She'd feared it would come to this. It was a very rare gift, and to her mother, it would be the highest honor she could possibly bestow on Eragon. But it could change everything. All that he believed, all that he could do, all that he could attain. . . . She shook her head as they waited for him to make the decision. Part of her wished he would refuse. She knew she cared for him and she knew that losing him would all but destroy her. It wouldn't matter if he was still there if his entire being was changed.

She took a long breath in when he accepted, watching as the ceremony began. This was it. The spells being chanted began to work their magic, his mind shutting down and allowing the two elves full access to his core, to his magic. She watched, waiting with bated breath and as he began to fall to the ground, so did the rain. She caught him and laid him gently out on the grass before backing away and watching beside her mother. Before her, his appearance began to change. First, his bone structure started to shift. His eyebrows turned at sharper slants and his cheekbones became more pronounced.

Everything became angled and symmetrical. His ears formed into points. And then it was finished. At least the external part. His body seemed only slightly different, still keeping its muscled tone and power. She knelt beside him and checked his heart. It was beating calmly, as if nothing had happened at all. Islanzadi called for an elf to carry him back to their quarters and one rushed forward, lifting him carefully from the ground and heading off. She looked to her mother.

"His people will not take too kindly to this."

Islanzadi sighed, a small amount of apprehension in her eyes before she cleared it.

"I know. I just hope that this is all it did. If so, I assume he will talk them into accepting his new form."

"Hopefully." She started after Eragon. "I should be there when he wakes."

Her mother nodded and turned to speak to a noble who'd approached. Taking her leave, Arya walked quickly back to find that the elf carrying Eragon was just entering the house. She caught up to him.

"I'll take him."

The elf turned and then looked towards the stairs.

"Are you sure, Queen Arya? I am capable."

She nodded, sliding her arms around Eragon's body and taking his weight. The elf bowed his respect and disappeared out the door. Eragon's skin was soft and unblemished and made her wonder if his wound had been healed completely. His head was leaning back over her arm and she shifted, letting it tuck right on her shoulder. His breath hit her neck and she wished she'd left his head alone as her body reacted. She made it to the top stair and walked to the bed, setting him down. A mind pressed against hers and she checked before letting them in.

"Is that all that has happened to him? Do you think anything else will have changed?"

"We wont know until he awakens."

"Are you fine with this change, Arya?"

Arya let a finger slide softly down his face.

"I don't know, truthfully. I liked him before. He hasn't changed much but. . . . he is still different."

Saphira seemed a bit uncomfortable.

"But it wont change what you feel, correct?"

Arya responded quickly.

"Of course not, Saphira. Even if I wanted to, I don't think I could stop feeling. . . for him."

This changed the tone of the conversation as the dragon became curious.

"And what is it that you feel?"

Arya's cheeks flushed and she sat down next to Eragon's legs.

"I don't know."

A chuckle reached her mind.

"I think that's what you tell yourself."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Saphira started to pull away, her consciousness leaving. Before she was gone completely she spoke to Arya once more.

"You know."

She looked over at Eragon again and a smile reached her lips. He was still beautiful. Just. . . different. She lay next to him and closed her eyes letting sleep take her.

Less than an hour later she woke from a crippling pain at her wrist. Shooting awake, she looked to find Eragon's hand wrapped tightly around it.


"Eragon what happened to you?!

He leaned against the doorframe as a young woman, very beautiful, ran to him. She looked worried and picked him up off of the ground.

"Murtagh saved me and then somebody grabbed him."

Horror was etched out on the her face and she looked over to somebody who was obviously standing there watching. Eragon could only stare at the tears that started to fall down the lady's face.

"He found him. He took my boy!"

The man walked forward and took Eragon from the woman's arms. For some reason the man's face was clouded in shadow so he could not be seen.

"Selena we will find him! I promise you this!"

Little Eragon reached a hand out and grabbed the lady's wrist.


A voice called to him. "Eragon. Eragon! Wake up!"

He jolted and his eyes opened wide. Beside him, Arya looked worried but she was obviously in pain.

"Eragon you need to let go."

He was confused until he saw that his fingers were gripping Arya's wrist which looked like it was bent in an unnatural direction. He released her quickly, breathing heavily and pulling back as she healed herself. He stared openmouthed for a moment and she watched him curiously. Reaching out she took his hand in hers and studied it.

"Try to pull away." He did as she asked and after a moment of resistance he easily tugged it from her grasp. Her eyes widened. "It looks like your appearance wasn't the only thing to change."

