It's been a while since I've posted anything. It's manily due to the fact I prefere to work on my original stories mainly, just an explination to those who care. Here's my next fic, which hopefully will turn out to be worth reading. Rating will probably go up, so I just put it at T for now. And this is partly AU. :)

Claim My Soul

Dante - 15

Vergil - 15

Chapter One: New Life

It didn't happen too long ago. A fire out of control, three trapped, one dead and two others alive. Most people in the little town of Shelcia would call it a tragedy. Other's a sign; a sign of what would happen to oneself if they engage themselves with demons so they say.

But before all of that, that pile of ashes and debris which sat in the ruined waste land used to be a happy home.

Sort off.

Well, that all changed ... For two boys anyway.

They were twins, there was no mistaking it.

Both had snow white hair, which made one question where they came from.

They shared their looks, using it to their advantage, it was the only way they could survive. Deceiving people like little tricksters; or demons in the night.

Nearly two weeks had passed since the day that changed their lives. The younger twin, Dante was his name, sat lamely against a bricked wall awaiting his brother's arrival impatiently. Already Dante managed to count all the bricks in sight, pick out how many tears there were in his clothes, and even attempted to take a short rest twice.

"... Vergil," he groaned audibly at the wall, sighing as he thought of how much longer he was going to wait. He said he needed to do a little 'shopping' then he'd be back right away, but thirty minutes was pushing it. The first time Dante and Vergil had gone 'shopping', it had been a disaster. In their current condition they had no money to purchase essentials like food, so Vergil decided it was about time they found a way to get said food. Dante suggested pick pocketing unsuspecting shoppers in a market in humour, Vergil thought it was a brilliant plan.

What he didn't foresee was Dante's clumsiness when it came to the act of pick pocketing. He had always been the clumsy one, when their father; Sparda, was around he would teach the two how to wield and carry a sword, Vergil of course was naturally talented.

Dante was not.

"Dante, you back here?" It was him, Dante sprang up from the ground, didn't bother dusting himself off and met his twin on the other side of the wall with a big grin.

"Did ya get it then? We can go back now?" Vergil joined him on his side of the wall, carrying a bundled piece of material in his hands.

"Of course I did, unlike you. I even managed to swipe a shirt off one of the stalls for you," gesturing to the material in his hands. "I've hidden the money inside it so, let's get back first before someone recognises our face." Dante nodded in mutual agreement, it was best to just listen to Vergil anyway; he was the one who thought of the plans, being the smarter of the two.

Now it was time for the journey back to the abandoned house, and past their burned down home.

Silence took over the mood of the twins that evening, it was getting dark soon and already they could see the sun falling out of the sky and taking all its light along with it.

The fire - the fire which ended their previous lives, and which started their new one - also happened in the night, that was the time demons usually came out to play. Dante had always wondered why, Vergil explained that darkness is where things could hide and stay out of sight; in fact he also told Dante that it would be foolish to be afraid of the dark itself, but rather the things which dwelled within it, simply because of the things which could happen at lightless hours. Now that the two young boys were living alone as outcasts, they had to mature themselves if they wished to survive any further.

They didn't have a mother to rely on any longer, and their father had left a long time ago.

Now it was up to the older brother to protect the little ones, or one rather. Even if they were twins, it was blatantly obvious who was the mature one among the two. Well, it would involve getting to know the two first to discover this because they were dressed similarly at the moment more or less so, looks wouldn't tell a person.

"What are we gonna do Verge?"

Vergil fluttered his eyes at the question, somewhat hesitant to answer.

Dante noticed this straight away, and shifted awkwardly, "I mean ... when we get back? That's what I meant." He bit the inside of his cheek nervously; he hadn't mean to make Vergil react like that. Those were the same words he said to him after the fire had calmed, and the demons chasing them were gone. Vergil didn't answer him when he asked that time, Dante was sure his brother didn't know what to say.

"Eat," he stated, they had little food left back at the settlements they were staying at now. Although they hadn't eaten for the whole day now and Vergil was worried for his brother. He looked right about ready to start begging strangers for some any minute now.

Vergil couldn't have that happening anytime soon.

"Yeah," he frowned momentarily, Dante noticed Vergil has been eating far less than himself, and even that was not good enough. He never questioned his brother on it, although that didn't stop him from feeling guilty inside.

It wasn't too far away now, they both knew they were coming closer to the burned house now. The path was thinning, and the trees were getting taller. Vergil stood closer to Dante so they wouldn't get lost, not that they would anyway; the two had taken this path many times before.

"I think that we shouldn't leave the house tomorrow. I heard people talking about the fire," Vergil said with a straight face. "Soon they'll come looking for us, well, for survivors maybe, but they'll investigate. We can't let them find us, some people know we lived there," sometimes their mother took them down to Shelcia centre as an outing, though did try to avoid going there most of the time. People knew Eva, their mother; and then they would realise she had produced offspring with a demon. It was bad enough they knew of the happenings of the courtship, they didn't need to know of her children either.

