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Chapter 4: Dungeon Chaos: Welcome to Deads Vile! Population: You!

They ran for there lives trying to avoid the stone rollers of death from the dimensional monster that is the waterwrath.

"You know something Stefon!" Steve said.


"This is all your fault!"

"What you mean 'my fault'!?"

"If you didn't say anything then none of this would be happening!"9

"Shut up! At least things can't get worse!"

"You idiot! Why would you say that! Haven't you learned how this planet works? When you say stuff like that things become HELL! Espically in dungeons!"

"That's not true. That's just a myth! Like saying white Pikmin can walk on water! Look a corner, up ahead! If we take it we'll lose this jack-ass!"

The Pikmin made the turn and press themself against the wall watching the Waterwrath roll away.

"Okay. We're safe."

Steve quickly covered his mouth to hush him up. "Shut up man! Who knows what else could be in this dungeon!"

Stefon grabbed Steve by his wrist removing his hand and slapping him with it. "Whatever man, nothing bad's going to happen. It's not like there's an entire gang of Wollywogs surrounding us at this moment."

"G-g-g-g-g-guys..." The presents of fear was heard in the young bud Pikmin's voice as he shook pointing his finger at the shadows near them.

"What is it maaaaaa..." Steve's voice trailed off as he saw what made the young Pikmin so fearful. "Oh my god. Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-"

"'What are you guys talking abooout..." Stefon saw the small red eyes within the shadows, forty-eight eyes to b exact, and fear would soon fill his plant-animal body. "Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-"

The simultaneous croks of amphibious creaters when off as well as the sound of wet skin being slapped by hands. So many creaters to have been chosen a hord of Water Dimpels, a tribe of Crawmads, even Watery Blowhogs would be great but no. It was a gang of-


Couldn't have said it better myself. The small force of Pikmin wasted no time in getting the hell out of their, well they did after screaming in terror for a solid five minutes, with Wollywogs hoping after them leaving watery splashes among the ground.

"How the hell do we escape these body-slamming death bringers!?" The middle bud Pikmin shouted running with all her might.

"Guys look!" Steve pointed up at the wall of the maze-like complex seeing how the current stretch of high-land seemed shorter than it once was. "The walls look shorter! I think we can toss each other up there! As captian of this team I order you guys to toss each other up there!"

"Sir yes, sir!"

The buds began tossing each other upon the ledge, with assistance from Steve and Stefon, eventually leaving the trooper, his brother, and the lone female Pikmin of the small squad.

"Now what?!" She shouted. "We're still being chased!"

"You mean I'm being chased." Steve quickly picked up his brother and tossed him onto the high-ground and then proceeded in picking up the female Pikmin. "Going up, 'ma lady?"

"Steve, what are you doing?"

"Something reckless, babe. Something reckless." Steve then tossed the female Pikmin at his brother. "Guys, head to the hole, I'll catch up when I can!"

"You sure about this bro.?"

"Just go!"

They nodded their heads and left past Steve's point of view as he moved with purpose instead of fear, now. Left, right, right, double left, three rights then a turn to the left, Steve rushed down the complex maze still having the squash thirsty frogs hot on his tall.

"That's right you stupid frogers. Follow the trooper." Steve said under his breath as he continued to run through the maze the echos of a watery beast was heard, with each step it came closer and closer. "Alright who's up for Wollywog burgers?" Steve jumped to the side as an unnoticed Water Wraith came, running down the Wollywogs into guty, messy, bloody frog pancakes. "Take that bitches!" Steve's loud remark went noticed as the dimensional beast turned around and rolled after the little trooper. "Crap."

Steve ran for his life, well as fast has his little legs could carry him, as the Water Wraith slowly began closing the gap between them.

"Crap! Crap! CRAP! Gods, give me some help here!"

As if the Pikmin gods heard him, an entire layout of massive, Bulborb sized, bomb-rocks fell from the sky making Steve quicken his pace.