He caught exactly what she said and leapt from the bed and dashed for the mirror, arriving quicker than he expected to. He stumbled over a seat and caught himself easily. Looking at his reflection he remembered what Islanzadi said could happen. Thinking quickly he found he was still himself mentally, but physically, he looked part elf.

Eragon fingered the tips of his ears and continued to look at himself. He heard the shuffle of feet and whirled to find Arya just walk into the room. Strange, before I could't hear her until she was speaking beside me. She came to join him and placed a hand on his arm.

"Are you ok with this?"

He glanced back in the mirror, taking in his perfect complexion. He was different, that was for sure, but he liked it in a way. He looked graceful and powerful. He smiled and nodded.

"It's different, but I'm still me. Just stronger and quicker. I even heard you walk into the room."

She lifted the hem of his shirt and her eyes widened.


He glanced down and realized his wound was gone completely only leaving a very toned abdomen. Arya ran her hand down where he'd been stabbed and while she was just studying the change, his body reacted without his consent. He watched her eyes in the darkness and she glanced at him.


He shook his head took her hand in his and linked her fingers with his. This wasn't the time.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know I was hurting you earlier."

She squeezed his hand.

"You didn't know you were even capable of it. I would like to know what caused it though."

He sighed, dropping her hand and walking back towards the bed. It was too confusing to talk about. Even he had no clue what it meant. Was it real? Or was it just his hope that he had a mother that made him dream Selena could be it. Arya joined him as he sat on the edge of the bed. He looked at her.

"I don't even know if it was real."

"Still. It affected you."

He shrugged.


Sighing, Arya turned his face her direction, making him look in her eyes.


He stared at her, the green of her irises now easily seen with his enhanced vision. Even in the dark. He leaned his forehead on her shoulder.

"I saw. . . .I saw my mother. And I know my brother's name."

Her tone was comforting and questioning when she spoke next.

"May I see?"

He pushed his mind at hers and she allowed him in. Eragon played out the scenario he'd seen in his dream, sadness filing him. He felt Arya's hand slip into his hair and begin to slide through it softly. Closing his eyes, he waited as the scene played out. As soon as it was over she spoke.

"I can see the resemblance between you two."

"But what if I'm just making this lady up in my head in hopes that I had a mother who cared about me. Or a father. Or even a brother. What if none of this is even real!?"

He was angry now; he was so tired of not knowing.

"Shhh. Hey, look at me Eragon." He did as she asked. "I know this is hard and you have a lot happening to you all at once. But you need to keep your cool. These memories are slowly returning and they are real. You now know your brother and mothers' names. When we return to Carvahall we can search for them."

He took a deep breath and nodded.

"You're right. There's nothing I can do about it now."

She pushed herself back and lay down, linking their fingers. After a moment he joined her and settled into the covers, his shoulder touching hers. It took almost an hour before he was able to fall asleep again. Well, it wasn't sleep anymore. He now slept as Arya did: with waking dreams.

As he woke the next morning he turned to find Arya still beside him. Deciding to let her rest a bit longer, he slid silently from the bed and looked out the window. It was a beautiful day. The sun was out and it shone warmly on his face. Looking down, he gauged wether he could possibly land unscathed. He knew Arya would be capable of it but what if his new abilities weren't quite as strong as hers. He shrugged. Only one way to find out. Lifting his foot, he'd accomplished getting one over the edge when two voices rang loudly through his mind and ears.

"Eragon!" He froze and glanced at Arya who'd sat up and was staring at him as if he was stupid. Saphira, who'd spoken in his mind, was watching him from her perch on the house. Arya stood and walked over to him. "What are you doing?"

He looked down, realizing he probably looked mentally incapacitated.

"I uh. . . wanted to test out my new abilities."

Arya's eyebrow raised and Saphira snorted from outside.

"By jumping out a window. . . .?"

He made a face at her and started to put his other leg out when suddenly her hands were gripping the back of his tunic and yanking him back inside. He fell into her but using his new reflexes, he easily pulled from her grasp and rolled out of range. She watched confused until he let a mischievous smile split his face. She smirked.

"You think you can beat me just because you acquired elvish reflexes and strength?"

He stood and circled her.

"I'm thinking so."

She tilted her head in amusement.

"So you, a man who just gained new abilities, against me, an elf whose had them for a century?"

He seemed to question his confidence before deciding to go with it. Saphira sent him her disapproval.

"She's going to wipe the floor with you."

"Thanks for the confidence booster."

"I'm only speaking the truth."

He ignored her and waited for Arya to make the first move. She didn't, instead she just watched him. Becoming impatient, he lunged at her. She sidestepped and grabbed his right arm, twisting it behind his back. Before she could lock him into place he spun and dropped, escaping her grasp. She grinned and stepped back.

