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Chapter 3: Shinobi and the Mermaid

Naruto looked down at his bicep breathing heavily. On his arm was a tattoo of a symbol that looked like to be a fire on his arm. 'Finally' he thought, 'That was a bitch to get down, but I wish I had thought of that one earlier. Man, Towa really didn't understand what a special fuinjutsu he really had' He had been out over the pond for a good 3 hours now, trying to get the basics over his new technique he had seen before. 'It's no Rasengan, but it will definitely help me in the future' he finished as he spammed out a few clones to gather his things. He then started to stretch his now sore muscles.

"Crap! I gotta get to school." He said as he sealed up his things and started running back to the academy.

The Academy

"Sorry I'm late!" Yelled Naruto as he entered into his classroom expecting everyone to have already been seated and listening to Shizuka-sensei. The blonde looked around and saw that nobody was there. "Where is everybody?" He asked himself.

"Oh! Why are you still here Uzumaki-san?" Ask a feminine voice behind him. Turing around he saw that is was his cat-like teacher speaking to him. Naruto cocked his head in confusion.

"What are you talking about Shizuka-sensei?" He asked, "Aren't we supposed to be in class?" Shizka just sighed at the clueless blonde.

"Uzumaki-san, how many times have I told you not to be late to class?" She asked getting a sheepish laugh from the boy in front of her. "Today we are looking at different clubs to join so that we might be able to better integrate into the human world." She continued, "Everybody is already off looking for a club to join. You better hurry too if you want to join one." She finished with a smile. The blonde just scratched his head.

"Ok…. Ummm….," the blonde said getting a pensive look on his face, "Which club would you recommend Shizuka-sensei? I really don't know what's good out there, so what's your opinion?" Getting a surprised look from his teacher before she gained a huge grin on her face.

"Oh! The newspaper club is always a very exciting club to be a part of Uzumaki-san!" She cried out enthusiastically, "I'm sure that you would do wonderful in it!" She finished her tail swaying behind her excitingly.

'The newspaper club huh?' Thought the blonde, 'I guess I could always use a little more stealth training…. Ooooo! I wonder what kind of dirt I can get on the headmaster?!' an evil grin slowly appeared on his face thinking of the possibilities to get him good. Shizuka just waited patiently for the blondes response. "I suppose that would be a great club to join. Count me in Shizuka-sensei!" Naruto cried out thumping himself on the chest. Shizuka smiled widely.

"Great!" She chirped. "I'll show you were to meet when a few more members come and join as well." Naruto nodded.

"Alright Shizuka-sensei. I'm gonna go out and see these other clubs though. Kinda curious to see what's out there." Shizuka just nodded.

"Alright Uzumaki-san, just make sure to come on back in a little bit then ok?" The blonde nodded before taking off into the hallway leaving a feline teacher grinning widely as if she had just eaten a canary.

"Whoa…" Naruto mumbled to himself as he saw the busy hallway packed with students going from club to club looking for something that interested them. "There's a ton of people here." Going down the hallway looking left and right he saw tons of different clubs ranging from Astronomy to Zoology. They had everything there. Naruto took his time looking at the many stands there seeing what everyone had to offer. They even had a karate club there that had interested Naruto for a moment before seeing their technique. Not gonna lie, he thought it was pretty lame. Beside, hand to hand, he already had his style that he had adapted to his own unique sense of combat. He smiled as he continued down the hallway looking at the diversity of the clubs until he was stopped suddenly by a very beautiful girl.

"Well hello there handsome." Said the girl. Naruto couldn't help but become a little red at the appearance of this girl. She had greenish blue hair with cyan colored eyes. Also, it looked as though she had yellow shells that were placed on both sides of her head. She was wearing a bikini that was holding her well-developed assets, jiggling every single time she moved. Around her waist she was wearing Naruto thought was a piece of straight purple fabric that she had just tied around her waist. She chuckled quietly seeing the boy in front of her blush. "Are you looking for a club to join? Cause the swimming club is always an open invitation for newcomers to join." She said smiling before giving the blonde a very noticeable look over, "Especially for someone like you cutie." She smiled widely as the boy seemed to become even more red.

"I-i-it's alri-…" He started before he was cut off by the girl.

"My name is Tamao Inchinose." She said placing one hand on her hip, the other going through her hair accentuating her well-developed figure. "I'm the president of the swimming club. Nice to meet you." She finished walking up to him latching onto one of his arms pressing her bountiful breast up against him. Naruto visibly shivered as she whispered in his ear, "So what's your name handsome?"

"N-Na-Naruto U-Uzumaki." He stuttered out. 'Dammit,' he thought. What was going on with him? Just because some hot girl starts rubbing her body all over him he turns into putty. He's gone up against an army of plant people and still all it takes is for a girl to throw herself at him and he's gone.

She looked up at him and smiled. "Well what do you say Naruto-kun? Would you like to go for a swim with me?" She said trying to press more of her body up against him. Naruto faultered, he didn't know what to do in this kind of situation. Sure Jiraiya-sensei would have probably bitch slapped the hell out of him for acting like a weenie, but he just couldn't help it.

