Hey, So I've got a new story. It's an A-Z of The Mentalist (Like the Name doesn't give it away.)

So each chapter could be set anywhere, any time throughout the season, be AU, and may have different pairings.

A – Accident.

"No, You've...You've got it wrong... No." She mumbled down the phone, not caring if they could hear her or not. They were joking. It couldn't be real.

"Miss Lisbon. He's in a bad shape. We don't think He will last the night. We suggest you get close family and friends to visit him tonight."

Silence filled the air, only the metallic buzzing of the phone kept the office from peace. Her own thoughts joined the buzzing of the phone and soon she wasn't able to tell them apart. A pressure on her temples hinted a migraine was working it's way in, only another thing to add to the pile of problems. What was she thinking, who cares about a migraine.

"Miss. Can you hear me? Are you alright?" The sound of the phone hitting the floor joined that of the buzzing. Lisbon shut her eyes hoping that this was all a bad dream. That she had just dozed off at her desk after many hours of tediously filling out forms and documents. "Miss! Can you answer us please. You need to be with someone now, you're in shock." The worried voice of a doctor still resounded round the room from the source on the floor. She was in shock they say. Go figure.

Wincing as he knees made impact with the cold wooden floor, Lisbon picked up the phone and held it tentatively to her ear.

"I'll be there soon." Her voice cracked with the strain and she cursed herself for showing how weak she really was.

"Ok Miss. Ask for Ward 4, Dr. Brookes." The voice sounded relieved as they hung up.

She sat there for a few minutes, collecting her thoughts, pushing her feelings deeper down. She had to act professional otherwise she wouldn't be able to act at all. Biting back the tears that had welled up traitorously in her eyes, she steadily got to her feet and stumbled towards her office door. Tugging it Lisbon swung it open and stepped into the corridor. She thought that everyone would have left the CBI building at this time of night but Van Pelt sat working dedicately at her computer in the bull pen.

"Van Pelt." Lisbon prayed that her voice wouldn't betray her real emotions. She needed to be strong, especially as she told Grace, the softest, kindest more emotional person of their team.

"Boss?" Grace's head shot up, peering into the darkness trying to locate where Lisbon was. Sensing that something wasn't right Grace got up out of her seat and approached where Lisbon stood. "What's the matter?"

"Umm... There's been an accident." She hated this. Saying it out loud always finalized it, made it official. Even though it had been in the front of her mind since the phone call from the Doctor, saying it out loud set it in stone. The news hit her all over again, her legs began extremely wobbly, her hands shaking uncontrollably. Even the tears managed to breakthrough and slide gleefully down her pale cheeks. Meanwhile Grace was processing the information, it wasn't much to go on but by Lisbon's body language it pointed to several options. Not having the time to consider this anymore as Lisbon was looking very unstable, Grace quickly guided her boss over to the nearest seat, Rigsby's desk chair.

Lisbon was aware of being lead somewhere, and then felt the sturdy legs of a chair beneath her body. Breathing heavily she wiped away the tears and cleared her throat.

"There was a car accident involving three cars and a lorry. There was one death, two critical injuries and several minor injuries." She stopped for air before plowing on with the information. She wanted to get it over and done with rather than dragging it out. "They managed to...ugh... get everyone to the hospital who needed it...But not quick enough. He...He may not survive the night." The tears were falling again, dancing down her face in their bid for freedom.

"Boss..." Van Pelt was also crying, unable to stop herself. She didn't have to ask who was in the accident. Cho had left only a few minutes ago and Rigsby was walking down to get himself and Grace some dinner from a nearby take-away. That only left one person who could get this reaction from Lisbon.

"I'm going to the hospital now. Can you inform the others. You can come see him after that. We need to make the...Most of this time." Lisbon hastily rubbed away the tear streaks again, then stood up abruptly.

"Boss is it a good idea for you to drive?" Grace was concerning looking towards her boss who had already left the bull pen.

"I'm fine Grace." Lisbon didn't even look back at the red-head as she hurried towards the elevator. Once there, the thought of wasting time waiting for the damn thing to arrive at their floor made Lisbon throw open the door to the stairwell and run down the stairs two at a time, jumping the last 5 steps. It didn't take long to sprint to her car and start it up. In no time Lisbon was pulling out of the gates and speeding up towards the hospital. She was tempted to go over the speed limits but the thought of another car accident instantly put her off that idea.

Now she was in the protection of her car Lisbon let herself go, let the tears continue falling and her mind continue running. She couldn't find the strength or the reasons to even have an ounce of self-control. So when it came to finding a parking spot she had no control over her actions which were to swear repeatedly, glare at any unlucky pedestrians and to whack her hand frequently on her steering wheel. It was luck that had her find a parking spot and parking haphazardly in the small rectangle Lisbon managed to get out her car and remember to lock it. Not paying attention to her surroundings nor the people she was passing she hurried to the main building. She was in too much of a rush that she didn't notice the signs saying 'pay and display' and even if she had spotted the signs she wouldn't have cared. What was one fine compared to a few moments with him.

