AN: This story is a crossover based on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 1 Episode 5 "Where No One Has Gone Before".

"Commander Data, sir, what do you know about magic?" Wesley Crusher asked.

"Are you referring to the ancient belief in the supernatural, the mythical, a power beyond our ability to comprehend? I was under the impression the belief in such a thing died out in the late nineteenth century," Data replied.

"See, I've been reading popular literature from the early twenty-first century for a school project. There's this series of books about a boy wizard called Harry Potter. In the books, the magical people hid themselves from regular humans. Do you think there could actually be such a thing in our history? A whole sub-species of humans who had a power within themselves that they could channel to change the matter and energy around them? I mean, we do that all the time with transporter beams and replicators, but to actually have that power within yourself! Do you think it exists?" Wesley's enthusiasm for the subject was boundless.

"One moment while I access the story you mention." Data tilted his head to one side as his super-computer brain downloaded and scanned seven novels in seconds. "In the story in question, regular humans, or Muggles, found ways to explain away the magic they saw. And yet, an unbiased observer such as myself would be able to identify these magical occurrences in history despite the ridiculous explanations. I find no evidence that the Wizarding World exists in actuality."

Wesley sighed dejectedly. "I thought you'd say that. It just seems so exciting to have such a power. I've been recreating Hogwarts in the Holodeck. You should come with me some time!"

"I am sure I would enjoy such an excursion. But for now, we must assist a guest in upgrading our engines. Are you familiar with Mr. Kosinski and his theories? They do not make sense to me. I cannot see how they will work in practice." Data tilted his head once again. "In a way, his theories are like magic: beyond the ability to comprehend. I suppose magic is merely science one does not yet understand."

"That's a great thought," Wesley replied. Then he, too, tilted his head to one side. "One more question, Data. Why don't you ever use contractions?"

"I am sure I do not know."

Harry Potter and his friends had run headlong through the Department of Mysteries, battling Death Eaters and leaving chaos in their wake. In the Time Room, Hermione had destroyed a whole cupboard full of time turners. On his way out of the room, Harry had fallen. His hand gripped the remains of a small hourglass, cracked and leaking sand. Without thinking, or really even noticing, he had slipped it into his pocket.

Now he stood on the dais looking into the Veil. Just a moment ago, Sirius had slipped through but had not appeared on the other side. Harry wanted to follow after him, but Professor Lupin was holding him back, claiming Sirius was…was…dead.

NO! It couldn't be! Harry fell to his knees, defeated.

If only Harry could turn back time, just a minute or two, he could change things. In despair, Harry slipped his hands into his pocket and discovered the broken time turner. He looked at it for a moment, then without thinking through the consequences, he hurled it into the Veil, sand showering over himself from the cracks.

The engine experiment aboard the Enterprise had not gone to plan. Somehow, they had been tossed hundreds of millions of light-years away! When the Traveler had tried to stop it, Wesley saw him phase-almost disappear for just a moment. Now the Traveler was explaining he had come from another dimension, not just another world that could be reached if you travelled far enough, but from an actual other dimension! He explained he had come specifically because of Wesley's talent, and that Wesley could channel some sort of power to get the Enterprise back home. Like magic!

Wesley shook with excitement as he stood next to the Traveler, ready to assist him in making the jump back home. As he channeled his own energy with that of the Traveler, he felt himself begin to phase. He could see into other dimensions, hundreds of them, like catching glimpses of himself in a three way mirror. His brain could hardly comprehend what he was experiencing.

As the magic sand from the time turner entered the doorway to another dimension, something happened that no one could have foreseen. A small explosion knocked everyone to the ground. Harry Potter, covered in the sand, found his consciousness ripped from his body and thrown out of time and space! At the same moment, if indeed it can be called a moment when there is no time, Wesley Crusher found his own consciousness ripped from his body during the phase. They passed each other mid-flight, and when the moment ended, Wesley was inside Harry's body in the Department of Mysteries while Harry was inside Wesley's aboard the Enterprise!