Finally getting up the nerve he started, "W-w-well a-actually Ta-…urk!" jerking back as he found another pair of slender arms wrapping around his neck, pulling him out of the grip of the girl.

"HEY!" she growled out as she saw another girl with green hair on Naruto's back, wrap her legs around him while nuzzling her cheek to his over his shoulder.

"Hey there Naruto-kun." She said seductively, "Why are you hanging around with this boring girl when you could be with me?" She smiled coyly glancing back at Tamao who was now grinding her teeth.

"Eiko-chan?" Naruto asked.

"For your information he's about to join the swimming club!" She growled getting a smirk from the other girl.

"Well if that's the case, why don't you join me Naruto-kun with the cooking club. I will make sure you can have all the ramen that you can ever dream about." She seductively said in his ear slightly placing her lips on the tip of it. Naruto's eyes widened at this. All the ramen he could ever dream about? That was a tall order. He wondered if she really could back that up. The swimming captain fumed.

"Naruto-kun already agreed to join my club so hands off you little huss-…" she continued before being interrupted.

'GROWL' Both girls eye's widened as they looked at the sheepishly grinning blonde in front of them.

"Sorry about that girls." He laughed a little embarrassed. "It looks like I forgot to get some food. Would you really make me some ramen though Eiko-chan? You weren't kidding when you said that right?" He said nervously hoping that she could make this dream come true. Eiko just flashed Tamao a little victory smirk before turning to the blonde pressing her large assets against his back getting the blonde a little flustered.

"But of course Naruto-kun." She said, "I would never lie about something as important as ramen now would I? Now lets leave this cranky swimming girl and go grab a bite to eat." Naruto looked up at Tamao with an apologetic smile.

"Sorry about that Tamao-chan." He said getting an annoyed glance from the girl on his back, "I should probably eat first before I do anything. Gotta have my energy you know!" The blonde smiled at the angry girl causing her to brighten up at him. "Maybe later we can go for that swim of yours ok?" He said getting a nod from the girl before walking off with Eiko still wrapped around his body. She glanced back at the swimming captain and mouthed the words 'You lose.' Causing the captain to once again start grinding her teeth.

"Naruto Uzumaki…" She said quietly glaring daggers at the girl who was on the blondes back being carried away. "You will be mine! You are too good to be passed up." With that she stormed off thinking of when she would be able to corner the blonde again without worrying about what apparently was her competition.

"You see Eiko-chan?" Our favorite blonde said, "That's why you would never want to have miso ramen for breakfast!" He cried out, "Never does a body good." Getting the girl next to him thinking, 'who would ever have ramen for breakfast anyways?' Shaking her head clearing her thoughts she looked back to the very satisfied blonde.

"So Naruto-kun." She said getting Naruto to look back at her, "How about joining the cooking club? We could spend even more time together if you did." She said before getting a seductive look to her licking her lips, "Or maybe even get some private time together." The blonde once again got a little flustered at what she was implying.

"Umm…. Sorry Eiko-chan." He started, "But I already promised Shizuka-sensei that I would be in the newspaper club…. Er…Sorry" The green haired girl in front of him frowned a little before getting a little glint in her eyes.

"Well then Naruto-kun." She said smirking as she slowly sauntered over to him straddling him causing the boy once again to become red. "How about we do a explicit interview? One where we can really get to know one another." She continued as she started to grind her hips against the blondes causing him to give a small moan. "I see someone though already wants to come out and play." As she continued to gyrate her hips.

'D-dammit' he thought, 'At this rate I'm gonna lose control.' Just as he was pushing the girl off of him, she started to caress his cheeks with her hands causing the ninja to cease struggling and lean into her ministrations. A low rumble reached both of their ears at the blonde started to purr. Eiko and Naruto went wide-eyed with shock.

"KAWAII!" Shouted the girl in his lap before Naruto found himself enveloped in the lovely bosom of the green haired beauty as she started to hug him to death. "That is just sooooo cute! Oh Naruto-kun, we are going to have such a wonderful time together."

'Dammit!' The blonde shouted in his head, "That isn't what you thought it was! That was a growl!" He tried to say through the mounds of flesh that were in his face. "I'm a fricken bas-assed ninja! And fricken bad-assed ninjas don't purr, we growl!" He continued as he trying to regain himself and get out of the predicament that he was currently in not realizing his own mistake.

'Ninja?!' Eiko's eyes widened at this little bit of information that she had just received. Noticing the struggling blonde beneath her she smirked once again. 'He's just what I need to make everything happen. Naruto Uzumaki, I'm claiming you now.' Naruto's eyes widened with shock as she grabbed his face and brought her lips to his. Eiko started to kiss the blonde passionately while the blonde just stood there gobsmacked at what was going on in front of him.

