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It had been a year since her marriage to King Leopold and Regina was tending to the apple tree in the courtyard, spending what could be considered "quality" time with little Snow White, the girl whom she hated dearly. But it was important to make sure that King Leopold thought that Regina loved Snow like she was her own. As Cora had taught Regina, image was everything.

Snow, fourteen years of age now, was lost in her dreamy thoughts as she examined the rose bush. She brought her hand to a beautiful white rose and accidentally pricked her finger on a thorn. She quickly retracted her hand, hissing in pain.

"Everything all right dear?" Regina asked with false kindness as she appeared by Snow White's side.

Subtly, Snow nodded a few times. "Yes, I just pricked my finger." She looked at her finger, the small bud of blood beginning to bloom. Snow smiled faintly, the color of the blood stirring a memory.

Once upon a time, a beautiful Queen sat by her window, looking out at the luscious garden below. It was springtime and the plants bloomed with the most picturesque flowers.

There was one particular rose bush that was dappled with white roses in full bloom. Among the many white roses was a single, blood red rose and every spring when the bush would blossom, there was always that single red rose amid the many white. And every spring, the Queen would look longing it at and sigh, "Oh that I had a child as red as that rose, as green as its stem, and as white as the surrounding flowers."

The gracious King Leopold heard his wife's wish for such a child, and not very long after they were blessed with a daughter, with hair as red as the rose, eyes as green as its stem, and skin as white as the surrounding flowers. She was named Rose Red.

Six years had come to pass and it was the middle of winter, tufts of snowflakes fluttering down and landing on the ground and windowsill. The Queen sat at her window working, and her embroidery frame was of ebony. She found herself staring longing out the window during the middle of winter and was hardly paying attention and as she gazed at the snow, she pricked her finger.

Three drops of blood fell from her finger onto the snow that rested on the windowsill, and when Queen Eva saw how bright and red the blood looked against the pale snow, she said to herself, "Oh that I had a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as the wood of the embroidery frame."

King Leopold saw his beloved wife by the window when he walked into the bedchambers and dared to approach her.

"And what troubles you, my dear?" he questioned, taking her hand into his own.

The Queen sighed, as if in disappointment. "My darling Leopold, I am truly happy with the life I am living. I have you, a wonderful husband, I have Rose, our lovely daughter, and I have this land we call home. But I find myself longing for another child."

Leopold kissed the Queen's cheek. "Maria, you are the fairest in all of the land and if you wish to have another child, then so be it."

Not very long after, Queen Eva had another daughter with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony; she was named Snow White.

The years went by and Rose and Snow became the best of friends despite the six years difference. Rose Red would always take Snow White on little adventures and the two would have the best of times together.

At the age of twelve though, Rose began to change. She started expressing interest in things that weren't considered proper for a princess. She enjoyed watching the knights when they trained for battle with swords clashing and maces coming into contact with armor.

Rose refused to wear dresses anymore. She demanded that she wear trousers instead, arguing that trousers were much better for horseback riding and dueling.

Soon, enough was enough. King Leopold and Queen Eva were growing weary of Rose's personality. She wouldn't sit still during etiquette lessons. A few days after Rose Red's thirteenth birthday, King Leopold caught her sword fighting with one of the knights, wearing no protection from the blades, only the clothes on her back.

"Rose Red, a word please," King Leopold requested. Rose followed her father to her bedchambers.

"What is it, Father?" Rose Red asked innocently.

King Leopold sighed, rubbing his temples. "Rose Red, you know I love you so very much."

"Yes Father."

Leopold looked down upon his daughter, who gazed at him with the most vibrant green eyes, red hair in a braid down her back, held together by a black ribbon. "You're actions are very irresponsible though. I cannot have you risking your safety like that." He placed his hands firmly on Rose Red's shoulders. "I am considering sending you away."

Rose jerked away from her father's touch. "What? Father why? What have I done that gives you reason for such a thing as sending me away?" she demanded.

"Rose dear, please let me finish speaking. I am considering sending you away to a special training camp in another kingdom. There, young men learn to fight properly in battle."

Upon hearing this, Rose brightened up. "Really? I would learn how to fight like a proper knight in shining armor?" When King Leopold nodded, Rose Red hugged him tightly. "Oh thank you, Father! Thank you!"

King Leopold had a secret motive behind this, of course. He wasn't going to just let Rose go off and learn to fight as she so wished to do. The camp was supposed to show her how dangerous sword fighting truly was and that life as a knight was certainly no walk in the park.

And so, Rose Red left the kingdom to travel to another where she would attend the training camp and learn the ways of the knight. Letters were rarely exchanged, but Rose Red made sure that she did write every now and then to keep in contact with Snow White, her best friend.

A year passed since Rose Red had been sent to the camp, and the letters stopped. Snow White grew worried. Her sister no longer kept in contact and Snow imagined the worst scenarios. What if Rose Red had been injured? Or what if she had grown ill and died?

Another year passed and Snow White began to forget. Not that she wanted to forget, but she forced herself to. There was no sense dwelling on the past.

Leopold was worried as well, but did not dare show it. A worried king caused for a worried kingdom. He planned to show Rose Red that being a knight wasn't all as wonderful as she thought it to be and hoped that by the time a year passed, she would come home and be the proper princess that everyone expected her to be. Obviously this was not the case.

Queen Eva was starting to consider her husband's idea a foolish one. "We shouldn't have sent her away," she muttered to Leopold one evening as they readied themselves for bed.

With a sigh, Leopold responded, "I know, my dear. But it was either that or have her continue risking her safety here. At least she would have learned how to safely and properly fight."

Eva stood up from the stool in front of her vanity, setting her silver hairbrush aside. "I just want my sweet Rose back. I love our darling Snow White, but life just isn't the same without Rose Red."

Leopold gently caressed his wife's cheek. "Things will turn out right my dear; I promise everything will turn out right in the end."

A year later, Queen Eva died and there was still no sign of Rose Red.

"Snow dear, tell me what's wrong," Regina requested gently as she knelt beside the fourteen-year-old Snow White, who was still gently clutching her bleeding finger.

Snow looked away from her finger to face Regina. "Did you know I had a sister?" she asked quietly.

Regina raised her eyebrows slightly in confusion. "A sister, really?"

A voice behind the two responded with a little laugh. "Yes, really."

Both Snow and Regina turned to face a young woman with hair as red as a rose, eyes a vibrant green, and pale, ivory skin. Snow White's jaw dropped in surprise.