, giving her a hard look.

"Sorry princess, it seems that it will."

A sharp laugh left the elf's throat.

"You think that my mother will allow this to go through? For me to marry the likes of you? Preposterous."

His calm mask faltered and then disappeared as he whirled on her, moving closer.

"You know, you could show a little respect, hell, maybe a little gratitude, considering I saved your life and all."

Her eyes flashed angrily.

"All respect I had for you left when you accepted this proposal. You fool, is this what you really want?"

Anger welled in him.

"Of course it isn't. I accepted this proposal because it was necessary to help my people. They are suffering and they just lost their king. I would hope that maybe you could see the reason behind my acceptance instead of acting as a child."

Arya moved closer so their faces were inches apart.

"Me? A child? Come now Eragon. Do you really see me as a child?

Her voice was haughty, her tone mocking. He laughed.

"No, how could I? You are most obviously a coward." He watched pleased as she shifted in anger. He continued. "What, Arya? Are you afraid of me? Do I frighten you?"

He could tell that got to her. Lips moving rapidly, she spoke words of the ancient language. Before she could finish he pressed his hand over her mouth, using the other to pull her against him.

"I don't think you should do that. Might not be good for people to see their new and coming queen tormenting their beloved prince."

She kept her steely gaze on his as he tried not to let show the affect she was having on him being so close. Slowly, he dropped his hand and she shoved him, setting a small distance between them.

"If you only knew the power I contain, you wouldn't be so loose with your words."

Eragon let a smirk grace his face and he leaned to whisper into her ear.

"Darling, if you were so powerful, how come it was I who rescued you?" Arya bristled and he continued. "And just so you know. If it were up to me, I would send you back to your trees to play with all your animals if I could. I do not want you here any more than you wish to be here so I suggest you deal with it and accept the ramifications of our parents' war. If you want to be mad at somebody, it should be your own mother."

With that he moved away and turned, walking inside to the hundreds of people filling his uncle's dining hall. Looking over he saw his cousin and sighed. Moving through the crowd he cleared his throat. Roran turned to him and Eragon crossed his arms.

"I really wish you would reconsider taking the throne. I don't exactly want it."

Roran laughed.

"I am not fit to be a king."

"How am I more fit than you?"

"Eragon, you are a dragon rider."

"How is that reason to be king?"

Roran rolled his eyes.

"It gives the people hope of a promised future. You will strike fear into enemy's hearts and defer them from raiding our villages and plundering our people. The power of persuasion is sometimes much more powerful than actions alone. Especially to a despairing kingdom. Anyone can create power for themselves. But only few can wield that power in a way fit to rule. And who better than one who has the counsel of a dragon?"

Sighing, Eragon motioned toward the elf who was just reentering the dining hall.

"And the counsel of an elf who wants nothing more than to kill me."

Roran put an arm around Eragon's shoulders.

"Brother, you can't know the heart of a woman until she speaks it herself. Just give her a chance."

Eragon snorted.

"She already has. It was in the way she tried to strangle me I think."

Roran chuckled.

"She tried to strangle you? When?"

Eragon smirked.

"Well it wasn't like deathly but she cut off my breathing for a number of seconds before releasing me. I figure that's as good of threat as any."

Smiling, his cousin patted his shoulder and excused himself. Eragon watched as he made his way to a smiling woman who embraced him happily. A pang of jealousy shot through him as he watched Roran hold Katrina in his arms. He wanted that. A love like that who would be happy to see him. Not one who'd insult him with every breath she took. Looking toward the window he saw that enough time had passed it would be acceptable to leave. Saphira was due back any moment and he needed to clear his head some before the council meeting tonight.

He made his way to the curved double doors engraved and detailed with silver and blue designs and was about to make his way through when a mind brushed his. A smile spread across his face as he welcomed Saphira's presence. He moved quickly through the spacious halls until he reached the back gate of the castle. Guards with the royal blue uniform and silver insignia that portrayed a prowling dragon moved to stop him until they saw who he was. Instead they dropped their heads momentarily before one stepped forward.

"Sir, will you be needing an escort?"

Eragon shook his head just as Saphira snorted.

"Do they think they could protect you better than I?"

Smiling Eragon reassured her before addressing his guard.

"Unless you have dragons then there really is no way for you to follow me anywhere."

The guard nodded and stepped back into position against the stone wall of the palace. Eragon looked toward the sky just as his beautiful companion spiraled toward the ground at an earth shattering pace. Just before impact Saphira threw out her wings and landed softly on the ground. A blast of wind hit him and he reveled in her strength before moving towards her.


