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It was early evening in the Grey household, and the girls were once again being babysat by Ellen while Thatcher and Susan went out.

Lexie sat on the floor, gazing at the TV.

Meredith was nearby, playing with Anatomy Jane, a doll whose innards could be removed and then re-assembled. She was frowning. When she'd gone to the bathroom, all the pieces had been there when she came back, the stomach was missing.

"Ellen" she called into the kitchen, where the babysitter was fixing them dinner, "I can't find Anatomy Jane's stomach."

"Where did you see it last?" she asked, peeking in from the kitchen.

"It was right here!" said Meredith.

"Nom nom" said Lexie, pointing to her mouth.

Meredith and Ellen looked at her in horror.

"Lexie, you didn't!" Meredith gasped.

"Nom nom."

It was a fairly quiet night for Surgeries at Seattle Grace Hospital, so Ellis Grey was using the time to catch up on her charts.


Hearing the sound of her daughter's voice, Ellis turned in her chair, annoyed.

"Thatcher, I told you not to.." she paused, seeing Meredith standing beside a panicked teen holding a somewhat familiar dark-haired baby who looked about a year old. "You're not Thatcher."

"No, I'm Ellen, I babysit for him" she explained. "Uh, we've had a little accident, and when Meredith said you worked at a Hospital.."

"Mommy, Lexie swallowed Anatomy Jane's stomach!" Meredith cried. "You have to save her!"

"Meredith, I really don't have time to save your doll, I need to focus on rea.."

"Not the doll!" Meredith snapped, cutting Ellis off and startling her slightly with the intensity of her voice. "Lexie! You have to save my sister!"

Now Ellis remembered why the baby was so familiar. There were pictures of her Ex-Husband's second child plastered all over Meredith's Bedroom wall. She had never wanted to meet said child, seeing her as a reminder of Thatcher succeeding in an area of life in which Ellis herself was currently failing, but there was no avoiding it now. She swallowed.

"Chances are it will pass naturally. But come on, I'll get her in for a scan."

A short while later, Thatcher and Susan rushed frantically through the Hospital doors, pausing when they spotted Ellen and Meredith in the Waiting Area.

"Where's Lexie?" cried Susan in panic. "What happened?"

"She swallowed a piece of Meredith's doll" said Ellis, appearing behind them with Lexie in her arms. "She passed it. She'll be fine."

"Dada!" Lexie squealed, as Ellis handed her over to Thatcher.

"Thank you, Ellis."

"No need. I wasn't busy. And she is rather sweet, actually." Ellis walked over to where Meredith was sitting, pulling Anatomy Jane's Stomach out of her pocket. "I got this cleaned up for you."

"Thank you, Mommy" said Meredith, hugging her Mother's legs.

"Just be more careful with your toys in the future, alright?" Ellis ran a hand over Meredith's hair.

"Yes, Mommy."

"I should go" said Ellis, gently pushing Meredith away. "Lots of paperwork to catch up on." She turned to Thatcher. "I'll pick up Meredith Tuesday Afternoon."

"She'll be ready" He replied, nodding.

"Buh-bye, Mediff Mama" said Lexie, waving, as Ellis turned to leave.

Ellis almost smiled. She could see why Meredith loved her so much.

"Goodbye, Lexie."