To the world of pokemon.

On a sunny day in crisis city silver was roaming the skies using his psykokinesis. He was thinking about his best friend blaze.

"I wish she could be here. To see this new world."

He said recalling that blaze sealed herself in another dimension with iblis. He held up his chaos emerald thinking about her. When suddenly the emerald started glowing. He gasped as a portal appeared and he got sucked into it. As silver opened his eyes he saw a strange creature in front of him.

"Who are you?" he asked in wonder, "and where am I?"

The creature spoke, "I am Palkia the Pokémon who rules space. You are in another dimension heading to the world of Pokémon!"

"But why!?" silver asked

"Because there is an important thing for you to do there. You must help ash Ketchum and protect him from a danger that is coming."

"Danger?!" asked silver in surprise, "What do you mean!"

"You will have to find that out for yourself." Palkia replied, "you may use your 'chaos emeralds' as you call them to help you."

Another portal appeared as palkia spoke, "go! And save the world! You are now an official Pokémon!"

Palkia disappeared. Silver could feel himself getting sucked into the portal. But he still had so many unanswered questions. As he passed through the portal he felt his body grow weaker until he passed out.