Chapter Three: Don't Trust Strangers

"Ah-choo," Dante sneezed, and unfortunately it wasn't the first and last. He got sick sadly to say, and Vergil had to suffer too as he was the on taking care of him. Vergil could have sworn Dante only put a hand in those pool the other day, how in the hell did he get sick from just that alone? "Ah-choo, ugh, Vergil hand me my old shirt." He whined from his side of the room which happened to be where the light was cast from the window.

"It's a handkerchief now," he tore it previously so Dante could use a part of it to wipe his very runny nose. Vergil picked it up by his thumb and index finger by the side of the table, and then quickly tossed it to his brother's way, where it successfully landed on his chest.

"Yeah, thanks." Dante drawled, blowing his nose into the piece of cloth soon after. "If those green things are for healin', why can't I use one now?" The Vital Star, Vergil kept them in the drawer he first put Yamato in.

"Your cold will be cured by the end of the day remember, what would be the point." Their mother always told them they were very fast healers. "It would be a waste," he scoffed, rubbing his finger across the hard surface of the table to remove what invisible bacteria was left on there.

"Uh huh, whatever," Dante then snorted, and rolled away from the sight of his unhelpful twin. "And when you get a cold, I hope it takes you two days to recover," he sneezed once more as he pulled his arms into his borrowed jumper for warmth. "We should find something y'know, for blankets."

Vergil had contemplated using old curtains from the lower level of the house as blankets, but they were so dirty. He figured they'd do more harm than good, though he supposed washing them with the water which still (surprisingly) ran from the taps would help clean them up a bit. "And maybe then I'll get my jumper back," he said.

"Yeah, maybe," Dante was growing accustomed to it, which wasn't a good sign on Vergil's behalf. "Dante, I was thinking. We should save the money I get for boat tickets,"

"Boat tickets?" Dante rolled back over like a pig would do rolling around in mud without the help of his arms. "What for?"

"It's what I've been thinking about, what to do next." He had the thought all along, running away to the city. But, Vergil refused to shear the idea with his brother until he was one hundred percent positive that this is what they were going to aim for. He thought maybe after a couple weeks he'd think up something different, something easier for themselves. After a lot of brooding and tedious thinking last night he decided going to the city is exactly what they should do.

"Wha, where will we go?" He asked with his mouth agape stupidly, clearly surprised by Vergil's proposal. Dante breathed in hard, to stop the snot from dripping, and Vergil grimaced at the sight.

"The city," he said, and Dante's eyes widened.

"The city? B - but! They say demons hang around there! He whined, looking hurt. "No, I don't want to go,"

"Dante," Groaned Vergil, slacking his posture against the table he was leaning on. "The city is the only place where we can go, there no one will know us! Here, here everyone thinks we're just demon spawn,"

Dante growled in protest, obviously disliking his brother's idea, even if they were always good. "You don't mind that though, you like being demon." He spat, accenting that last part.

"So that's what this is about." Visually Vergil calmed, now was not to time to match his brother's emotions. This argument has happened a few times before, once when Vergil was trying to explain to Dante that demon blood is not all bad, and another when reminding him they were half demon and nothing could change that. Vergil knew now it was best not to resort to blind anger which would lead to things being said which shouldn't be. "You do realise that just like humans, there are good and bad, and that goes the same for demons,"

"I've never heard of a good demon before," Dante mocked, pulling a face of distaste at the same time.

"So father was bad then?"Vergil got him there. "I'm pretty sure he was one of the good guys,"

"We don't know that."

Vergil threw Dante a fierce look, narrowing his eyes significantly at the younger. "That's stupid, you're being stupid. Now suddenly our dad is evil too because of, what happened. No, you need to think things though before you talk." Dante sat with his mouth slightly agape, unbelieving of what he'd heard. Quickly he changed his expression and convinced himself that saying anything more would only anger his brother unnecessarily. It always happened, each time he attacked their 'beloved' demonic heritage; Vergil was always there to defend it.




