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Danny's Story, Part 2: New Beginnings

Chapter One: Journey

The days were going by slower now. With the ghost attacks absent, we had a lot of time to kill. I enjoyed the peace, hanging out with Sam and Tucker and my parents were content with my new attitude. I tried not to focus on the fact that this wouldn't last and did a pretty good job at it. After all, I've only just recently started planning ahead. The biggest change occurring in my life, though, was with Vlad. He was actually allowing me to call the shots.

Let me just tell you, I've had sex with the man enough. I just wanted to get to know the real him.

We spent that evening at the house in Elemerton, sitting by the fire and talking. It was easy to forget he was my archenemy because we didn't focus on agendas or hopes for the future. I didn't tell him how I hoped to return the tranquility my town used to feel and he didn't tell me how he hoped to rule the world someday. If we avoided 'business', it could be a beautiful thing.

I sat on my end of the couch following our conversation while Vlad sat on his end. By the looks of us, you'd never guess we were a new couple. I didn't want that yet. I was still trying to adjust to this new life we had decided to venture into but I was trying desperately to not allow the past to obscure my feelings. Deep down, I fought down the feeling that this would end badly and tried to focus on the here and now. Sam has told me since the beginning of this thing that I need to focus on the present and not dwell on the past.

I sighed out loud, knowing it was time to get home. The days I would be able to be home by curfew were dwindling down and I wanted to keep my parents happy for as long as I could. "I've got to be going," I spoke up softly. "I'll see you tomorrow," I asked as I stood up.

"I'd like that," Vlad smiled softly at me. He was a completely different person since the King. I thought I knew every man Vlad was but here he was, introducing me to another version of him.

I walked over to him, fighting back the unease in my stomach. I still refused to believe I was gay but I was willing to give the lifestyle a chance. Vlad wrapped his arms around my waist, a gesture of protectiveness and not possession. Even though I wasn't his bitch anymore, I knew who was the dominate of the relationship. In a normal… I mean straight relationship I was the woman. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his massive shoulders. Our lips touched briefly as I said goodbye. Vlad held onto me a bit longer, forcing me to continue the kiss. It wasn't rough, though.

Finally, Vlad's lips departed from mine and I backed out of the embrace. His taste and his smell became intoxicating and it was my personal drug. I tried to moderate my usage but I had to admit I was hooked. "Goodnight, Vlad," I spoke out of breath, my heart thundering in my head.

"Goodnight, Daniel," Vlad replied, his own voice struggling against his rapid breathing. We both wanted this night to last but I knew I had to get home. I wanted to make this relationship about love; not sex, not magnetism and not human senses.


I walked in my house two minutes before ten. I passed the living room, seeing Mom and Dad sitting on the couch. They were pleased again and I was happy to give them some peace again. I've never been the wild child type and when my parents gave me an order, I always obeyed it. Since the ghost attacks, I've had to decide what was more important. Of course, respecting my parents is a top priority but protecting my town comes first. It always has and it always will.

"Goodnight," I called, ascending the stairs.

"Goodnight," my mom called to me and I could hear the satisfaction in her voice. I retreated to my room for the evening.


Thursday started the same way every day starts except the ghost attacks hadn't kept me up at all hours of the night. I picked up Sam and Tucker, went to school, stayed in class, went to detention and went home. It was almost as if I was a normal teenager.

That evening I started thinking. This was all just temporary and I knew that. Soon the ghosts would finish rebuilding their haunts and they would be back to terrorizing my town. It wouldn't be long, either; it was evident in the Zone. I wanted to do something special for Sam and Tucker. They had been through so much with me in the last few months and I wanted to give them something that would express my gratitude.

So that evening when I was with Vlad I told him I wanted to hang with Sam and Tucker this weekend. He didn't seem to mind so before I left, I told him I'd see him Monday.


Friday, I picked up Sam and Tucker at their houses and walked to school with them. It felt good to just relax and not have to worry about the ghosts. This is almost worth almost dying for… almost. Sam clung to me desperately, the snow pouring down around us. Soon Spring would be here but for now, old man winter was getting one last shot in. Tucker sat bundled in his heavy winter coat and even walked within arm's length of me. By his attitude, I knew it must have been bone chilling cold. Sam wore nothing but her normal sleeveless shirt so she nearly done this every day but Tucker had a good coat on. With this new information, I wrapped my arm around Sam tighter.

When we made it to school, Sam still refused to let go of me. Tucker shook from the cold even inside the building. Students darted inside, their breaths visible. I really underestimated the cold this morning.