"Hmpphh…" The blonde tried to back up but found that the girls tongue had darted out into his mouth exploring everything it could reach. Eiko started to move her hips once again, feeling Naruto's hard problem rubbing against her womanhood eliciting her own moan into Naruto mouth. She could feel Naruto start to relax and ease into what she was doing

'That's it.' She thought as she planned her next seduction move, 'Just go with it.' Just then the door to the classroom was slammed open.

"NARUTO/KUN!" Cried two girls as Eiko looked back with hate in her eyes.

'Dammit! I was so close!"

"Get off of him!" A pink haired girl ran over to shove the girl, but Eiko just flipped backwards off of Naruto, leaving him in his still dazed state. Kurumu looked Naruto over noticing his out-of-it look, eyes widening around a certain area that was straining under the fabric of his pants before glaring at the green haired girl.

"What did you do to him?!' Moka yelled at Eiko, who just stood up from her crouch and placed a hand on her hip.

"I was making out with him before you two interrupted. Why, is that against school policy or something?" She asked getting both girls to glare daggers at her while the boy behind them just shrugged nonchalantly. The way he saw it, Naruto was getting some action from a hott girl…. There was nothing wrong with that.

"Stay away from Naruto-kun you slut!" Kurumu growled at Eiko. She just shrugged.

"Why should I? Looking at him, it seems like he enjoyed it." She grinned, "Besides, why should you two care what I do with Naruto? Aren't you both into Tsukune there behind you." Getting both girls and brown-haired boy to blink at what she just said. Then they both looked downward at the ground awkwardly.

'Why did I act like that all of a sudden' Moka thought, 'It shouldn't matter who Naruto-kun is in a relationship with right?' thinking it through quickly she got a determined look on her face. 'But he still is my precious friend and friends don't let friends date terrible people!' She justified in her mind.

'Tsukune is my destined one, so why am I feeling this way?' Thought a busty succubus, 'Naruto-kun is a good looking guy, he's bound to have some girls after him.' Glancing up at the girl who was now grinning like she had won the argument. 'But NOT to this girl!'

"So what if we like Tsukune," Kurumu said, "Naruto-kun is still our friend and we wont let some common whore come in and take over his life!"

"Yea!" Cried Moka in agreement. Eiko just sighed in annoyance.

"You can try if you want to." She started before she smiled evilly, "But in the end, Naruto-kun will be mine no matter what any of you say!" She cried out throwing down a smokebomb obscuring eeryones vision. When everything cleared, there wasn't a trace of her left. Coughing out of his stupor, Naruto looked around.

"Ummm… what happened?" He asked curiously as the girls grabbed both of his arms and threw him outside of the room and began to chew him out about the type of girls he was seeing. Tsukune just had a sweatdrop forming on his head at the site of the blonde being berated.

'Don't see why they're upset. I say good for Naruto personally' But there was no way in hell he was going to be saying that aloud as he saw the girls continue scolding him for picking up such a whore.

"But Moka-chan, Kurumu-chan, she gave me RAMEN!" He argued back at the girls. They both smacked him on the head. "ITAII! What was that for?!"

"Dammit Naruto-kun!" Shouted Kurumu, "Didn't your mother ever teach you not to take candy from strangers?" Getting a confused look from the blonde Moka chipped in.

"The same rule applies here. Never take ramen from a stranger Naruto-kun!" She said sternly at the blonde, getting him to pout.

"…..But it's ramen…." He said quietly before getting smacked again. "Dammit, stop hitting me!"



Naruto, Moka, and Tsukune were now all walking down the hall with the clubs still advertizing their qualities. Kurumu ran off a little earlier because of some cookies that she had made earlier were about to burn in the oven.

"You girls are so mean to me." Pouted Naruto, "Tsukune didn't say anything, why didn't you girls slap him around?" he asked Moka who gave Tsukune a dark glare causing said boy to shiver.

"Naruto you dumbass!" He cried out fearfully, "Don't go out with whores!" He finished looking at Moka for approval who was smiling. He looked at Naruto apologetically getting a glare from the blonde.

"That's right Naruto-kun!" Chirped Moka, "You can't just choose any bimbo to date. You need to be extremely picky." Naruto just shrugged at this. Moka felt a little frustrated at the situation still though. Hopefully that would wake the blonde up to not rush into something. For some reason, she just didn't really see how any girl could deserve Naruto. The next thing she knew she saw Tsukune get swarmed by a bunch of girls in bikinis.

"Oh my!" One of them said, "You definitely need to join the swimming club!"

"We'll have so much fun together!" Said another while taking off his shirt.

"Please take care of us!" Cried another ripping off his pants. Moka just stood by flabbergasted about what was going on before she saw them start to drag him off towards the pool.

"H-H-HEY!" She cried out running after them. She didn't even notice that a certain blonde ninja was currently missing from the group.

"Hello there Naruto-kun!" Said a seductive voice. Naruto found himself staring into the pair of same pair of cyan eyes he had met earlier that day. Moments ago he had been dragged into another room and now he was staring right in the eyes of the beautiful swim captain.

"Uh..Hi Tamao-chan." He said causing the girl to smile.