"Not bad."

He laughed.

"Not bad? I escaped the clutches of Arya Drottingu! I feel like that is a feat that's never been accomplished!"

She rolled her eyes.

"It isn't that impressive."

He shook his head and went at her again, this time feigning like he was going to tackle her but at the last moment he pulled back, ducking behind and sliding his arms around her. She grabbed his shoulders and threw him over her head, slamming him into the wood. He hit hard, coughing and laughing at the same time. She stood over him, a small smile on her face, before reaching down and helping him up. He sighed and stood, watching her. She shook her head at him.

"I told you, Eragon."

He stuck his tongue out.

"No need to gloat. I can beat you in other ways."

She chuckled, the sound like music to his new and improved ears.

"Oh really? What ways would that be?"

He grabbed both of her hands and slid his own up her arms. Her face went from one of gloating to that of realization and uncertainty. Her voice was slightly shaky when she spoke.

"Eragon. . . ."

He continued, his fingers trailing down her sides until they were spanning her waist. She watched his eyes, trying to figure out what he was planning. He moved his hands slightly lower to her hips and then tugged her closer. He kept his eyes on her own as he leaned in. She closed her eyes, not being able to help it. But as soon as their lips touched, he pressed his thumbs hard into the muscles of her hips. Her eyes shot open in shock and the sound that left her lips melted his entire resolve to tease her. It was an exhale of surprise and pleasure mixed. He crushed her mouth with his own. She seemed to fight it momentarily before giving in as well.

She cupped his face with her hands, her fingers resting gently against his jaw. When he pressed at her hips again, her nails pressed into his face in reaction. He grinned but she dropped her hands onto his and removed them with some effort. He didn't fight it though, knowing that if he pushed this too hard she'd pull away and leave. He let her take control of the situation and that was exactly what she did. They were like that for some time until Saphira growled loudly in his mind.

"Eragon you should probably stop this."

"I know."

And even though he did, he began to walk Arya backwards toward the bed.


He pulled back, resting his forehead on her collarbone and breathing heavily. She slid her hand into his hair and held him for a moment, catching her breath as well. She pulled away after a moment and smiled before walking around him and heading down the stairs. He sat down on the bed and leaned back, sighing and calming himself. Saphira chuckled in his mind.

"You two get so carried away. It's like you're incapable of keeping your hands to yourselves."

Eragon covered his eyes.

"Oh shut up Saphira."

Another laugh and then a mind pressed into their conversation. He recognized Arya and let her in. He mind was mostly shut off but he could feel the humming of something under the surface that made him smirk. Apparently he didn't do so well at hiding his feelings that moment and she noticed immediately. He could almost see her cheeks turning red. He laughed and stood, walking to the window and looking out towards the ground where she was standing.

"Ha! You are blushing!"

She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

"Get down here. I want to test your fighting skills with a sword."

"Will do."

Without another thought, he leapt through the window towards the ground. Saphira growled and Arya swore. He landed perfectly and rose from his crouch. The moment he'd done so, Arya slammed his shoulder with her fist.


He winced before chuckling and taking her hand.

"Come on, you know that I had to."

She shook her head.

"And if you'd died?"

He snorted.

"I wouldn't die from that."

Arya rolled her eyes and walked towards a path that led into the woods.

"You think yourself invincible, don't you? You should be careful where your ego goes or you'll end up dead."

He squeezed her fingers.

"I promise you I wont die."

She stopped and looked at him, her face uncertain and clouded.

"I'd rather you not promise something that you can't guarantee."

He rested his hand on her cheek, softly brushing his thumb along her cheekbone.

"I'm serious Arya. I can't die because I would think of you and that would be all I need. I will stay alive for you. No matter what."

She studied his eyes and then a smile found its way to her face.



He had reached the forest an hour back and set up camp. He wasn't ready to enter the unknown just yet. First, he needed a plan. He'd eaten what little food he had left, knowing that hunting would be easy in these rich woods. As soon as he was finished, he packed up and saddled the horse with his gear. He himself stayed on the ground, giving the horse a break. He'd barely stepped foot in the forest when an arrow buried itself in the tree beside his head. He froze, slowly reaching for his weapon.

"I wouldn't do that." The voice that spoke was male. "Drop your weapons on the ground. One wrong move and you're dead."

Cassius did as he was asked.

"Come out where I can see you, elf."

An elf stepped out from the shadows of the trees, his bow raised with an arrow notched and aimed at Cassius' head.

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