The next morning, Jake rolled out of bed and slammed onto the floor. "Ow! Why am I the only one rolling out of bed?!" Anna sat up, and rubbed her eyes. "Weren't we gonna leave after our showers?" she said, yawning. She felt a breeze, and looked down, and saw she was naked. She gasped, and covered herself with the sheets. Jake stood up, and yawned, stretching his arms up and out. Anna looked down, her eyes wide. "Um, Jake?" Jake looked at Anna, who pointed down, so he looked down. "Oh shit!" he said, grabbing a pillow and covered himself. "Why am I naked!? Why are you naked!?" he said. "I don't know why we're naked!…. In bed… together….. Oh god…" she said. "You think we had sex?" Jake said. Anna looked under her covers, "oh yeah, we definitely had sex" she said. "Crap! I was a virgin!" "Me two!" Jake said. "It must have been lust, when she hit us with her whip, it must have embedded some magic in us, and do you remember anything?" Anna said. "Not really, last thing I remember was you kissing me, and then it's all I big blur, but I do remember some moans, but that's about it" he said. "Last thing I remember was getting out of the shower and seeing you asleep, and yeah, I remember moaning too, by the way, did… oh god… did you get me pregnant?" Anna asked. Jake lifted up a used condom from the ground "nope" he said, he then threw it in the trash. "Well, I'll go get dressed" Jake said. He then shuffled out the door and closed it. Anna sighed, and she grabbed her clothes and got changed.

Three Days later, Jake and Anna walked into dr. stein's class, ten minutes late. Dr. Stein looked at them, and watched them walk up the stairs and take their seats. "Well, this is certainly a surprise" he said. "Jake, you've never been this late, and Anna, you've never been this early" they both shrugged, not making eye contact with anyone. Tsubaki leaned over to black star "hey, don't you think they're both acting a bit weird?" she said. Black star nodded, and said "yeah, that's a little weird, even for them" Dr. Stein said with a smile "alright now, who wants another dissection?" "NO ONE!" everyone yelled.

After Class, Jake and Anna were leaving when they got cornered by Soul, Tsubaki, and Black Star. "Okay guys, what's going on? You've been acting strange ever since you got back from you're mission" Tsubaki said. "Yeah, it's not cool for you guys to keep in your emotions, it strains your partnership." Soul said. "It's nothing guys, you don't need to worry" Anna said, then she tried to push through, but black star blocked her. "We're not letting you guys go anywhere until you sort this out" he said. The three of them brought Anna and Jake to an empty classroom. "Guys, you are talking about this, and you are solving this problem now!" Tsubaki said. Anna and Jake sat down on the floor. They sat in silence for a few minutes, before Jake said "you know…. Maybe it would be better if we talk about it" "hmm, maybe you're right" Anna said. They both looked at the guys, who were staring at them, waiting for them to talk. "Um, guys? This is kind of a private conversation" Anna said. "Oh right! Well, we'll be going, hope you two sort it out!" Tsubaki said. They all turned towards the door and left. The door closed behind black star. After a few seconds of silence, Anna was still staring at the door. "So um, where do you want to star-"Jake started to say, but then Anna's finger flew up to his mouth and stopped him. "Shhh" she whispered. She pointed at the door, and whispered "follow my lead" Jake nodded, and Anna removed her finger. "SO!" she said in a very loud voice "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WITH THE BABY!?" they heard a loud thud as black star passed out. Anna ran over to the door and flung it open "AH-HA" she yelled. "Gotchya! How dare you try to listen in! Go on, get! Shoo!" she yelled as she kicked them, they got up and ran. She looked down at black star, who was passed out. "And take this idiot with you!" she yelled as she picked black star up and threw him down the hall. He hit the ground halfway there and slid the rest. Tsubaki and soul grabbed his arms and dragged him away.

Anna slammed the door and walked back to Jake and sat down. She kept staring at the door. They sat in awkward silence for a few minutes, until Anna apparently decided that they were gone for good, so she lifted her legs up, rested her arms on them, and then buried her head in them. Two minutes later, Jake broke the silence. "If it means anything, I'm glad my first time was with you" he said. Anna lifted her head up and looked at Jake. She didn't say anything for a minute, then she said "yeah, me too" Jake smiled a little, and then he said "so, what do you want to do about this?" "Well, it's not like I got pregnant or anything and we don't really remember most of it, so….. Do we just go back to normal?" Anna said. Jake sighed. "Sure, I'd like that" he said. Anna smiled. They both got up, and walked to the door. Jake opened it for Anna. "Thanks" she said, and then she kissed him on the cheek, and then walked out the door. Jake smiled, and walked out of the classroom right after her, leaving the door to slowly shut closed.