"Oh Naruto-kun, you remembered my name!" She cried out as she shoved his head into her ample busom. "Now, how about we go for that swim you promised me earlier won't you?" She asked as she started to undress said boy who was once again reduced to a stuttering mess.

"H-h-hey, I-I can take off my own clothes!" He said indignantly, but the girl continued to keep unbuttoning his shirt.

"Oh, Naurto-kun. Don't worry. Let Tamao-chang take… care of…you." She ended quieting her voice as she gazed upon the body of Naruto Uzumaki. He was trim and fit. Muscles could be seen adorning his body and giving him what one could say to be a greek god-like appearance. It looked like he had a red fire tattoo on his arm as well. But the thing that quieted Tamao down, were the scars that were littered across his body. Cuts and stab wounds from his past were now represented on his body now. One in particular that got the girls attention was the one above his heart. A large fist sized scar lay adorned there. Naruto nervous of Tamao's reaction stood their nervously before she took her hands and started to run her fingers along the different scars that were there. Naruto's eyes snapped open in shock.

"Oh wow…" Tamao said quietly, "Look at these beautiful markings. You truly are a interesting man Naruto-kun." She finished as she began to lead him to a hot tub. 'Screw devouring him!' She thought, 'I am never going to let this one go ever! Naruto, your mine!' Making her decision she got in the water first before turning around and inviting the blonde to join her.

"….So…. you really don't mind these scars?" He asked hesitantly. Tamao just smiled.

"Everyman should have some scars here or there Naruto-kun. It just means that you'll be able to take care of me that much better." She giggled as he blushed. She grabbed his arm and let him to the water. Sitting down next to each other side by side, Tamao leaned her head on Naruto's shoulder while caressing his arm that she was hanging on to.

"Naruto-kun?" She started getting Naruto to look at her, "I've been watching you for sometime now." She said quietly getting the blondes internal ninja senses to be on alert. If she was watching him, how much could she know? "I've had my eye on you since the first day I saw you a week ago." She continued. "I dream of you constantly and I can't seem to ever stop thinking about you." Naruto started to heat up at this confession. Tamao started to lay light kisses on his shoulder and up his neck until she reached his ear. "Something about you is different. I'm not sure what it is, but it excites me! Your personality, you body, and your smell. Oh you smell!" She said in his pressing her body to his as she inhaled his scent. "I can't help but to want to make you mine!" She said causing the blondes eyes to widen. She straddled the blonde and looked directly into his eyes. "Come on Naruto." She said now with a hint of lust in her eyes. "Let us become one right now! Show me why I can't seem to get you off my mind." She said before locking her lips to his.

For the second time that day, Naruto froze up. Not really knowing what to do when a hott girl starts to make out with you. He started to get over his shock and reciprocate the girls affections when he heard a disturbance nearby.

"HELP US!" came a cry from the other side of the fenced.

"I DON"T WANT TO BE TURNED INTO AN OLD MAN!" Cried another. Naruto broke of his kiss from the girl in front of him only for her to grab his face and start kissing him more forcefully. Getting his bearings back Naruto broke off a little more forcefully pushing the girl off of him.

"Tamao-chan! Hold on! Can't you hear them? They need help!" He said to the girl. The girl shook her head and looked at him lustfully.

"No Naruto-kun. I need your help. Help me and become mine!" She said as she made another move for him. Naruto dodged and jumped out of the hot tub.

"I'm sorry Tamao-chan!" the blonde said to the lustful girl, "I can't just leave anybody who needs help!" With that he jumped over the fence towards the sound getting a growl coming from the girl.

Landing on the other side of the fence, Naruto found himself looking at an interesting scene. What looked to be mermaids were swimming after all the males that were currently in the pool. To his horror he saw a couple mermaids grab a teen and bite into both of his arms only for seconds later he became an old man. Naruto scowled.

"Hell no I'm not going to let this happen!" The blonde exclaimed as he started running for the water. Kage Bushins running on both sides of him they set off running across the water grabbing the males out of the water and throwing them out of the pool area. The mermaids stared at the blonde in shock as they saw him running across the water. Naruto running across picked up another teen out of the grasp of a mermaid who was ready to bite him.

"N-N-Naruto?!" He said gaining a look from Naruto finding that it was Tsukune. Naruto frowned. Tsukune saw how the blonde was running across the water and was shocked. 'How is he doing this?' He thought.

"Tsukune?" He asked, "What the hell are you doing here?" Reaching the shore and dumping the boy on the ground. Kurumu ran up to them both. Giving Naruto a quick lusty once over before getting fantic again.

"Naruto-kun!" She cried out frantically, "Moka is still in the water. Water is a vampires weakness!" Getting the blondes eyes to go wide and snap his head towards the water where the succubus was pointing.

"Shit!" He said looking for her as the mermaids in the water began to congregate together. Naruto grabbed Tsukune and started to run back across the water to head off the mermaids from reaching the vampire. He chucked Tsukune in her general direction getting a cry from the boy. "Quick Tsukune!" The blonde yelled, "Get her out of the water!" as he turned around to face the multitude of mermaids.

