Chapter Three

Buffy was sat inside the Justice Building feeling very nervous and upset. She was going to die. It seemed so abstract, like something completely impossible, but she knew it was going to happen. Of course, she'd known it was going to happen all along, but she'd never thought she'd die so soon. She'd thought for sure that she'd live until she was at least sixty and have avoided the horror of the Hunger Games. But now she'd been proved wrong.

Joyce came inside at that moment, startling Buffy out of her thoughts. It was her mother she'd been waiting for, to say goodbye to her. She'd managed to keep her eyes dry when her name was called and she'd shaken hands with Liam, but now the tears welled up in her eyes, falling uncontrollably. Joyce didn't say a word, only lay a hand on her daughter's shoulder, trying in vain to comfort her. Buffy didn't look sixteen then, with her face all scrunched up and her eyes red. But then again, she didn't feel sixteen either. She felt like a scared child.

"Buffy…" But Joyce didn't say any more than that. She didn't know what she could say. Buffy could tell that what she wanted to say was that she'd win and it would all be okay and they'd be rich for the rest of their lives. But she knew why her mother wasn't going to say that. Because she couldn't believe it. Why would Buffy win? She hadn't had any experience with this sort of thing. The Careers from districts one and two would have the advantage. William had won five years ago, but he'd been lucky. He certainly hadn't got his hopes up before the Games. And Buffy wouldn't either. She knew she was going to die. She didn't want to, but as far as she was aware, she couldn't avoid it.

"Goodbye," She whispered to her mother. Then Joyce started crying as well.

Liam's sister Kathy was crying softly into his coat, begging him not to go. He had tried his best to console her, but that wasn't possible. They had their arguments, but Kathy had always wanted her brother to live, even if she might have said otherwise a couple of times. They all had. But Kathy was the only one who showed up now. No one else wanted to see Liam now. No one else gave a damn about him. But Kathy had always been his friend. He absently stroked her hair, trying to control the shaking of his hands the best he could. It wasn't until now that he realised just how afraid he really was of the fate that was coming to him. He'd never thought much about his own death, even in the Reaping. He'd always just been bored. But now he was terrified. He shouldn't be thinking like that, he knew. He could still win, right? He wanted to believe that he could. He didn't want to just resign himself to thinking that he was going to die. He sighed.

"Goodbye Kathy," He said. There was no hint of fear in his voice. Only sadness.

Sorry it was so short, but I was really stuck. I'm stuck on almost everything right now. At least I wrote something though, right? Sorry it's short and it took so long. Hopefully it will get better soon.