This is my first story ever so please write ANYTHING that you think would help make this a better story because I plan on making these for a while. Other then that ENJOY-RowdyRocker

It was a regular day, well not so much regular as our school was having a sports day.

There were the normal things like running, long jump and tug of war. But I am not a sports man easily considered the weakest in the class, hell the grade!

But just to tell you I am a 15 year old kid in the 8th grade, then the event I regretted volunteering for.

"OKAY EVERYONE PARTICIPATING IN THE 800 METER RUN PLEASE GO DOWN TO THE TRACK" boomed a voice over the speakers. "Well your up Drake" said our team captain Arjit "I know, I know" I told him as I begun to walk down the steps.

That's when I saw the bastard, his name Dash of course a nickname but the fact that he had this name should tell you that he is fast also the BIGGEST DOUCHEBAG TO EVERWALK THE EARTH!

I am serious about this, this guy smokes, drinks and basically is an ass and picks on me, luckily it only seems to be me because I really prefer him going at me for kicks then others people.

As I got ready he whispered into my ear "I'm gonna fuck you up later", I shrugged it off though as I had been training the week for this one event and I was not going to let this bastard win.

There was the sound of a shout "GO!"

We all ran everyone was fast but could not keep it up and started to drop back one by one but not me and certainly not dash.

As we ran I was starting to beat him and as it went on he look increasingly angry and then he did the strangest thing.

He turned his head to the right and nodded to a random student who was in his class and then that guy nodded to another kid they then slowly walked away from each other, that's when I noticed 3 things, Dash smirking, a thin string and me falling, everything started to slow down, I saw him pass by me and all of my classmates looking at me like a failure, only my 2 friends cheering me on still and I thought "No, NO, NOT TODAY, TODAY I GET UP AND BEAT THIS ASSHOLE".

Then it happened. An arm came out of nowhere and then another and they reached out for the ground and flipped me over before hitting the ground and back onto my feet.

Then I felt a sudden surge of energy and I ran faster then anyone and within 3 seconds I hate past Dash and crossed the finish line all the while hearing one sentence going through my head SCREAMING through my head "My name is rowdy rocker and I am YOUR POWER!"

But the energy didn't exactly let me stop and I ended up hitting the ground and a huge cloud of sand came around me and when it settled I was being stared at, then I noticed someone holding up a mirror saying look at it.

I looked at the reflection I was no longer a dirty blonde haired kid but I had GOLDEN hair and I was all of a sudden quite big muscles. I had transformed and did not know why.