Authors notes: Guess what everyone...this is my fifth story and it as nothing to do with Adventure Time. WHAT? But it's true I mainly focus on Adventure Time but this story I really really want to make no matter how many other stories I have in progress so yeah. But this story if you didn't read the summery is about the ever so famous red leaf Pikmin Steve and his friends so let me tell you about our main Pikmin characters:

Steve: He is a red leafed Pikmin. Despite the leaf on his head he is possibly one of the most strongest Pikmin ever. He is also a trooper, dedicates 200% of himself to help the Pikmin colony.

Bob: He is a yellow flower Pikmin. He is the one Pikmin that many people relay on 'cause he is the one Pikmin that needs to come when others are just one Pikmin short for carrying something back.

Stan: He is a blue bud Pikmin. He's a Pikmin that can easily get so many of his brethren killed 'cause of his crazy ideas. His catch phrase being "I are totally smert."

Jeffery: He is a white flower Pikmin. He is a daredevil extremist. He throws himself into the face of danger not caring for his health of safety or how big his opponent is.

Ashley: She is a purple flower Pikmin. You mess with her friends and she will beat you down no matter how big you are. Her friends being hurt will equal your death.

Now with the longest author note in Fanfiction history perhaps it's time for the real story. I do not own the Pikmin series but man I wish I did 'cause anyone who has played Pikmin has suffered in some way, shape or form and I am one of them.

Chapter 1: Life On Our Own Once More

A long time ago the Pikmin lived in fear. Each one of them lived in their Onions scared of being the next Bulborb's lunch scattered across the Distant planet. That was until he came. He guided the Pikmin assembling them all showing them despite their size in great numbers they can beat even the Emperor Bulbax. But he left them and they used his teachings so that they could survive and no longer live in fear. But soon he came back and with a friend. All of them had discovered had searched new places, enemies and Pikmin. But they left again but this time the Pikmin felt united each of them red, yellow, blue, purple, and white. All of them decided to create Pikmin colonies each of them becoming friends and together becoming an unstoppable force of Pikmin. But this is a tale of five friends each of them with their own unique abilities and together they are Pikmin and hear them... "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

"Bob! Bob! Bob get over here we're one guy short!"

"Yeah yeah." (In the game Pikmin can't communicate with Olimar 'cause they are not of the same species but Pikmin are so yeah they can talk to each other)

A mixture of yellow and blue Pikmin had been trying to carry back the remains of Armored Cannon Beetle Larva. They had been sent to go explore this area of the forest that had few bodies of water but mainly made of electrical gates. Bridges had been made over the bodies of water the group of blue and yellow Pikmin had been led by one of the most homicidal Pikmin ever, Stan. Stan has always been a crazy guy so why make him captain of this expedition all because of four words he said to the Pikmin leaders "I are totally smert!"

"I seriously wonder why the leaders let you be captain of this expedition." Bob said helping his his friend Stan and the other Pikmin carry the last larva which happened to be in the front of the larva death trail.

"Alright guys follow me I know a shortcut back to base."

"A short cut? What short cut?"

"You know the short cut back into the Awakening Wood/Forest of Hope where the base is."

"But that would're gonna get us all killed!"

"Don't worry WE SHALL SURVIVE!"

"Dude none of us are like Steve or Jeffery."

"I don't care. I'm the captain so we go my way."

The group had journeyed over the border into the Valley of Repose bringing the beast remains across the unknown area.

"See what I tell you no danger."

"Stan my ears are standing on edge. Somethings not right."

"What you think some Bulborb or something is hiding here."

"I don't know put there's something here. Dude we need to stop."

He then dropped the larva making the group unable to carry the larva and causing the rest of the group to crash into the larva causing the larva to be pushed forward thankfully the Pikmin carrying it let go and in result the larva fell of the edge.

"What the heck Bob! What was that for?"

"Look down 'captain'."

He looked down seeing the many dwarf Bulborbs covering the ground which led to the path ahead.

"Bulborbs." Said Stan. "Not good."

"Ya think! So what do we do now 'captain'?"

"Hmm...Alright as captain we'll be going into the other blue pikmin base here leaving our stuff there so we may crush their skulls into their bodies!"

"So where is the base?"

"It's by the lake luckily for us it happens to be close by. Just follow me to safety!"

"Or death."

Th battalion of Pikmin regrouped themselves following their questionable captain to the supposed base. The area he led them to was much like a swerving path cleared of any and all enemies.

"See I told you everything would fine."

Soon enough they reached the end of the path arriving at the non-frozen lake. Two onions were present in the area both being blue one being on land the and the other in water.

"Well if it isn't Stan."

A white flower Pikmin approached Stan. Even though all Pikmin look the same Stan and Bob knew who he was.

"Jeffery how's a going? I'm surprised you're still alive."

"And I'm surprised that you didn't kill your assigned squad. What are you doing here anyway?"

"I can answer that." Said Bob. "Mr. Captain here thought taking a short cut into here would be a great idea to get back to base."

"Well that explains a lot. And hey! That is a lot of Armored Cannon Beetle Larva! What did you do fight a whole nesting ground?"

"Something like that." Bob said looking at Stan remembering what had happened earlier in the day.

"But hey guys why don't you load up those bodies up into the onion."

"Yeah thanks man. Troops! Load them up!"

The battalion then took the dead Cannon Larva towards the onion that was on land. The sun began to set blue and white Pikmin began carrying rather large stick with sharp points towards the entrance to the base empaling them into the ground so that nothing can enter.


At night the Pikmin were safe from any of the nocturnal creatures that may now be traveling the land searching for poor Pikmin they may have become lost and will soon become a creatures next meal. When nightfall had came the Pikmin did learn how to protect themselves without needing to go into the onion. Something they learned from Olimar from there many explorations with him and Louie. Something else they learned from Olimar was the making of journal entries something that all leaders did and few other Pikmin.

Day 1 of being captain

Me and my army were sent out to find beast and such for more Pikmin. Today we searched parts of the Awakening Woods/Forest of Hope. In our search for him we stumbled upon a breeding ground of Armored Cannon Beetle Larva. We took them head on only losing twenty-four of my group of one-hundred and fifty men, Pikmin. Bob has been on my case about my leadership skills but I am totally smerter then he. So I laugh at him hahaha. But I wonder sometimes, how are my friends doing?

There it is the beginning of "We Are Pikmin!" so what do you think? I will admit this could be a challenge to make but I love a good challenge. All types of advice are excepted especially ones from other people who have made Pikmin stories. So all I have left to say is review.