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FusionFall Adventures

Chapter 3

"King…Eddy…? Ok then…" Kenshi said with annoyance in his voice. Eddy looked at him and asked, "Hey! You're that new recruit Dexter brought in. Kenshi is it? Well I'm having trouble with these girls called the Kankers! They are all going crazy when they see us and try to force us into dating! I need you to go into the Park N' Flush and find their port a potty! This… Wait a sec'… Ok here it is… This tape recording of farting noises is set on loop for 3 days! Can you do this for me? If you finish then I can give you a few hundred Taros. That is Earth's currency. So can you, Kenshi?" The prince nodded and took the recording before flying over to a river. He noticed giant rectangular shaped beings with hammers in their hands and only one word came to thought, 'Hydro Hammers…' He blasted one into a tree and finished it up with a few swift punches to the stomach. When he lowered his guard a huge Hydro Hammer smashed him with the hammer, causing him to fly into the box castle walls making a dent in them. He looked at the giant Hydro Hammer and saw the anger in it's eyes. "Oh don't worry, High Hydro Hammer… Ill blow you up later! Right now I have to go, see you punk!" Kenshi taunted before blasting the High Hydro Hammer into the ground making a crater in the ground.

Once Kenshi arrived at a bridge made out of weakened wood he walked across and saw the Park N' Flush sign and stealthily made his way to the Port a Potty. Covering his nose, Kenshi, dropped the recording behind the toilet and turned it on before flying back to the castle. "Hey! Eddy! I put the recording in there in a hidden place. So what do I do now?" Kenshi yelled to Eddy before landing in front of him. "Well. For one thing these are your few hundred Taros," Eddy said before clicking a button on his own watch and causing a bunch of numbers to appear on Kenshi's. The Fusion Prince stared at the numbers and repeated them out loud, "750… Nice," Eddy nodded and pointed to a fragile looking kid with an orange shirt, black pants, and a sock over his head. "That's Double D or… Edd! He's a real nerd but still a friend. You could choose him as a guide or something that Dexter told everyone. I don't know much about it so go ask Double D!" Eddy explained to Kenshi. Kenshi jumped over the red ropes and greeted Edd nicely. "Oh, hello! I was just doing some linear equations on this calculator and in this notebook! I guess you want a Guide! I'll tell you about us Guides if you want, Kenshi" Edd said while clicking buttons on his calculator. "Well… I do need to get used to this world a bit, Edd. So tell me about these…Guides," Kenshi replied. "There are four Guides in this war. Me, Dexter, Ben Tennyson, and Mojo Jojo. Dexter and I expert in intelligence, Ben helps save lives as well as Dexter, and Mojo Jojo is a temporary ally. People who choose him as a guide are sometimes bullies or criminals. Anyway… Through different missions you can get new armor and weapons from the guides. We each get different armors to give to you as well! So who do you want to be your Guide?" Kenshi looked up at the sky holding his chin for a while. "Well, I've mostly known Dexter so I choose him as my Guide. How will he kn-" Kenshi was interrupted by Dexter speaking over the watch in a hologram, "Welcome, Kenshi. Your first task is to meet Blossom in Sector V on top of the KND Tree House because she has a mission for you! It can gain you some experience by fighting Fusions!" Kenshi scoffed at him and said, "Experience? I've been fighting Fusion monsters during training since I was in diapers! You humans may not have but I have," Dexter sweatdropped at this and replied, "Just go find Blossom. She is the girl who froze you a while back," The prince nodded and flew off as the transmission ended. He flew over different areas and destroyed any Fusion creatures that got in his way.

Kenshi arrived to Sector V a few minutes after he left from Peach Creek Commons. He floated up to the Floating Treehouse and saw Blossom pacing in front of a garage embedded in the tree. After landing he poked her when she wasn't looking and shouted, "SPAWN!" That caused her to spin kick him into the garage and dent it. "Ow… I was just playing around," The prince said weakly. Blossom helped him up and rudely asked, "Are you going to accept the mission or not, Kenshi!?" Kenshi stared into her eyes and said, "Sure… So what is the mission anyway? A mountain hike, island buster, picnic date?" WAIT!? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? Kenshi thought. He looked up at Blossom and saw the blush on her face. "Y-you have the picnic part right. Just go to Pokey Oaks North and beat up those red ponies! I need you to beat up at least five," the PowerPuff Girl yelled while blushing furiously. "Ok! And you should go to the doctor, your face is red! Get well soon, Blossom!" Kenshi yelled while flying off.