But why? Was he not there that night or? Dante couldn't understand it, he always thought he would sooner or later, after all, wisdom comes with age. Maybe when he was older then? He couldn't only count on that because at the moment he wasn't getting it.

"It's going to rain today," Vergil said, leaning closer to the closed window by his side. He scanned his eyes around the back garden, which wasn't in the best of conditions. All thought of that was set aside once his eyes caught something black hiding in the bushes. He froze inside, the natural reaction of seeing something unusual of course. He didn't tell Dante, though he continued to keep track of whatever it was. From that point on Vergil leaned back, keeping himself out of sight while he watched for movement. He'd been seeing glimpses of dark figures lately; and often he blamed his imagination.

He decided he was going to investigate.

"I'll be back, just sit here," he didn't sound very certain when he said this.

"Where you goin'?" Vergil always told him where he was going, whether he was going to be gone only for a minute or an hour, he always told him. "What's up?" Dante waited hopefully for his brother to elaborate.

But he didn't. "Nothing, I'll be back." Vergil forcefully made his voice calm, not allowing his anxiousness inside him escape. Whatever was outside was probably nothing.

"A-alright," But still ...

Vergil strolled across the room and out the door. And Dante wondered if it was something he'd said.

Outside the rain was just getting warmed up, soon it'll start pouring bullets. His right hand sat on the handle of Yamato cautiously, he didn't want appear too worked up from this uncertain sighting of something strange. However it was always good to be careful, and watchful. He kept by the wall of the house, not trusting himself enough to go out further alone. It was rather silent, aside from the small pitter-patter of the rain. Still, Vergil didn't give up, he'd been seeing these 'things' ever since they were attacked, and if it meant that they were still in danger he rather deal with the situation now than later. Maybe it was a demon, lurking in the depths of the forest who happened to notice them? Or ... the same kind which attacked them and were still looking the survivors.

Something shifted in the bushes, and Vergil clung tightly onto Yamato like a life line. Whatever it was, it wasn't coming out. Vergil unsheathed his sword, and inched closer to the source of his worries. It could have been a wild animal for all he'd known, still the curiousness inside him won and he took another step.

Although he didn't expect it, he was relieved by what happened. Still, it was quiet starling to have an odd looking thing struggling? In front of him, Vergil stepped back out of fear, unsure of what to do with it. It was an overgrown plant, which breathed and moved on its own. Well, all plants do this of course but this was just ridiculous.

Vergil scrunched up his nose by the sight of it, it looked absolutely disgusting, even if it was helpless. Whatever it was, what was it doing out here?

A loud hissing sound came to Vergil's ears, it was the plant with many razor sharp leaves. Vergil hadn't noticed that before, he took a further step back, and raised his sword against it. It was trying to threaten him, and he didn't appreciate that. Just before it could lurch out and assault him Vergil already have Yamato buried deep into its middle, and he watched it move uncontrollably as it died. It's acidic substance was spurting everywhere, Vergil could see the surround grass smoking from the reaction it cause when it came into contact. He twisted, then pulled out his favoured weapon and watched as the thing finally settled.

Vergil suddenly doubted that was the only thing presence with him now.

He spun around with Yamato stuck out in front, stopping right in front of the unwanted visitor before it could slice them in half. "What do you want?" He demanded in the most imperious voice he could muster up.

"Oh now don't do that! Isn't that sword a little too big for your tastes?" It said, poking Yamato away with it's over grown nails. Vergil face grew pale, and his lips lopsided, when he came out here he expected to find a dangerous dark figure who was tall big and scary. All he got was tall, a very tall clown. Maybe scary too.

"What is this?" He questioned, pointing his sword at the freak in front of him, Vergil had never seen someone where that much purple in his life, well, there was his father but he didn't wear the colour like this clown did.

"Now, now watch where you point that thing, you could cause serious injuries you know!" The freak exclaimed, a little too high for Vergil's liking. "Like cut off my hand! Or my left foot boy,"

"Shut up!" He was getting tired of this. "Just, tell me what you are, why are you been stalking me for two weeks?"

