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AN: Season final.. 'Sob!' This is just a way of keeping Lexie alive in my head.

Seven year old Meredith Grey frowned as her Father, Thatcher, clung to her hand, leading her through the Hospital. She was going to see Daddy and Susan's new baby.

Meredith didn't like the new baby. Her Mommy told her that now her Daddy had a new baby with his new Wife, he didn't need Meredith any more. Daddy's new Wife, Susan, wouldn't bother being nice to her anymore. They wouldn't love her anymore.

Meredith didn't like the new baby at all.

"Here we are" Thatcher smiled as they reached the correct room. "Are you ready to meet your sister, Honey?"

Meredith stared at her feet.

"A little nervous, huh? That's okay, I was nervous about meeting her too."

Inside the room, Susan sat in bed, gazing adoringly at the blanket-swaddled bundle in her arms. As Meredith and Thatcher entered the room, she looked up, smiling.

"Hi, Meredith."

Meredith was confused. Susan still seemed nice enough.


"Would you like to come up here and sit with us?"

"Uh.. Okay."

Her Father lifted her onto the bed beside Susan. Curiosity getting the better of her, Meredith peeked into the blankets. A pair of wide, soft brown eyes gazed intently back at her.

"Lexie, this is Meredith" Susan cooed, tilting the bundle so both girls could see each other better. "She's your big sister!"

"Say Hello, Meredith" Thatcher gently prodded.

"Hello." Why didn't she like the baby, again? Meredith had forgotten.

Lexie gurgled happily, waving an arm and seemingly reaching for Meredith. Instinctively, Meredith reached towards her as well, and the baby curled a tiny hand around her finger.

"I think she likes you" said Thatcher, grinning proudly.

Meredith finally smiled.

"I think I like her too."