Alright, just a few notes that might help prevent any sort of confusion.

The character Anarra is from an earlier KOTOR fanfic I wrote, the very first one I ever wrote in fact. When it came to deciding on a 'villian' for this story, I immediatly thought that I could possibly bring her back and improve her character (That first fanfic was really poorly written, by my standards). Her backstory is basically that she was one of the Jedi that followed Revan to the Mandalorian Wars. Sometime during the first year in which the Revanchists were invovled with the War, she was captured by the Mandalorians, and transfered to some backwater prison planet. During that time, she was tortured by her captors, eventually leading her to go somewhat insane and embrace the Dark Side. The rest of what happened to her is explained throughout the story.

Second, this takes place close to a year after "The Courtship of Bastila Shan". Henceforth, Revan and Bastila are married by this point, and she's well along in her pregnancy. Anyone confused with this should read the above mentioned story. Things will make alot more sense that way!

Lastly, I finished the Revan novel, and watched videos of his appearence in TOR...I'm disappointed. Greatly. As such, from now on, this story will completely ignore that canon.

Disclaimer: I do not own KOTOR or Star Wars. They belong to George Lucas.
Still, if I controlled Star Wars, there would be a KOTOR III by now!


The night air of Coruscant was as calm as one could expect, with the constant sound of speeders and busy nightclubs continuing at a steady pace. The streets were ablaze with citizens of various species either coming or going in any direction. Every now and then a small scream would erupt from some back-alley, but it was quickly drowned out by the sound of the crowd, exposing the planet's dark underbelly, if only for a minute. Beneath all the splendor and wealth, things were nearly identical to Nar Shaddaa. Dark, and littered with crime.

Walking down the street at a calm pace, Virdea Tal pulled her cloak a little tighter around her head. She had been down here for days, unable to contact anyone within the Order, and she was still nowhere closer to finding out where her query was. Even if the mission had gone completely off-course, it still contained a personal attachment to it. The being in question had killed her Master, and Virdea had vowed to bring the murderer to justice, by any means neccessary.

The memory still haunted her, seeing her Master cut down by a simple assassin. She had been powerless to stop the being, and the very fact sent waves of sorrow through her heart. No matter how many times she ran through the scenario in her head, there was still nothing that she could have done. Inside her mind, the bond that she had shared with him lay shattered and cold, yet another reminder that he had become one with the Force.

As the neon lights of a nearby sign glowed down on her tunic, she could already sense that she was being followed. The presence in itself was subtle, with hardly anything to be noticed unless one had been trained in the ways of the Force to see such things. Picking apart the thoughts of the beings behind her, she found her easily. At least knowing the gender of the killer would make it easier to narrow down. Turning down a darkened alley, she could feel the slow rising anticipation in her stalker's heart. Whoever she was, she had killed before, and was looking forward to it again.

As the alley came to an end, Virdea pulled back the cloak around her head and reached down to her belt to retrieve her lightsaber. Before she could feel the steel in her hand, a cold feeling overtook her entire body, like a sickness. As she found herself unable to move, she fought even more desperatly to free herself. Still able to see the figure appearing at the entrance alley, she managed to grimace as the figure continued to grow closer to her, sniggering along the way.

"It's no use in fighting it. The ancient Sith made sure the spell would work regardless of their foe's skill in the Force." She said, stopping almost directly in front of Virdea. "Lucky for me, isn't it?" Virdea didn't respond, and she almost wished that she could run away, run back to the safety of the Temple. And yet, that wasn't possible now. And there were no other options available at the moment. In front of her, the figure in black frowned at her, her eyes traveling up and down her body.

"You know, I was expecting someone a little older. You hardly look the part of a padawan." The figure said, again being met with nothing but silence from Virdea. A few moments of silence passed between the two of them, before the figure finally spoke up again.

"I don't think I bothered to say hello, did I, Jedi? How rude of me. Well, I did learn from the best smugglers in the galaxy, so I suppose my manners have suffered to some degree." She continued, pulling a small vibro-blade from her pocket and tossing back and forth between her hands. As she watched the blade, Virdea felt another wave of fear flow through her heart, the beat of the organ increasing with each passing second.

"Don't look so surprised. After all, everyone with half a brain fears death in some way. Why would Jedi be any different?" She mentally kicked herself for giving away any sign of fear. That had been the first thing her Master had taught her, never show your opponent fear. They would feed on it, use it against you. And that was exactly what this figure was doing at this exact moment.

"You know, I used to be a Jedi once. I failed at it sadly, went to war, fell to the Dark Side and all. You know how it all goes."

"The Order is too good for your kind of scum." Virdea finally said, the insult being met with a short response of anger from the figure, the emotion passing through her eyes like wildfire. Within seconds however, the fire had disappeared, replaced with a crooked smile that would intimdate even the most experienced Jedi Master.

"You know, if they taught you how to properly defend yourself against techniques through the Force, you might actually be able to defend yourself." She whispered into her ear, the very sound of it sending shivers down her spine. "Someone taught me those kind of defensive techniques years ago. Perhaps you know him. Revan? Savior of the Republic, former Sith Lord, and all those meaningless titles?"

"You know what though?" The woman said, stabbing the vibro-blade through Virdea's chest and puncturing her heart. "He never even remembered my name. But then again, why would the 'all mighty' Revan remember anything from his past?"