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FusionFall Adventures

Chapter 2

.::Planet Fusion::.

Fuse looked over to the DNA samples of the Earth's heroes that his Fusions collected and smiles. He begins to transmit Fusion Matter to the objects and they begin to grow until they look like the heroes except for the green skin and wet appearance. Fuse cruelly smiles and points at the Earth. On the Earth the world would shake as caves form underground full of Toxic Fusion Matter. Fuse then teleports the DNA creations to their different caves and he continued waiting for a sign of his son coming back to Fusion. A few minutes later a Shocktangler came up to fuse and informed him of Kenshi betraying the Fusions. Fuse scowled and blasted the Shocktangler, causing it to explode and leave a big crater. "SPAWN 9001 COME CLEAN THIS CRATER UP!"


Blossom floats over to the floating tree house and lands in front of the garage. A round kid with a brown hat with goggles, a blue shirt, and a kind smile walked over to her. "Numbah 2, are Amy and Makoto back from the future yet?" Blossom asked. Numbah 2 thought for a while until he shook his head, bringing out the message 'No'. Blossom sighed and stared at the sky.

Kenshi ran over to a city located right next to Sector V until he stopped at the invisible border and looked over to the giant containment area. "Umm…. Watch thingy? Can you tell me what that thing is?" Kenshi asked while looking at the watch. Suddenly a female computer voice began speaking and told him, "That is a Fusion Matter containment zone. Dexter had them built when the Toxic Fusion Matter levels in that specific spot rose to extreme levels. If you were a human I would tell you to avoid the Toxic Fusion Matter so you don't suffer third degree burns that would be fatal. The names of these places are called Infected Zones," Amazed, Kenshi walked over to the containment area and began poking it. "Hmm… Maybe that blue robot over there can tell me how to get inside!" He said to himself before floating over to the robot standing on a platform. As he got closer it focused on him a chirped, "How may I help you today?" "I'd like to go inside of this… Infected Area… Please?" The robot began glowing as Kenshi disappeared and reappeared inside of an infected patch of land. He flew around the area and found a dark green circle embedded in the ground with light green tentacles coming out. He touched it and reappeared in a dark cave. Kenshi walked around it for a while and destroyed any Fusions in his way by smashing them into the cave wall. He came to a wide area and saw a Fusion version of Numbah 2 floating around. "Hey! Weakling! Leave Earth now before I blast you into matter," Kenshi threatened the Fusion while focusing a corruption attack under it. "Prince Kenshi… Lord Fuse made us out of a fraction of his power and the most powerful of us can stand against you! Fusion Buttercup… Take care of the Prince!" Fusion Numbah 2 said. A green version of buttercup jumped from the ceiling flashing her red eyes at Kenshi before lunging at him. The prince sidestepped and kneed the Fusion in the side. She screeched in pain and stared at the prince with hateful eyes before sending a Fusion Matter blast at him. Kenshi pushed the blast back causing Fusion Buttercup to explode into Fusion Matter. Out of the Fusion Matter a necklace mixed with it and a tiny version of Buttercup came out and began screaming, "GIMME SOMETHING TO FIGHT! I WANT A PUNCHING BAG MADE OUT OF MEAT!" Kenshi pointed to Fusion Numbah 2 and looked away. After a few fighting sounds Fusion Numbah 2 lied down in a small crater and Kenshi finished him off with a blast. A tiny version of Numbah 2 came out after goggles mixed with Fusion Matter. "Go K-N-D!" It cried out before disappearing into Kenshi's watch with the small Buttercup. "These small creatures are called Nanos. They are created by defeating the new Fusions that have come to Earth. I have analyzed the data from the levels of Fusion Matter and have come up with this. The two that were sent into the future will receive four of the nanos," Dexter said when he came up on Kenshi's watch. Kenshi nodded and touched the portal by a wall of the cave. He appeared outside in the Infected Zone and warps out from the Dexbot. He flew over to the city he saw and looked around until he saw monkeys with jetpacks. With interest Kenshi flew over to them and asked where he was. "You are in Pokey Oaks North! Keep going that way and you will reach Peach Creeks Commons after reaching Pokey Oaks South," The jetpack monkey told Kenshi while pointing South. Kenshi just nodded and took off flying for a few minutes. He heard screams and laser shots coming East of the direction he was heading. A Fusion Matter blast whizzed past his ears and he looked over and saw a giant spider looking creature. "Don Doom…" He sighed. After landing in front of it there were a dozen people shooting the Don Doom until it bellowed in rage causing a crater to form from where it smashed its legs. The prince of Fusions flew over to it and looked into the Don Doom's eyes. After a few seconds the creature spoke up, "Prince… Kenshi… Carry out your mission and make your father proud…" Kenshi shook his head and began to blast the creature back to Fusion. After a corruption attack it vanished in a pool of Fusion Matter and Kenshi flew away after taking a C.R.A.T.E from the Fusion Matter. He finally arrived at Peach Creeks Commons and saw a huge cardboard castle defended by boxes and unaffected by Fusion Matter or any Fusion Monster. He walked in and saw that it had a few houses and a long street. He walked along the street and passed by a person whose entire body was bronze and appeared to be on fire. Kenshi continued walking until he was at a street shaped like a circle with people and a tall red person with 1 arm. He walked passed some red ropes and saw a kid on a chair that stood over some boxes. "I…AM KING EDDY!" The kid yelled.

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