"Thank you Pikmin gods!"

The bomb-rocks all simultaneously exploded around the Wraith with the wind of the explosion blowing Steve further away as the debre blew away revealing a roller-less Water Wraith now running in the opposite direction.

"Yeah, get out of here you fat pansy!"

Steve then ran off further into the complex eventually rejoining his comrades.

"Dude, what was that explosion?"

"Just some help I got from the gods."

"Who, Amaterasu?"

"Is that our god?"

"I guess, I mean she does restore nature and stuff."

"Ehem." The two brothers turned their attention to the hole with a very sassy looking female Pikmin with the others jumping down the hole. "If you guys are done, we do have a mission to do."

With that she jumped down the hole and soon followed by the captain and his brother. As they entered the next sublevel the layout looked very earthy with several patches of grass in different areas. If anything this sublevel was much a dirt web to say.

"Alright what's the radar say?"

"Let me check." The flower Pikmin took out a small radar and attached to his wrist. The reader showed a green screen with a map of the terrain. It was indeed a web like complex, each path stretched into another that stretched into three others. "Well, map says the exit's in the northwestern area. surprisingly there's only one other sublevel after this."

"Really now." Steve said with interest and sorrow. "Well I can already tell that this sublevel going to be a pain. Alright, the faster we move the more of a chance of survival. Stick togetherand move out!"

The battalion of ten headed through the north exit, according to the map at least.

"Alright world, whose it gonna be?"

Within arriving in the next area it was seemingly empty, nothing but a glowstem was present.

"Wow world what a disappointment."

"Well think if we ate it." One of the flower Pikmin said. "If we ate it then we'd be break dancing like no tomorrow."

"Whatever, let's just find the entrance to the next sublevel and blow up queeny."

Steve brushed by the Glowstem as he and the rest of group went through the opposite way eventually entering the center of the entire maze complex. There, they see a pair of stalked eyes, the skin being a pitch black with blue ghost like eyes. Behind them were a patch of Glowstems, they swished with the sudden wind that blew from the west and the north. The eyes targeted the commandment of red Pikmin, they moved left and right seeing the eyes follow them as they move.

"That's really weird."

"Hey, this guy's eyes are like the emperors's."

"Oh yeah." Steve picked up a small pebble. "Rise up from the dirt, Bloodshot!" Steve flung the pebble at the right eye making the creature flinch for a second. This, however, only enraged this possible beast. The ground began to shake as dirt and dust violently rose and twirled around this beast.

"What's going on!?"

The creature's head rose from the ground, releasing a thunderous roar that echoed thru the entire dungeon. Has the beast began to rise he began to reveal his Bulborb like features and complexity. As his head began to rise the beast revealed his sharp, fang like, teeth that were dripping with blood from a previous meal. His legs ,thin yet thick, were covered in dirt and mud yet the horrored stench of beast blood were still present, and fresh. His back a very dark blue, almost regal even, it had shined brighter than any other part of his body due to the Glowstems that grew on the mighty beast's back. A closer examination of the back would reveal that a scaly rock armor grew on the beast providing a blue moss for the Glowstems to thrive. The beast released a massive howl making rocks from the ceiling above fall, they were not big enough to crush the small "army", if you'd like.

"What the hell is that thing!?"

The Pikmin began to slowly back away, completely overwhelmed by the size of this colossal beast.

"W-w-well whatever this thing is w-w-we sh-should r-r-r-ra-RUN!"

Steve was the first to make an attempted at running, and was the first to trip...nice. He quickly staggered back up to his feet and ran for his life, followed by the other nine.

"WHAT DO WE DO!?" One of the older flower Pikmin screamed. "I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!"