"Make that four," Vergil shoved the tip of Yamato right in the clowns face, proving that he wasn't afraid to 'silence' him right there and then. "Alright alright you caught me! I have been stalking you, yes," and he seemed pleased to admit that.

"Why? Was it you? Did you do it?"

"Do what my dear?" He sing-songed to little Vergil, wagging his finger around playfully.

"Did you burn my fucking house down?" He hissed, eyes blazing with unjust anger towards this stranger he barely knew.

"Me?" He looked shocked, with that fat nose and oddly coloured eyes Vergil couldn't have fallen for the act if he was dressed as a freak. "Poor ol' Jester, who wants nothing but to put a smile on that handsome face of yours," he half purred, and Vergil pulled his sword arm away, seeing no real threat in the jester but that didn't mean he liked him.

"You some sick paedophile?" Because if that's what this was about, a weirdo who liked little boys following him and his brother, then Vergil would end his life gladly.

"Oh, no, something much, much worse," Jester smiled, a sickly kind of smile which made Vergil want to carve it out of his face and make him regret he ever showed it to him in the first place. "You are Sparda's son yes? You definitely have his good looks!" He waggled a non-existent eyebrow and proceeded to walk around Vergil, inspecting him all over.

"What do you know about that?" And what did this man, or whatever, know about his father?

"Oh Vergil, I know a lot of things."

He didn't like this, not one bit.

"Like how this forest isn't all that normal, see," he pointed to the rotting plant behind them now, still as ever. "All sorts of demonic wonders live around here," Jester smiled a secret smile and Vergil didn't miss it. "You two are in a lot of danger you know," he leaned over, putting all his weight on his single cane which wasn't in view before. Where he was hiding it Vergil didn't know, nor wanted to.

"And what's it going to take to make you go away," the clown knew about his brother, and he wanted no harm done to Dante.

"I'm a very helpful person ya'know! People want me around," somehow Vergil doubted that, "I help, it's what I do, it's my job!" He proudly announced to the pouring heavens. Vergil slicked back his hair in a swish, disliking how it was dripping all over his face.

"Well I don't. Get lost,"

"But I only wish to, help you," Each time the clown said 'help' it only made Vergil cringe. "You do understand the meaning of this lad?" Was he serious? Vergil glared at him, taking offense to his words. "I can already see you have no knowledge of the power, you possess in your hand,"

He was referring to Yamato, "what do you know about it?" He asked out of curiosity, if the freak knew a thing or two why not let him tell him then?

"Well I'll tell you what I see here," Jester jabbed his cane at him, "I see a demon, who doesn't know how to be a demon." He chuckled, and soon burst out into hysterical laughter which racked though Vergil's whole body. His was painfully shrill, and could cause headache sin an instant, surely it was a weapon of his? No way could any sane human sound like that.

Was he even human? Judging by those finger nails ...

"And you know how to be a demon?"

"Do I look like a human to you?"

Vergil refused to answer that.

"HAHA! Of course not!" He answered for him, and began to swing his arms around merrily in the descending rain. "And I can help you, not to look so pathetically human." He said, stopping his annoying dance all together. "I rather see a son of Sparda than a son of 'human-kind'," Jester rolled his eyes at the word human, thinking it lame like how Vergil would think it weak. "It would be a waste, ehy?"

Vergil contemplated his words, the ones that were worth listening too anyway. But could he really trust this jester to give him what he's always wanted? The knowledge of his true heritage?

From this clown? There was something very wrong here.

"The only waste here is you. Now get out of my sight," he refused him, he couldn't allow the jester's lies to get to him.

"You'll be sor-rrry," Vergil didn't care. He moved away from him, fast so their meeting could end. He looked back anyway; just to check if the jester was gone. And mysterious he was, he couldn't see a trace of the man left behind whatsoever.


He head back inside in haste, not wishing to be soaked any further. Vergil frowned, he shouldn't of gone outside to investigate in the first place; now he would think about that jester for the whole day, and Dante would probably nag him about why he went outside in the first place. He was already upset with him with their little disagreement.


Vergil doubted that he would never see the jester again.