"You stole our life energy supply you son of a bitch!" One mermaid cried out rushing the blonde. She swam at impressive speeds towards him, jumping out of the water with her mouth wide open to take a bite out of him. The blonde merely side stepped to the side, grabbed the girl by her tail and gave a quick chop to the back of her neck before throwing the girl off to the side out of the pool. This just seemed to get the other girls angry and start to charge him.

"STOP!" Came a quick command, getting everyone to look at the figure who yelled. Half in the water came up Tamao, Naruto noticed that she in fact too was a mermaid from her tail. "Naruto-kun, you just get more and more interesting by the second. I truly wonder what kind of monster you really are?" She said as she noted the blondes unique way travel in the water. She came to the front of the mermaids, "Naruto-kun, come back to me." She said getting a cry from the sideline from a certain succubus that sounded a lot like a "Hell No!". Tamao just continued, "Come back and be with me Naruto-kun. We can end this all right now if you just come back and become my mate." She said getting some looks from the girls around her. They looked at her, then at the blonde, then back to her.

"Captain!" One of the girls said, "This man, is the reason why we don't have any males to suck their life energy." She angrily glared at the boy. Tamao just shrugged.

"There is always an abundance of males here at the academy, don't worry about it. This is only a minor setback. This man in front of us though, he's completely different from any other specimen I have ever seen before. And I will do anything I have to get him." She said determiningly getting the others girls to look at her strangely. It was rare to see their captain act this passionate about something. The girls decided to support their captain in her decision and looked back at the blonde. "So Naruto," She continued and stretched out her arms, "Come, so we can be together once again." She said with a smile.

Naruto glanced behind him and saw that Tsukune had gotten Moka to the edge of the pool already. "I'm sorry Tamao-chan." The blonde said, "But what you and the other girls here are doing is wrong and I just can't support you in it." Tamao's eyes narrowed at the blonde. "You even went after my friends as well who are my precious people." He too narrowed his eyes and gave the girls a sharp look. "Those who mess with my precious people, will pay!" He said getting into a fighting stance. Tamao just sighed.

"I don't think you really understand Naruto-kun!" She said with a frown, "I'm not giving you a choice!" She yelled as she swam towards the boy, her hands becoming web-like and scaly. Before she could reach him though Naruto felt a strong presence appear out of nowhere distracting him for just a second before he dodged a swipe form the mermaid who ended up nicking the side of his face, causing him to bleed just a little bit. Both mermaid and ninja were blown back from a large shockwave that went off to the side of the pool

Moments before this happened, as Tsukune was trying to get Moka out of the water, he accidently grabbed the girls rosary and yanked it off of her choker, causing the dramatic change occur with the Vampire. Soaking wet, the girl glared dangerously at Tamao. "How dare you treat me like this!" She growled out a fang sticking out of one side of her mouth. Tamao's jaw was dropped as she stared at the angry vampire in shock before shaking her head getting her mind cleared.

"Just get out of the way water-hater!" The mermaid shouted. "I've had my eyes set on Naruto-kun from the moment I saw him! You don't even want him! I refuse to give him up to some bloodsucker like you!" Moka glanced over to the blonde who was sitting on top of the water.

"You've got some explaining to do Uzumaki-san." She said in a voice that left to reason she wouldn't just drop the issue. Tamao became enraged.

"Don't ignore me you water-hater! I'll get rid of you for good!" She yelled snapping her fingers having all the other mermaids in the water swiftly make their way over to the Vampire.

"Hmph…. Coming from a low class fish that can't think about anything but food!" She snorted, "Don't make me laugh." Two mermaids came up on opposite sides of the girl, lunging at her mouths and webbed claws open. Then at the last second, before Moka could do anything, something came in and hit the girls back into the water. 'What?!' Moka's eyes widen, 'I just saw a blur, what was that?!' She thought as she scanned the water only for her eyes to widen again when she saw Naruto land in front of her back facing towards her. Her eye's narrowed at his upper back. 'Demon?' She thought. Naruto glanced back at her with a smile.

"Sorry Moka-chan, I know you want to take care of these girls yourself, but I don't want any of them to die today. So how about I take care of this for you." He finished grinning at the girl. Moka just looked at the blonde with an inquisitive eye before huffing.

"Fine Uzumaki-san!" She sneered, "I didn't want to sully my hands on the likes of them anyways." She finished turning around to walk to the wall behind her where she leaned her back against it. 'This will let me see what exactly he can do as well. He's much faster today than he was a couple days ago.' She thought as she narrowed her eyes, 'Did he hold back fighting me?' Angered at the prospect that the blonde had been taking it easy with her. She would never admit it, but she worried for the blonde a little after the harsh beating that she gave him. If that was for naught, there would hell to pay.

