Hello, people! This is my first FanFiction for the Harry Potter fandom, so who knows how it will turn out, but let's hope for the best, huh?

This one shot was written for the 4B Potions contest. The ingredients used are: crème brulee, spoons, and broccoli.

The day that would come to be known in Hogwarts history as 'The Incident,' started out normally.

Actually, never mind that. It started off…quite differently.

In the morning, Hannah Abbot accidentally spilled a malfunctioning potion on Euon Abercrombie, effectively dying his robes bright pink.

In retaliation, during History of Magic, Euon attempted to turn Hannah's quill into a dead mouse, but he missed and hit Miles Blechley's hat.

Miles didn't notice the mouse in his hair until Melinda Bobbin pointed it out to him, giggling as she did so.

He believed that Melinda was to blame for the mouse, and attempted to get back at her with a Jelly-Legs Jinx in the corridor between classes, however, one of Melinda's friends warned her and she was able to deflect the jinx, and fired another back, but not before Miles ducked, resulting in it hit Seamus Finnigan.

Which led to retaliation, which led to pranks and anti-pranks and misfired-pranks and so on. Soon most of the school was somehow involved, but the pranks were kept small, directed, (or unintentionally received) by only one or two people.

By the end of the day, tensions were running high. Almost everyone had either pranked someone, been on the receiving end of a prank, or had heard about the secret war, and were afraid of being caught in the crossfire.

At the Ravenclaw table, Lisa Turpin raised her wand to hex Rose Zeller, who she believed guilty for hexing her book to spew insults whenever she turned a page. Rose ducked, and retaliated in the only way she could think of at the moment: flinging her crème brulee in Lisa's general direction.

Kenneth Towler, the Gryffindor student who Lisa's hex hit, aimed his broccoli at Rose, but instead it hit Kevin Whitby, who used his spoon as a catapult and launched peas at the Gryffindor table.

Soon the Great Hall was in an uproar, with food and jinxes flying every which way. The professors who tried to intervene were promptly drenched with pudding or hit over the head with lasagna.

In the end, everyone was splattered with all sorts of edible matter, and the Great Hall a Great Mess.

The day ended with detention for everyone, and a McGonagall who flinched slightly whenever she looked at beef wellington.

Not my best, but decent, I'd say. Also, a note: every character I've mentioned in this story is an actual character that's been mentioned at least once in the Harry Potter series. This Wikipedia list is very helpful: wiki/ List_of_Harry_Potter_characters#B

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