Title: The Right Brother
Summary: It's a year after Ben and Riley were reunited, and 6 months after Danny started dating Riley. Riley is happy in her relationship, and obviously, so is the older Wheeler brother. But is it the one she wants?
Author's Note: So I went to the Baby Daddy fanfiction site and realized that there was basically no Ben/Riley fic whatsoever. I'm about to fix that.

Riley Wheeler.

It's something she often thought about. But now that it's actually come up, the words taste differently in her mouth as her boyfriend repeats the name. She knows he's joking, but there's a hint of seriousness in his voice and it kind of scares her.

Sure, she's spent years of her life dreaming about her life as a Wheeler, but she never once thought about it being the other Wheeler.

Danny's loud laugh seems far away, and her mind wanders off to a boy that has been on her mind for the past few weeks. Sometimes his good parts where the things that haunted her, like his beautiful smile, the joyful glint in his eye, or his 'no nonsense' sincerity towards her. But then those things were followed by the things that still needed some working on: he was still a kid at heart and needed to grow up too fast, he could be incredibly stubborn and he lacked ambition. And yet, whenever she listed everything and added the pros and cons about Ben Wheeler, she couldn't shake the thought that she'd love him no matter what. And it was a painful thought, because he would probably never feel the same way.

'Uh, hello? Earth to Riley?' A hand was waved in front of her and Riley blinked a few times in order to snap back into reality. 'What are you thinking about?'

Riley knew that Danny was always uncomfortable if she mentioned his younger brother, obviously because before they started dating, Danny used to be the one she talked to whenever she needed to get something off her chest about Ben. 'Uh,' she began slowly, her mind racing for an excuse that she would not find. So she decided to just tell the truth. 'I'm thinking about Ben. I'm a little worried about him.'

'Oh.' Of course Danny had to shift just an inch away from her, a feeling of uneasiness settling over him. There was not a day that went by that he didn't wonder if she still had feelings for Ben. 'Well, come on, you know Ben.' He smiled slightly and placed his arm around her, pressing her up against his chest. 'He'll be fine.'

Riley just smiled back slightly, and rested her head on his shoulder as she focused on the way his flexed muscles started to relax a bit, and the way his chest went up and down with every breath. Back in the day when they were just friends, it used to comfort her to a great extent. It still does, in a way, but it also leaves her questioning what it would be like to have another arm wrapped around her.

Danny watched as his girlfriend crinkled her nose in discomfort at the thought of Ben spending (what would be) his anniversary alone, and he heaved a heavy sigh. 'Look, if it makes you feel any better, we can go over there and give him some company.'

Her face lit up as she pushed herself off of him to look him in the eye. 'That would actually make me feel better.'

'Then I guess that's what we'll do.' Danny shifts in his seat as Riley wraps her arms around him to thank him. He's not sure if he's worried about his brother, or if he's just worried about this possibly being the beginning of him losing Riley.

Author's Note: I think this is how it's gonna go in the actual show. I think Danny is going to confess his feelings for Riley, and he's going to act upon it, and Riley will probably end up dating him for a while. But she'll never get over her feelings for Ben and soon Ben will find out about it and fall for her. And then Ben and Riley will end up together and they'll make a whole bunch of beautiful brothers and sisters to Emma. Also Danny will fall in love with some girl and get over Riley.