"It is going to come an ass deep snow today," Tucker retorted, shaking. "Dude, if you could feel it out there. God!"

"Are you any warmer, Sam," I asked, ignoring Tucker's declaration.

"No-no," Sam protested as I tried to pull away. "Don't let go yet. I need that 200 degrees."

I pulled her in closer, trying to warm her up just a bit. She shook like crazy, her skin pricked with goose bumps. It's a wonder she hasn't developed pneumonia. I think that's what caused her to get sick when we first met Desiree. The weather had just turned to cold that week and she was stubbornly refusing a coat. I hadn't yet started pulling her close in the cold days.

"I was thinking," I started slowly. "With the ghost attacks down, why don't we take advantage of it this weekend and have some fun?"

"What have you got planned," Tucker asked. Sam shook beside me still but less violently.

"Movies, games, bowling, junk food," I listed off some of the things we used to do together.

"Wow," Sam stuttered slightly. "We haven't done that kind of stuff in a while."

"I know," I sighed, "that's why I wanted to do this. Get back to the way we used to be. Anymore, quality time is ghost hunting. That's not the way it should be."

"Come on, D," Tucker waved my guilt away. "You know as well as I do that we have certain responsibilities. It's not only you, Danny."

"That's what I'm trying to say," I groaned. Sam finally started to pull away. "You guys have been dealt this bad hand of cards too and it's not fair."

"Who says this is a bad hand of cards," Sam asked. "To me, we've got the upper hand. Sure, we're not as close as we used to be but as soon as you realize that we can handle the pressures of your life, we will return to normal."

"I think this is normal," I spoke slowly. "So, after school today, we'll start the weekend dedication to Sam and Tucker's awesomeness!"

"You've got to be kidding me," Sam said, her eyes popping open for dramatization. "How about we shorten it. The Weekend to Celebrate?"

"Weekend o' Fun," Tucker chimed in. "It's not a dedication. It's not a celebration. It's just three friends having fun over the weekend!"

I smiled, "I like it!"

"So do I," Sam smiled at Tucker. "Not bad, Techno Geek!"

"Thanks," Tucker brimmed. We started towards the classroom, first period about to begin.


After school, we decided to allow nothing to chance. We boarded the Specter Speeder and flew into the Ghost Zone, checking on the progress of the rebuild. It was scary how close they were. Because the project had to begin from the inside, progress could be determined from the doorway. A sole rip in the fabric of the Ghost Zone lead into the ghost's haunt and when it would be finished a door would frame that rip. Most of the haunts' entrances' were being framed with a door but the door itself was not solid yet.

Skulker's island was shattered when we checked on it the beginning of the week but now he had the fragments collected and was placing the objects on top. We stopped and chatted for a while but soon we headed for Grandma's and Grandpa's. Sam and Tucker hadn't spoken to them in nearly three months except for that thing with Darcy. Tucker was desperate to see his 'grandparent's' again. It was tricky squeezing them through the rip but I managed to swing it.

"Danny," Grandma greeted me but then saw my friends. "Sam, Tucker," she cried equally as excited.

"Hello, Mrs. Simmons," Sam greeted.

"Hi, Grandma," Tucker declared. Grandma and Grandpa weren't as close with Mom's friends as my parents and Tucker's parents are with Sam, Tuck and I. Dad never called them Mom and Dad and Vlad never called them Mom and Dad. I guess you could say they're Sam's parent's if the Manson's were actually nice people.

"Hello, Tucker," Grandma replied, her smile welcoming but a bit forced. It was weird for her but she was nonetheless kind to Tucker. If she wasn't, well, let me just say we wouldn't be as close as we are. Grandma and Grandpa were trying to adjust to the idea of having a grandson who wasn't a grandson but who was. It's complicated.

"Samantha," Grandpa greeted and Sam stifled a groan. "How are you, my dear?"

"I'm fine," Sam said, a bit stiff. "Please, call me Sam."

"I'm sorry," Grandpa chuckled, a bit embarrassed. "Please forgive me."

"It's nothing, it's just that I don't really like that name. I knew you meant no harm," Sam tried to be as polite as she could be.

"How are things progressing along," I asked as I pulled my tail out and started swishing it backward and forward.

"Slowly," Grandma replied. "The King tore this place to shreds. He was quite pissed." Grandma turned serious and asked softly, "How are you?"

"What do you mean," I asked, confused.