Kenshi landed in a destroyed park in Pokey Oaks North and saw some small red horse like Fusions. "Ok then. Ill have to beat up some Pesky Ponies," He told himself quietly before blasting one into a wall. He had a shocked look on his face when it got back up and charged at him. "Darn it dad! You just had to upgrade them to be a ma-" Kenshi started. He was interrupted from being sent flying into a swing set. He looked at the swing and broke it off to use it as a weapon. The prince spun around with the swing in his hands and caused the Pesky Ponies around him to explode into Fusion Matter. "Ok, 3 down, 2 more to go!" He cried before making a corruption attack appear under two more. The ponies looked at each other with an anime sweatdrop before the corruption blew up causing a green beam to appear in the sky. Kenshi looked satisfied and flew back to Sector V. As he flew his watch beeped and Dexter appeared in a hologram image. "Kenshi, after you finish with Blossom in Sector V there are two people I sent into the future to gather information. They should be arriving in Peach Creek Commons soon. I need you to go find them and bring them to Genius Grove. There is a Dexbot teleporter there so you can come up to my laboratory with them. Good luck, Kenshi," Dexter explained before disappearing from the screen.

The Fusion Prince arrived at the treehouse and told Blossom about what happened to the ponies. "Ok then… Just go to wherever Dexter wants you to go! I need some thinking time without you here!" The powerpuff girl yelled. Taking the hint, Kenshi, flew off to Peach Creek Commons and saw two people appear in the middle of some Hydro Hammers. "That must be them!" he yelled excitedly. He lowered himself down and dispatched of the Hydro Hammers with minor difficulty. "Amy and… Some other dude? Are you the ones Dexter sent to the future?" Kenshi asked. 'Some Other Dude' had a black jumpsuit with green lines running through it like an outline. He had spikey hair and a facial expression that meant, 'Don't mess with me,'. "My name is Motoko…" Motoko said arrogantly. "Im Kenshi, the Prince of Fusions. Don't think because of my title that Im automatically evil, Im not," Motoko lowered his weapon and glared at Kenshi. "My parents are dead because of you stupid Fusions… You're lucky Im letting you live!" Motoko yelled. Kenshi smirked and nodded. "Is that so?"

"You want to go?"

"Come at me,"

Amy interrupted. "Both of you… Please no fighting! We need to focus on winning this war not hurting each other,"

Kenshi looked over at her and sighed. "Ok…"

Motoko nodded and continued glaring at Kenshi.

"Well we should get you to Dexter. He's probably screaming his head off right now," Kenshi joked. The other two nodded and pressed a button on their communicators along with Kenshi's and they were suddenly surrounded in a light blue array of lights before vanishing.

.::Dexter's New Lab::.

Kenshi, Amy, and Motoko appeared in front of Dexter and greeted him with a nod. Dexter smiled and said, "Finally , you're back! What was in the future?"

Motoko looked down sadly and shook his head. "We managed to escape before Fuse absorbed the planet… Everyone died…"

Dexter put a hand on Motoko's shoulder and replied, "Don't sweat about it… We can change the future now that we know it,"
Kenshi smirked and asked, "Where was I?"

"Fighting Fuse and dying," Amy replied hesitantly.

Kenshi clenched his fists in anger and swallowed. "Well… I'm not accepting that fate of dying by my own father… I'm going to defeat him,"

Dexter smiled. "Well a smart thing to do is to send the three of you as a group to work your ways up and help win this war," Dexter began. "Do you accept?"
Kenshi, Amy, and Motoko looked at each other and back to Dexter before nodding.

The orange haired scientist smirked. "Well… Step on that Warper and your ready to go,"

The trio smirked back and ran to the Warper and their adventure began!

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