His dragon responded with the same fondness.

"Little one."

"How was your hunt?"

Something like a chuckle escaped her.

"Those animals had no chance against me. And neither would any attackers so you tell those two-leggers that I can protect you just fine."

Eragon laughed.

"Why don't you tell them yourself?"

Saphira growled and then faced the men.

"I will then."

Eragon winced as some of his soldiers yelped and looked towards the dragon invading their minds. They nodded visibly and Saphira left them. Eragon apologized to them and turned back to Saphira smirking.

"I wasn't being literal."

Saphira lowered to the ground and Eragon jumped up onto her shoulders. Muscles coiled tightly before she took off with a powerful jump. She pounded her wings into the air until she was at a suitable hight. Eragon closed his eyes to the setting sun and tried to forget what he was going to be facing in the next months. In the next hours.

They arrived back at the palace just before the proposed time of the meeting and Eragon moved quickly to his room. Opening the door he closed it and went rapidly to his dresser. Pulling out the appropriate clothing he slid them on. Royal blue breeches with a silver tunic and a royal blue overtunic. There were intricate designs in sliver thread that patterned across his top. To finish it off he clasped a silver side cape to his shirt. He moved to his mirror and spent as much time as it had taken to get ready to fix his windblown hair. Saphira snorted at his efforts.

"You could just remove it and then it wouldn't cause issue."

Eragon frowned and straightened his outfit, smoothing out any wrinkles.

"I'm not shaving my head, Saphira. How do I look?"

He sent her the image of him in the mirror so she could see. He felt approval through their link but also a hint of annoyance.

"Eragon, it would be much nicer if I had a window into your room. Being separated from you so often is quite annoying. "

Eragon tried to reassure her.

"Don't worry, I am preparing a new room with a wide enough space for you to enter. We didn't expect to have a dragon so the rooms weren't built accordingly."

Saphira seemed to sigh.

"You should also create a hole in the council room because I am going to be forced to perch on the balcony for it. I wont be able to threaten all who insult you. This will be no fun for me."

Eragon laughed.

"This is not something happening for your enjoyment. The rulers of Alagaesia are gathering to discuss the coming evil."

"So your future bride's mother is going to be here? Who else?"

"Her, Nasuada of the Varden, Orik of the Dwarves, and Orrin of Surda. This is going to be a very tense meeting. At some point each of these nations have been in a quarrel or an all out war. This peace treaty will be a very hard process to get through. In the end our alliance will be shaky at best."

"Are there any you can consider strong allies?"

"Well not to us necessarily. But the Varden, Surda, and the Dwarves are already allied. We were allied to them at one point but a stupid misunderstanding disrupted that peace. The elves have always been against everyone, thinking themselves superior to us humans and dwarves."

"Then why is Islanzadi allowing her daughter to marry one who is not an elf?"

"Because of the appearance of Galbatorix. He is the reason for the Garrow's death. He was in the process of visiting his surrounding villages when a group of Galbatorix's Urgals attacked his party. The same happened to Nasuada's father and Orik's king. He had kidnapped Islanzadi's daughter and that's where we saved her. I think that's also another reason for her acceptance of me. I saved her daughter and so apparently I have earned her respect."

"Too bad her daughter hates you now."

"Yeah. . . "

He looked away from the mirror and left his room, walking quickly through the corridors to the heavy doors of the council area. He sucked in a breath and pushed the doors open. The gazes of over twenty people turned his direction. Some were calm and then others were blatantly judgmental and rude. Each ruler had brought advisors for this. He looked to Roran's encouraging face and forced back a sigh. This was going to suck. As he made his way to the seat next to Roran at the rounded table, Orrin cleared his throat.

"If you set a time, then shouldn't you be there then and not make your guests wait?"

It was a test. He smiled at the man a few seats to his left.

"My apologies. Of course you are correct. I was in discussion with Saphira and we lost track of time. It was not meant to offend."

Orrin's eyes narrowed before he nodded and settled back into his chair. Eragon turned to each of the rulers and bowed respectfully.

"I am sad that it has taken such drastic changes for this meeting to happen. But with the new evil coming upon our land it is time to unite. A separate nation is a weaker nation."

Again the person to speak was Orrin.

"You are just a boy of twenty. You're not even the heir to this throne. The only reason you are even at this table is because the king has died and his son refuses the throne. Would your land not be safer with a practiced ruler at its head?"

Eragon bristled and from Saphira he heard a growl and a not necessarily nice comment pointed at Orrin. A smile split his face before he could hide it. Orrin was outraged.

"Do you mock me, child?"