Steve slapped the man's, Pikmin's, face to bring him back to his senses as they continued to run like hell. "Pull it together man! We are not going to die! We are going to-" a massive stem of a Glowstem nearly crushed Steve into the next life causing him to sherik like a little girl and jump into the arms of his older brother "WE'RE GONNA DIE! HE'S GONNA SMASH US INTO PIKMIN SOUP! MOMMY!"

"Gees, my trooper."

The colossal Bulborb was far behind however the strange acting Glowstems produced a new problem, a deadly problem.

"You think the Glowstems are connected to that Bulborb, thing!?"

"I don't know... and I don't WANT TO FIND OUT! OH GOD!" Steve managed to roll away from an upcoming stem and bearly dodged a swing from another. "YOU FUCKEN PIECE OF-"



"I didn't say it! I swear to Olimar that I didn't!"

The roar came from the distance, it was closing in...that monsterous Bulborb.

"Crap! Quick, where's the exit to this sublevel!?"

"It was past that Bulborb!" The young bud shouted having dodged another stem whip.

"Great! Any ideas on how to beat it!?"

"I might have one!" One of the flower Pikmin ran back in the direction of the Bulborb.

"Where you going, Joe?"

"His name's Joe?"

"Not important right now captain."

The Pikmin dodged another swing from the evil plant soon enough another echoing roar was heard with it came Joe, emerging from the shadows.

"What you go to do, Joe?"

"Well captain, I went to find out how that monster fights sure enough I learned some stuff. Surly enough he fights like Emperor Bulblax but his thong is a lot more thin and long, like a snake, it's disturbing. If we can find some bomb-rock for him to swallow then we could sneak right around him."

"Alright then! So, anyone bring mini bomb-rocks with them?"

"Who do we look like to you?" One of the red flower Pikmin shouted. "Do we look like a bunch redneck yellow Pikmin?"

"Hey! My friend is a yellow Pikmin!"

"You can talk about Bob later, Steve. Right now we've got more important things to worry about, LIKE STAYING ALIVE!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's get to this guy!"

The massive beast appeared from no where, releasing a powerful roar, now blocking the north exit.


Everyone scattered around trying to avoid the beast sloppy thong as it whipped around trying to swallow the carrot animals.

"EVERYONE, SCATTER!" Two flowers and the female ran to the east, Joe, a bud, and a flower ran to the east, and the other two flowers ran to the south leaving Stefon and Steve face to face with slobber mouth himself. "NOT WITHOUT ME!"


Steve and Stefon hit the ground, avoiding the beast's thong. The thong wrapped around the near by Glowstem and yanked it out from the very ground it was planted in and entered the beasts mouth.

"T-t-that's s-s-some p-p-power he's got." Steve said in a very shaky voice as he clung onto the ground.

The beast swallowed the vegetation and released another earth shattering roar.

"Great now we're gonna die! Anything else you want to throw at us world!?"

Steve slapped his brother. "Shut up! every time you say something like that things get worse!"

"Ya right!"

Just then the running screams of Pikmin were heard as the group reassembled huddling extremely close to Steve and Stefon.

"What's going on guys?" Steve said suddenly panicked and surprised.

Each one of them were completely disoriented and sweating like the fire of a Fiery Bublax. They all spoke at the same time making no sense what so ever yet it all seemed like a message. GnsdghghdihhPfdhgfkshfgjkhgkUhbfjhofnjnfhoFthjjijhijjokhmijgFgkjdngkjdsSngfndlTngdfjlnglaOgjdbnlgbOnjdbgjsL!"

"Guys you need to speak slower I can't understand a word you're saying."

The sound of a dense object wabbling was heard, Steve and Stefon looked in the directions that each group came from, the very thing horrified them as the others held tighter to them. South, east, and west it was all the same, it was a massive fungus creator with stubby feet and a red-ish orange top, it approaching the Pikmin fast. What is this creature you ask? Well, it's a-


Couldn't have said it better myself.

Things don't look good in the slightest for our ten Pikmin explores. What will happen next to them? Find out in the next chapter!