"The word spread around the Zone like wildfire, Danny. You beat the King," Grandma said, chiding me. "You are probably weak, am I right?"

"No," I replied. "I'm fine!"

"Now," Sam cut in. "You should have seen him after the attack. He didn't want to see you when we were here at the beginning of the week because his ghost form was still drained."

"Sam," I cut in. "I'm fine, really. I just lost some energy."

"I heard it was more than that," Grandpa replied. "Rumors went around the Zone that you nearly died. Plasmius," Grandpa said, seething the name, "had to give you energy."

"He did," I replied. "But it's nothing important. I'm fine now."

"What do you mean Plasmius had to give you energy," Sam asked, her head snapping in my direction.

"You guys know I was missing for an entire hour after the town flickered back to reality," I replied. They nodded. "Plasmius started giving me some of his energy. The suit took me down really low."

"Danny," Tucker retorted. "We thought it took you that long to make it to the edge of the town!"

"No," I replied. "I passed out in the castle."

"I can't believe you would keep that from us," Sam seethed.

"He keeps a lot from you," Grandpa said, crossing his arms across his chest.

"That's not exactly a newsflash," Sam said, her voice kind but still displaying the disappointment she had towards me.

"Don't think I don't know what you done this week," Grandpa declared, his glow displaying his own disappointment. "What about the children!"

"What about them," I asked. "You two told me yourselves I couldn't fight this! I always took my dreams with a grain of salt! Why I ever put so much faith in that series of dreams beats me."

"What are you guys talking about," Tucker asked, his eyebrow creased.

"It's nothing," I brushed it off. "So if everything is okay here, we'll be heading out."

"Wait," Grandma interrupted me. "Sweetheart, have you gone to Pariah's Keep since you defeated the King?"

"No," I asked, confused. "Why should I?"

"You're kidding, right," Grandpa asked, his brow creasing.

"No," I replied softly. "What's going on? Why should I return? He hasn't gotten out yet, has he, because I put 25 bottles of Dad's superglue in that sarcophagus on Monday?"

"You did what," Grandma laughed.

"It was overkill, really," Sam groaned. "He didn't want that man getting out any time soon so he took all of Mr. Fenton's superglue to the castle and poured them down the sarcophagus."

"It was not overkill," I objected. "You have no idea how powerful that bastard is! That ring is on his finger still and I wanted to make sure Plasmius didn't try to open that damn thing again!"

"Did anything strange happen when you went inside," Grandpa asked me, getting back to their previous topic.

"Nothing happened," I declared. "We floated into the holding room, I poured the superglue, we left. End of story."

"So you didn't touch the floor," Grandma asked me, her eyes widening.

"No," Tucker declared. "Touch the floor and the booby traps activate!"

"It would for you and Sam," Grandpa answered. "But it wouldn't for Danny."

"What are you talking about," I asked. "They tried to kill me on Halloween!"

"That was before you defeated the King," Grandma replied.

"Okay, spill," I said, getting fed up.

"Honey, what happens in politics when someone dethrones a leader," Grandma asked.

"The government of the entire country is disrupted," I replied. "They seize the country."

"Exactly," Grandpa declared. Am I supposed to get this?

Grandma groaned, "The King was the ruler of this world. After the King was dethroned, the ones who trapped him seized control. When the King escaped and tore up the Ghost Zone, he removed power from the current rulers."

Sam gasped loudly as Grandma continued, "When you defeated the King, you became the next one."

"Oh my God," Sam declared. "Are you telling me Danny's the new King of All Ghosts?"

"Yes," Grandpa replied. My head started to spin. My eyes were burning from the glow pouring off me.

"No," I spoke softly. "No!" I finally declared.

"Sweetheart, there's nothing you can do."

"No," I declared again, my hearing disappearing. The ectoplasm gushed through my veins so fast it pumped in my ears. "This can't be happening."

"Dude," Tucker cried, excitedly, "You're royalty!"

"I didn't defeat the King," I cried, "I just stuffed him away in the sarcophagus. This isn't right!"

"Sweetie, in the Ghost Zone, there are more than one way to defeat someone. The same thing can happen in your world. If someone banishes a ruler or he flees, they still can claim victory."

"But I don't want this," I cried. This can't be happening.

"According to the dream I had, you don't ascend the throne until your eighteenth birthday," Grandpa spoke softly.

"This isn't fair," I declared. "It's not like I don't have enough problems to deal with, now I have to lead the Ghost Zone. Oh, yeah, the other ghosts are going to listen to me alright!"