"You can't beat us Naruto-kun." Said Tamao regaining the vampires attention. "Mermaids are invincible in the water. Your in our territory!" She shouted as she swam for the ninja. Naruto just glanced at her before catching something that was heading for his head. He looked over to his right at a clone who gave him a salute before dispelling itself.

"You should know Tamao-chan." Naruto started, "That no one is invincible."

Moka's eyes narrowed at the clone, 'Those doppelgangers of his again! How is that possible?' She thought. Naruto just held up the item in his hand, which looked to like to be a kunai with a tag attached to it. Ripping off the tag, he poured some of his chakra into it before placing it on the surface of the water. A current of electricity could be seen running through the water went the tag was placed on the surface of the pool getting many screams from the attacking mermaids.

"AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!" They all cried out in pain, feeling their muscles freezing up, twitching, and spazzing out. Naruto just looked at them.

"Shock tag." He said simply before creating 5 more clones and began running across the water going to each of the girls and giving them a chop to the back of their necks effectively knocking them out and throwing them to the side of the pool. The only one left was Tamao who was seething in rage. Still feeling the effects of the shock, she glared at the silver haired vampire off to the side.

"I see," She said quietly, "If it wasn't for you, Naruto-kun would have been mine." She thought irrationally, "THEN I'M GONNA GET YOU AKAYASHI!" She howled at she swam directly for the vampire. Jumping out of the water like a missile, she barreled towards the girl. Moka just gave her an evil grin.

"Know you place!" Moka said just quietly enough for the mermaid to hear before feeling a kick connect with her head, sending her back over the water, skipping like a skipping stone until she hit the edge of the pool, making a small crater. Lying there limply with her jaw now broken, she just stared at the blonde haired man in front of her.

"……kun." She tried to say with her now broken jaw. Tears were streaming down the face of the defeated girl as she lay there in front of the man she wanted. Naruto sighed brushing a hand through his hair before crouching down in front of the girl.

"Listen Tamao," He started, "You honestly to me don't seem like that bad of a person. But what you were doing here was wrong!" He said with conviction in his voice. "I'm sorry but you have to stop doing this. I know you're a better person than this." He sighed, "Listen, one day I'm sure you'll find that guy that your gonna want to be with for the rest of your life. But only if you change and stop doing things like this." Tamao's eyes widened slightly before they started to fall, losing to her personal battle to stay conscious. The last thing that she heard was, "I hope that we can still be friends Tamao-chan." Then she lay there in the concrete crater.

Giving out another sigh as the blonde got up from his crouch only to hear a slap. Looking over to the other side of the pool, it looked like Moka just slapped Tsukune, Kurumu holding onto him giving her an incredulous look. Whelp, he might as well start heading over there to see what was going on. Walking over as Moka started to walk away from Tsukune, she stopped and looked over to Naruto and started walking towards him. Naruto raised an eyebrow at this but shrugged nonetheless. The thing is that she never stopped walking towards him. The blonde had stopped, but Moka continued forward into his personal bubble.

"Moka-ch-.. hmPHHHH?!" He got cut off as Moka's hand once again found its way over his mouth pushing him against the wall that was to their left effectively pinning him. 'What the hell is this girls problem!' He was thinking about escaping before Moka shot him a glare that said 'If you try to move I will kill you!' Now being on the side of angry women before, Tsunadee, Sakura, Anko, it was safe to say that Naruto didn't want to get his ass kicked again for not doing what a female told him to do, so he just decided to go with the flow of things here in this situation.

Moka gazed down at the blonde who she had pinned against the wall. She saw the scars that had lined his muscular body. Her fingertips traced some of the lines that were across Naruto's abdoman. Naruto shivered at her light touch getting the vampire to smirk inwardly. Then her eyes gazed at the fist-sized scar above his heart. "Now what kind of thing would give you this type of wound Uzumaki-san?" Letting go of his mouth but still effectively pinning him against the wall. The blonde moved his jaw side to side, trying to loosen it just a bit.

"Owww.." He said, " You really need to lighten up." He a harsh glare at the comment getting the blonde to wince. "Well, you know" He started, "Doing things that normal boys do, you know? Random adventures, accidents, and little fights. You know…. Manly stuff." He said nervously only for Moka to get up right in Naruto's face, pressing her entire body against his. To both Tsukune and Kurumu, it looked like she was just about to kiss the blonde. This getting a little tick from the blue haired girl.

"Oh really?" She asked dangerously getting the blonde to wince again. "Then please enlighten me how having the word DEMON' etched along your back is manly?" Naruto flinched at that. He was hoping that no one would've noticed that one. Both Kurumu and Tsukune looked confused. Moka saw the blondes wince, "I almost didn't see it, but I asure you Uzumaki-san, it is still there. Would you like to explain why you have such a thing etched into your body? Also, if your just a human, then please explain to me how you were able to move across the water, make corporeal copies of yourself, as well as produce a large current of electricity from a piece of paper. Please tell me, is that just manly stuff as well?" She asked challenging the blonde. Naruto could swear he could feel her breath less than an inch away from his lips. Naruto swallowed nervously.