However, some did, and that didn't make things easier for any of them.

They reached the ashes now, Dante and Vergil could see few things standing of their previous home. Other than that, it was a compete wreckage. Even the surrounding wildlife was scared by the fire, everything was well, rather dead. The twins did take their time to stare (most Dante), Vergil told Dante not to do it each time they walked past; it would only make him feel worse.

And reminded them of the demonic creatures they had seen that night.

They'd had never seen their father in his 'demonic form', as their mother once explained to them thoroughly. She wished for them to view it as a positive, rather than a negative since they were part-demon themselves. And it would benefit them to learn this as they were fairly young so that one day, if they were to cross regions where icons of Sparda were created in his demonic image, because he was indeed worshiped as a God in some parts. The twins wouldn't be confused or surprised when they saw it.

And when they were really young, their father hadn't the time to teach them of their demonic heritage, plus there would be no use since they would have been too young to comprehend it.

Vergil managed to retain this positive idea their mother told them of their fathers true form, but Dante seemed to have forgotten her words completely. Vergil feared his brother would hate anything to do with the demonic realm, after all; were they not part of it themselves? This he couldn't deny.

And what good would it be to side with the humans if they were the ones who shunned their mother out? And would easily do the same to them if they ever approached them with honesty?

Vergil eyed his brother wearily, Dante's head drooped; and his shoulders slumped. "Tired?" He asked.


"Come on, if we hurry now we'll make it before dark." it would be most unwise for two young boys to be out in the dark where anyone could come across them.

The house wasn't too bad, it was hidden among tree's, and closer to a coast which ran along Shelcia.

Perhaps it was someone's holiday home once? Where do could go by the sea anytime they wanted, but the owner forgot all about it perhaps? Vergil thought that to be most unlikely, the owner 'forgetting about his property' part. He suspected whoever it was to be dead since no one had claimed it for this long.

It was nothing like their old home, which was decorated with few paintings and pictures their mother kept around. This one had rugs which were all tattered now, furniture made of wood which lay partly broken. And all the windows were either rusted open or shut, Vergil had to bang something on the locks to pry them open.

Other than that it was quite sufficient enough.

Dante collapsed onto one of the rugs, for there were no beds for that. He always thought it strange as to why there were a lack of some, or one bed even? There were plenty of tables and wardrobes but no beds?

Whatever, at least he could rest now. Vergil dropped to the floor a bit more gracefully, and placed the tangled shirt in front of himself. He unravelled it to reveal the money he'd collected, and then flung out the shirt to straightened it up a tad. A red polo, Dante rolled his eyes, typical of his brother. He refused to wear smart clothes, unlike his brother who practically adored them.

"Put this on," Vergil tossed it his way, "Give me those rags after, we could use it as a cloth or something." That would be the most sensible thing to do.

"Alright," Dante did as his brother said, but left the buttons un-buttoned. He didn't want to end up the ponce his brother was. "How much did you get?"

"Twenty-six dollars." he muttered in reply.

"That should last a while, so now what?" Twenty six dollars wouldn't last forever. Vergil contemplated on going out pick-pocketing again sometime soon, before their money ran out on them.


"Sleep? I don't want too,"

"Well, there is nothing else to do. Tomorrow we're going to have to go buy food early in the morning where there is less people around." Dante hummed in acceptance. "I didn't want to go anywhere tomorrow, but-" he turned his head his brothers way, and assessed his physical appearance, and already he could see his brother looked poorly. "We need to,"

"Fine, just don't shout in my ear to wake me up this time." Dante was a heavy sleeper who did not like to be disturbed.

"I rather go alone then drag you again," Vergil moved away, finding his own spot in the room to sleep on.

"You wouldn't do that, leave me here all alone," Vergil quietened for a moment before answering, of course he wouldn't leave him. Never.

"Maybe," it was half-hearted "but I am going alone, I'll be quick, no need to cry about it." He teased, and Dante said something he couldn't hear, so he ignored. "Who knows, maybe tomorrow is the day I'll find out what to do with ourselves."

Vergil always thought of the plans, because if he didn't, then who would? Dante? Not likely.

"We shouldn't even be here Verge,"

"Oh? Then were else Dante?"

"Not anywhere," Vergil almost missed his words, however he did not, and frowned angrily.

"What did I tell you about saying stuff like that?" He scowled, he hated it when Dante become depressed like that. He expected such behaviour today since they had to pass their ruined home twice. "We're alive," he reminded him.

"We shouldn't be."

"Goodnight Dante."

And that was the end of that conversation.