She slowed her speed down when she reached the shelter of the hospital. The white walls and floors stung her eyes after they had been accustomed to the darkness of the late night.

Her feet automatically carried her down random corridors following the signs to the critical unit floor. She couldn't remember telling her feet which way to go, it was almost as if they were reading the signs themselves and no communication was going on between her eyes, brain and feet. Soon she was standing at a desk with the sign 'Critical care unit' hanging above it.

"Ummm Hello." Lisbon directed her greeting towards one woman hunched over a load of paperwork.

"Hello Miss. How can I help you?" She peered up from her paperwork to glance at Lisbon.

"Ward 4, Dr. Brookes"

"Down the hall, turn left and the room is on the right. Number '452.' He'll be with you in 15 minuets. Have a nice day." Lisbon thanked the nurse and scoffed as she followed the nurse's directions. Have a nice day my ass. She quickly found room '452' but before she opened it she let her hand rest on the door handle. She breathed in slowly and then out again before swinging the door open slowly. Her eyes were drawn to his figure on the bed, half tucked under the covers, the top half out on show. His usual jacket and waistcoat were hanging over the back of the visitor's chair. Lisbon took this seat and nuzzled her hair against these garments for comfort. They smelled of him, as well as blood, dust and that awful hospital smell.

She turned her attention back to him. There was a lot of bandages wrapped round his middle and shoulder. Three patches of red were already starting to form on the white gauze. The steady beeping of a heart rate monitor was sounding from the corner of the room, along with other medical instruments that seemed to have no useful purpose. An IV was hooked up at the crook of his elbow and ended at a bag of liquid hanging on a metal rack. Tubes were also hooked around his face, some ending at his noes and another small one ending at the corner of his mouth. Without them he could almost be dozing. Taking one of his naps that they were all so frequently used to. She absentmindedly brushed a few stray locks from his face and to their usual position. The lines that were normally etched upon his face had lightened, like so many other times when he slept. She had watched him sometimes, often when he had fallen asleep on her couch in the office. He became a different man, a less troubled man, certainly a happier man.

"Oh what have you got yourself into this time?" She knew it was stupid talking to him when he couldn't reply, however she swore there was a slight shift in his mouth. Almost making the thin line become a smile. With this as encouragement she carried on. "Y'know I don't think even Hightower can get you out of this mess...And I'm afraid I don't know God well enough to let you off the hook this time." Lisbon tried to smile through the cascade of tears. She didn't know what else to say. Saying sad things would make the situation to hard to handle. Her hand had strayed from the lock of hair down to caress his cheek and then further to clasp his hand which was innocently lying on the bed next to him.

"You're in time out for a whole month when you get out of this hospital. I'm not going to let you out on the field, no excitement, certainly no mind games from you..." She felt so guilty, the only thing she could do was to kid herself that he would make it through this, just like so many other times. He always pulled through, or she would pull him out of the trouble herself. The difference was all the other times was his fault. He brought it on himself. Yet this time, she couldn't help but blame herself for it.

"I'm sorry...I'm so sorry." Her tears were now starting to roll down her chin and then fall down onto their entwined hands. She looked about the room just for something else to do, but nothing else would present itself interesting enough to end this train of thought. "I know if I hadn't..." She felt a slight pressure on her hand and she looked down in surprise. His fingers which had been laying open were bending slightly around her own. She glanced up at his face, his eyes were open marginally. A horse croak broke the silence they had formed.

"Don't try to speak. You'll make it worse." Lisbon use her free hand to put a finger on his mouth. He shook his head slightly but remained quiet all the same.

"I know what you'll try to tell me." Lisbon concentrated on their hands, rubbing soothing circles on the back of his hand. "You'll tell me it's not my fault. But what if I never had got to speak to you again. The last thing I said was... And you left...And this happened. I promise I will never ever act like that again. I'm so sorry..." Her voice was becoming inaudible even to her through her sobs. With only the slight contact with him for comfort Lisbon's sobs subdued. In the peace of the hospital room Lisbon could hear the soft beeping of the screen, showing the beating of his heart. It sounded so strong so why did he have only hours left.

"I said awful things to you. Just because..."

"I was jealous."

She carried on speaking to no-one and everyone. Everyone who was watching right now, she knew they did. He wasn't the only one in the room, nor was she the only one who had come to comfort him. They would be here, to collect him. She was sure they had looked after him after all this time. And even though he denied it she was sure he knew they were there. It was his protests, the cover up, that gave him away.

"I envied you."

"And I loved you."

She had said it. It was official, not just floating round in her mind, stabbing her then twisting the knife when she heard the words, 'We were lovers.' She had admitted it to herself and to him.

"I love you,"

"I always have."

She stood up, hand still clasped in his. Placing her lips to his gently a single tear fell, joining another which had slipped from the corner of his eye. The tears merged, forming the only connection that they could ever have. In the background the sound of the flat-lining heart monitor could be heard, as she broke contact with his lips.

"And I always will Jane."

That one tear wasn't the only one shed over him. It was joined by many others including the single tear at Red John's funeral as Teresa Lisbon looked on. She only buried one that day, and on that same day she freed another. He could now be at peace.