Being called a child sent anger coursing through him. He relaxed in spite of it and tilted his head at Orrin.

"No. My dragon was just commenting what she thought of you. I couldn't help but smile at her colorful words."

Orik barked a short laugh and Nasuada let a smile penetrate her stubborn features before they returned to their passive states. Even Islanzadi's lips twitched. He looked to Arya but found her expression just as cold as it always was. Orrin looked indignant.

"And why should the opinion of a beast matter to me?"

It was the degrading way he said it that shot Eragon to his feet. A growl ripped through his mind and through the walls of the palace. Orrin blanched and a few around the table gave startled gasps. Islanzadi looked at Orrin angrily and even Arya seemed to be offended by the question. Eragon stared coldly at the King of Surda.

"You may keep your opinions of my dragon to yourself. And just a little tip, Dragons don't like to be insulted. Saphira's knowledge and power is greater than any here. Do not make the mistake of underestimating her again." Eragon calmed his anger enough to settle back into his seat. He looked around the table to find newfound respect on almost everyone's faces. "Should we continue the proceedings?"

It was agreed and Islanzadi took over. He looked at Arya then, not being able to help it, and was surprised to find her already watching him. Something in him stirred at the sight of her but he kept his feelings locked inside. He would not let his eyes betray his emotions to her. But at that moment he made a decision that he was going to get her to at least tolerate him one way or the other. It wouldn't do for a Queen to hate her husband. And, although he denied this reason, he felt a strong desire to be close to this beautiful and exotic woman.


She was prepared to speak out against Orrin but was beat to it by Eragon. The cool anger in his eyes was more intense than anything else she'd seen from him. At least when he spoke to her he had respect in his voice. As he put Orrin in his place his voice was filled with venom. She had thought him to be a prideful and arrogant boy. Now it seemed there was much more to his character. And as his dragon's roar had echoed on the walls it had sent a jolt of hope through her. Saphira was the first dragon in a very, very long time. She looked at Eragon and watched his eyes as they fought back the anger Orrin had caused in him.

Just then his eyes found hers. Instead of looking away she held his gaze. Her mother and Orik were in the process of talking over things that happened in the past and nobody was paying attention to her or Eragon. He watched her for a moment and then a small smirk spread across his face. And just like that her opinion of his being prideful and arrogant returned. She looked away annoyed and focused on what her mother was saying. After almost four hours they had barely gotten anywhere. Finally Islanzadi called for everyone's attention and suggested they continue the next night. It was agreed upon and they stood. As she was about to leave with her mother a mind brushed her own.

She tensed as if under attack and shut whoever it was out until she recognized the presence. Blocking everything from him she allowed Eragon into her head.


She felt his amusement at her snappy tone and annoyance welled in her. He answered her softly, as if apologizing for angering her.

"Arya, I would like to speak with you. Will you meet me out in the garden?"

"What for?"

"I would just like to talk to you." She was about to say no when he added, "Please."

She debated for a moment.


With that she severed their connection and turned to her mother.

"I still need to speak with you but it will be in some time."

Nodding, Islanzadi turned and left with the others. Arya made her way through the halls behind Eragon. He led her through a different set of doors than she'd entered and into an older part of the palace. The walls were made of stone, but these were worn and cracked. Despite the unkempt look, she felt more comfortable here than in the rest of the pristine castle.

They didn't speak until he had led them into the semi-cool night and down marble steps, past rows of half-bloomed flowers that sent fragrances swirling around her and invading her elven senses. Fountains of different kings of Carvahall were placed along the pathway. He stopped at a bench and sat down, motioning for her to do the same. She ignored his offer and remained standing. Sighing, he returned to his feet.

"Arya, I know that you may hate me. And I know I haven't really tried to change your mind. I need to apologize because this," He motioned between the two of them. "this is going to happen. I know you don't wish it. I know you don't even consider me worthy to be the ground below your feet, but I am just asking that you give me a chance. We are entering a trying time and will need the unity of the races to survive. I will add that I wish this marriage wasn't necessary for I always hoped to marry somebody that I loved, but it is and so I shall go forward with it." He looked at her and his face was serious. "This is my apology for my behavior earlier and I hope you can accept it."

With that he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her cheek before walking away. She tried to repress the surprised intake of breath at his words and actions. She'd come out here with every intention of making it even more obvious that she was never going to be happy with him and he went and made her speechless. That never happened. And when his lips pressed softly to her cheek her mind had blanked of any retort. After he'd walked away she stood there for a few minutes to gain her bearings. Finally she sighed and headed back to the palace, knowing this was going to be a very difficult situation to control.

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