"Ummm…. Yep! Cause I'm awesome?" He asked hopefully trying to lighten the mood. "OW!." He yelled out as Moka hit him on the head, right where Tamao had scratched him. Man that stinged. Moka was still glaring at the ninja.

"Why did you hold back?" She asked Naruto, getting a look of confusion from him. "You were moving much faster and were more precise with your attacks than a week ago. So I'll ask again, why did you hold back when you were fighting against me?" She snarled at Naruto. Naruto winced slightly.

"I honestly don't remember fighting you ever Moka-ch..Urmphhh!" Moka's hand shot out and covered his mouth again shutting the blonde up.

"I don't like surprises Uzumaki-san." She stated firmly. "One way or another I will find out who and what you are! Know your place Uzumaki-san!" She said a little forcefully. She knew she wasn't going to get any straight answers out of the blonde today. It was frustrating, for how easy going the boy was, it was surprisingly difficult to get him to talk anything about himself. She had observed Outer Moka, Kurumu, and Tsukune ask him questions, only to get cryptic answers from the boy. He would then steer the conversation somewhere else where the matter was then forgotten.

Smelling something delicious, she looked back at the blonde and saw a small trickle of blood coming from a cut on his temple. Moving her face forward, Naruto started to fidget around a little before the vampire strengthened her grip on him to hold him in place.

'What the hell is she doing?!" Thought a freaked out Naruto. Moka opened her lips and gave the small line of blood a tentative lick. Her eyes widened.

"What the hell?!" She shouted out loud as she backed her head away from the blonde rapidly getting a confused look from the boy. Moka was silent for just a moment thinking about the blood she had just tasted. It seemed bitter and a little foul, but the more time went on, the better the blood tasted in its aftertaste. She gave the boys face another small lick unconsciously rubbing herself up agasint Naruto. He shivered from the close contact. Moka, now getting more used to the taste started to rapidly lap up the rest of the blood moaning slightly at its flavor. When it was all gone, she started to lick at the cut that was on Naruto's face, reaching up and rubbing more of her body against the blonde, causing his hormones to start to go out of control. Now the girl was moaning audibly in delight at the tasty treat. Kurumu just stared at the vampire in shock at how she was behaving. Tsukune had gotten a nosebleed at the erotic scene that was happening in front of them slightly jealous of the attention that Naruto was getting from Inner Moka.

Realizing her actions, the silver haired vampire stopped suddenly and released the blonde from her grasp. Seeing at how she had affected the boy she smirked at herself slightly. Naruto slid to the ground and was blushing madly at what had just happened. Moka saw that her body had really affected Naruto, more areas than others. "I trust we have an understanding Uzumaki-san. The next time we talk, I will have answers from you!" She said with a serious expression getting the blonde to nod dumbly at her. "Good!" She said as she started to walk off leaving the three teens in the pool area alone. Regaining his bearings, Naruto looked around and saw the injured mermaid that Moka and dealth with. Getting up he scooped her into his arms.

"Naruto-kun what are you doing?" Asked a still nervous Kurumu, getting a look from the blonde.

"She's the only one who really got injured and really should get some medical treatment, so I am going to take her to the infirmary." He said back to the girl. Tsukune's eyes widened.

"But she just tried to kill you!" He shouted to his friend, only to get a small smile from the blonde.

"If I remember correctly, Kurumu-chan tried to do the same to you didn't she? " The blonde asked getting an embarrassed look from the succubus and just a thought-processing stare from his friend. "Tamao-chan really isn't a bad person, she's just made some bad decisions that's all. If we give her the chance, I'm sure that can do great things in her life." Naruto turned around and started walking out of the park. Both Kurumu and Tsukune then saw, lightly on his back, the shiny skin that had the words 'DEMON' etched in his skin.

'Naruto/-kun.' They both thought. 'What happened to you?' All three never noticed a slightly blushing mermaid had regained consciousness, silently listening to what the blonde had said.

When everyone had left the pool area, a figure came out of a shadow in the corner of the area. "Interesting…" Said a feminine voice. She was a beautiful young woman with long, light-green hair, large breasts, a tight leather leotard trimmed in feathers, purple nylons with bat patterns, black boots, and bat-like wings on her back and on top of her head. "That was… entertaining." She said to herself as she recounted the little scuffle that had occurred. "This place might not be so boring after all." Smiling at herself, "I suppose I could have some fun before I found my other self." Laughing to herself as she disappeared into the shadows once again.

Naruto and his three other friends were walking down the hallway talking with one another. Moka had just shown up earlier that day. It had taken a day and a half for the girl to resurface from her room. Being in the water really had wiped her out was what she told them. Seeing she was ok, now both Kurumu and Tsukune went back to their favorite thing to do it seemed like for the past day, pester him about how he was able to perform superhuman acts of God. Naruto for the most part just brushed them off steering the conversation away like saying how Kurumu and Tsukune should go on a date. Tsukune blanched at this, blushing and sputtering. Kurumu just smiled lightly. Naruto raised an eyebrow to this, thinking that the girl would have been all over his friend. He noticed that Moka was being unusually quiet though. Looking over he found the girl staring at him with a small tinge of red adorning her cheeks. Seeing the blonde catch her staring, she flushed even further and chomped on Tsuune's neck.

