Before The Fall - Chapter Ten:
Helena, Part Two;
Crollo e Redenzione

Author's Note: At long last, we're finally here at the end. I've got a sense of accomplishment at having finished this collection, and a bit of sadness for having to see it go. I've had so much fun coming up with the ideas, writing it all down, and seeing how you guys liked it and getting your feedback. It's been an awesome 10 weeks! I also feel like this chapter is a great way to end it. I like it a lot, as a second part for the previous chapter and an ending to Before The Fall. I won't get too much into it, but those curious, the titles for this and chapter 9 are Italian. No, I don't speak Italian, but the titles just worked so well in a different language. So there you go!

Again, I really appreciate everyone who has stuck around and reviewed. You guys are my candle in the dark! Okay, okay! I'm done talking! Enjoy the chapter everyone! ^_^


Weeks went by, long months and months. Tears were shed from eyes she'd forgotten could cry. Sweat seeped from skin she'd forgotten could feel. Love poured from a heart that she had forgotten even existed. Life had come rushing at H.G. Wells in ways long forgotten, and more than once she felt as though she could not cope. She had been brought back into a world that she'd discarded along with her body and many times stumbled in trying to find her way. Once even causing many good people a great deal of undeserved pain.

But despite her terrible mistakes - which she still found difficult to forgive herself of - she had come away from her trials scratched and bruised, but alive. She'd discovered the 21st century and quickly fell in love with denim jeans, met mad men more than once, rejoined the Warehouse, made irreplaceable friends and betrayed their trust, only to strive in every way of every minute to make things right again. Every day outside of the Bronze Sector of Warehouse 13 was filled with so many new things to experience, and such wonderful people to experience them with.

It had been four days since Walter Sykes had reunited Helena and her body with the use of the Janus coin. Each morning she would stretch and yawn, lavishing in being able to yawn, and counted each of her toes and each of her fingers. Then, because she could hardly help her playful nature, she would roll over in bed and count Myka's fingers and toes. If that didn't suffice to rouse her fellow agent, she would poke each of her elbows and each of her knees. Properly annoyed, but still not awake, Myka would wiggle away from H.G with a grumble and H.G would set to counting Myka's eyelashes.

Given recent events, no one had found the time to see to Agent Steve Jinks' room and his personal things. Out of respect for the fallen agent whom she barely knew, Helena did not even deem to ask for the room for herself. (Just as well that she didn't; it seemed that the fallen had a habit of rising again – with the aid of dear friends – and Agent Jinks had returned from the after-life as Helena had returned from exile.) Her first night back in Leena's Bed & Breakfast, Helena was completely prepared to bunker down on the sofa. But when Myka saw Helena laying down a blanket she would have none of it. She took up the blankets and marched Helena up to her own room, for which they had been sharing ever since.

"I'm awake," Myka groaned. "Okay ... I'm awake." Despite the declaration she still yawned and barely opened her eyes.

"Oh, go back to sleep sweetheart. It's much easier to count your lashes with your eyes closed," Helena answered with a devious grin.

"Mmhmm," Myka mumbled as she rolled over, showing Helena her backside. "We did just save the world, and that tends to take it out of you."

"We saved the world four days ago, Myka. I think there's been more than enough time for rest," Helena replied with a light giggle.

"Mmhmm," was Myka's response. Still laughing lightly, Helena climbed out of bed anyway and headed for the shower. She couldn't blame Myka for wanting more sleep. It was only 6:30 in the morning. But having spent more than 110 years locked in the solitude of her own mind in The Bronze Sector, and then several more months in a strange limbo on the Janus coin, Helena wanted to have as much of the day as she possibly could.

After a hot shower, one of the many conveniences of the 21st century that she eagerly enjoyed, she got dressed in the outfit she had laid out the night before and went downstairs to help Leena prepare breakfast. Leena was always wonderful company and by the time the pancakes and bacon were done the entire Bed & Breakfast was working their way downstairs, noses in the air.

"O.m.g, something smells amazing," Claudia said as she came trudging into the dining room - still in her pajamas with Game Boy in hand - and let herself fall into one of the chairs around the table. "Please tell me that's bacon I smell."

"Yes, it is," Helena answered as she and Leena began setting serving dishes on the table. Leena headed back to the kitchen to get the pitcher of apple juice. Helena was about to follow to help when she saw Myka come into the room.

"Mmm, I smell pancakes!" Myka said with a broad smile. Soaking in Myka's image, Helena could feel the smile growing on her face and spreading from ear to ear. Without overstating their relationship, Myka Bering really was her saving grace. When Helena really needed it, she was always there. More importantly, almost impossibly, she was always forgiving. Myka was more than Helena could have hoped for in 2 lifetimes, more than she deserved, and yet she was still there. If nothing or no-one else, Myka was the most precious person in Helena's life. She couldn't imagine her new life in this brand new world without her.

Helena suddenly realized that not only was she staring at Myka with an uncontrollable grin, but Myka had noticed H.G staring at her and became noticeably nervous about the sudden attention.

"What?" Myka asked hesitantly, stopping in her tracks as she looked down at herself, making sure there wasn't a huge stain on her clothes that she might have missed. "What did I do?"

"Nothing," Helena said as she stalked towards Myka, her smile growing bigger if that were possible. "Nothing at all." Myka didn't look too convinced. "Oh all right, everything," Helena finally conceded as she closed the distance between her and Myka and pulled the taller woman into a tight hug. Helena took a moment to simply enjoy being able to hug, to enjoy taking the feel and scent of her dearest friend.

"Oh hey, we're giving out hugs? Don't I get one?" came the voice of Pete Lattimer as he entered the dining room, never wanting to be left out. H.G rolled her eyes, but was grinning all the same.

"Oh all right, come here you big baby!" she teased she gave Pete a hug as well.

"Hey come on guys! A girl could use some old fashion 19th century lovin' over here!" Claudia chimed from the dining room table before taken a huge bite off a strip of bacon.

"Okay, you too," Helena said as she turned to Claudia and opened her arms. "Come here!"

"Group hug!" Pete suddenly shouted. The whole group piled in for a big squeeze, laughing the whole time. Helena found herself surrounded by not only good friends, but close family, the kind that most people never found in a lifetime. Fortunately for Helena she happened to be the luckiest person in the world and was granted a second life, a second chance. And never before had it felt so good to be alive!

(The End)