"Kapu-chuu!" she dug into the boy getting a loud yell from him and an angry succubus trying to pull her off of him. Naruto laughed lightly at their antics. He loved his new friends, but he just didn't see why they needed to know about his past quite yet. He would tell them eventually, just not right now. Remembering something the blonde spoke up.

"Hey,:" Getting their attention, "Have you guys found a club to be in yet?" He asked the three who all looked at each other.

"No, not yet." Tsukune started, "With everything that has been going on, we haven't really had time to sign up for one." Naruto just grinned.

"Why not join the newspaper club?" He asked getting looks of confusion from the three. "I did, it sounds like it will be a good time. Besides, having you guys there will be a blast!" The three just looked at each other before agreeing.

"That sounds like a lot of fun Naruto-kun!" chirped Moka getting nods from the other two. Naruto smiled.

"Alright!" He cried, "Lets go see Shizuka-sensei and let her know." All four made their way to the classroom. Opening they found their sensei in mid bit of a rather large fish in front of her. Looking up at the sound of the door opening, she found her students in front of her.

"Oh! What can I do for you four today?" She asked with a smile on her face. Naruto grinned.

"Well Shizuka-sensei, I found more people for the newspaper club." He said getting a wide-eyed look from his teacher. She then smiled.

"That's great Uzumaki-san!" She cried out, "Oh you guys are just going to love the newspaper club! It's so uch fun!" She then went on rambling about how the newspaper club was so awesome when the door opened again. They looked back and 3 of the 5 of them tensed up at what they saw. Tamao, had decided to walk through the door getting nasty glares from both the succubus and the vampire. Tsukune stood nevously off to the side as she walked in. Naruto smiled softly at the girl walking towards him and his sensei. She flashed the blonde a beautiful smile before addressing the teacher with a small polite bow.

"Shizuka-sensei," She started, "I too would like to be a part of the newspaper club." Getting the cat-like sensei to smile at her and nod.

"WHAT?!" cried out three teens as Tamao went over to Naruto and bowed also getting a confused look from everyone in the room.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun." She said sadly, "You were right. I have been doing things that haven't been the best, but I want to make it up and show you that I can be a better person." She said with conviction in her voice. "Please give me that chance and I won't let you down." Naruto smiled at the girl.

"Tamao-chan… You never need to bow to me." He said smiling, "I'm just happy that you want to be a better person." He stuck out his hand, "Welcome to the group!" He said happily before the girl in front of him smiled and gave him a flying glomp.

"Oh Naruto-kun darling!" She said suddenly sticking his face between her breasts cutting off the blondes oxygen supply causing him to flap his arms like a bird. "I'm so happy that we can still work together and be friends. Let me show you how friendly I can be right now!" She said seductively to the blonde getting a nervous laugh from him and a slight nose-bleed from Tsukune at what she was insinuating. Tamao was then ripped off of the blonde by an angry succubus and vampire.

"We're not gonna let you eat Naruto-kun!" Cried out Moka getting a nod from both the succubus and Tsukune.

"Eat him?!" fakely gasped a overly surprise Tamao at the accusation that she wanted to feast on Naruto. "I would never want to eat him. I never did." She finished getting disbelieving looks from the three.

"Well why were you trying to eat him the other day then?" Tsukune asked fearful for his friend. Tamao just smiled.

"Oh that?" She asked innocently, "I was trying to make Naruto-kun here my mate." She said cheerfully as she started to rub herself up against the blonde getting him to stutter. A second later she was ripped away from the blonde by an angry looking succubus and vampire.

"Like hell am I going to let some filthy whore like you have Naruto-kun!" She yelled getting a "Yeah!" from her pink haired friend.

"How dare you!" Tamao shouted back. "You girls have Tsukune, go bother him and leave me with my mate!"

"He's not your mate!" Moka shouted out getting the three of the girls into a shouting match at whose mate is whose and which whore couldn't be the mate. Honestly, it was just all too confusing for both of the boys to follow. Shizuka giggled.

"My, my!" She said, "We sure have a lively group this year don't we?" She smiled getting the boys to let out a sigh watching the girls yell it out.

"Dude…" Naruto started, "I kinda miss it when they just fought over you." Tsukune gave a small exasperated laugh.

"Welcome to the club Naruto." Tsukune said, "We're best friends right? If I have to deal with this, your coming kicking and screaming with me." He finished grinning at his blonde friend who had a tick-mark above his eyebrow. The two just stood there watching the girls continue their fight for a few minutes.

"….Want some ramen?" The blonde asked as he pulled out the noodles from his scroll as he sat back and continued watching the fighting girls. Tsukune shrugged and grabbed a bowl for himself then getting himself comfortable before watching the sight before him.


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