"They'll have to," Grandma replied. "Or challenge you."

"This isn't fair," I repeated again.

"When is our life fair," Sam spoke softly. I think she got what got me so freaked out. "Come on, Danny. Let's forget about this and enjoy the rest of the weekend."

"Yeah," I replied. "I'll deal with this Monday," I spoke softly. If I deal with it at all.


"Skulker," I asked, checking his profile on my computer. I kept a version at home because this is where the portal was. "Ghost Zone."

"Ember," Sam replied as I flipped it to her profile. "Ghost Zone," Sam answered.

"Box Ghost," Tucker said, his voice groaning.

"Who cares," Sam and I replied together. I could tell Tucker was thinking the same thing. Even the kids at the school weren't screaming for him anymore. People were ignoring him as well.

"All ghost enemies are captured and accounted for," I reported, locking the program to keep my family out of it. "So that means the ghost-free Weekend o' Fun can begin!"

"All right," Tucker cried. Once my program was locked, a notice popped on screen.

"Hard Drive full," I asked, confused. I brushed it aside. "Let me delete something here so I can free up some space." Scanning my computer programs, a picture of Paulina I had digitally bought a few months ago popped up. "Whoops," I said, knowing it bound to be burning Sam up. "How'd that get there," I asked nervously. I didn't really care about it anymore. I was starting to realize Paulina was so not my type.

"Nice," Sam groaned.

"I am so downloading that," Tucker called, pointing his PDA to my computer and copying a digital copy to him.

I minimized the screen and started to scan through it again. DOOMED. "Oh, here's an old version of DOOMED I can delete," I replied. I also have a copy downstairs in the lab and it's a lot easier to play down there.

I back-clicked the program and deleted it just as Tucker's pleas reached my ears, "No, Danny! That's where you trapped Technus!" By the time he had reminded me that I was indeed on the computer where I trapped the long-winded ghost, I had already deleted the program. Technus appeared on my screen as if he was in a video.

Technus cried out happily, starting his rant. I cursed myself inwardly and blocked his ranting out. Technus charged the computer screen but smacked hard against it. That's weird. He can't exit.

Technus decided that since he couldn't escape to do evil, he'd do evil on my computer. He maximized my digital copy of Paulina and doodled on her face. I groaned, so not feeling like putting up with his crap. "Do you know how many digital downloads I traded for that," I asked. I didn't really care that he destroyed Paulina's picture it's just that I can get some really cool things with that picture. Maybe I can save it later.

I transformed and phased through the floor to the lab. I need a thermos. Surprisingly, I saw the Ghost Catcher sitting suspiciously out in the open. Usually Mom and Dad only pull out old inventions when they tweak them. Oh well, just what I needed and Sam and Tucker are upstairs alone. I grabbed the Ghost Catcher, returned to my room and swiped it through my computer, releasing Technus. He was ungrateful, however, blasting me backwards. I allowed myself to hit the wall.

Technus took control over some wires and used it to wrap Sam and Tucker up. Why the hell haven't they left yet? It makes sense that he would attack them first. Technus fears Tucker more than any one of us and many ghosts have said Sam's more of a threat than I am. Of course, it's only in attitude. I only display my true strengths when they go after somebody else but Sam and Tucker are always that passionate. It's become too ordinary for me to put that much passion into an average attack.

Get rid of Technus and you save Sam and Tucker, a voice rang through my head.

Where the hell have you been? You disappear out of nowhere and now you suddenly reappear!

I've been here, he replied. I've just been hanging out, allowing you to take over.

You're the phantom, I objected. Why are you allowing me to lead?

Because you're Danny, he answered. You used to be just one person. Now you're two. I don't want that multiplying!

I became two because of the portal accident. It's not a multiple personality disorder it's just two lives sharing the same body.

"Too bad you can't expunge me and save your friends at the same time," Technus brought me back to reality. Technus had taken control over my computer and using it as a laser. Shoot! Can everyone but me preform that trick?

"Maybe I can," I thought aloud. I done it last week.

You were also on a power high from that suit, Phantom objected.

I concentrated, ignoring his wincing at what I was about to do. I could feel a second subconscious forming but things went horribly wrong from there. Two subconsciousnesses turned into multiple subconsciousnesses. My head swooned from the overload.

"Oh, for the love of Pete, here," Sam declared, out of my sight. I looked up weakly, several images flooding through my head. This is a disaster!

Told you!

Sam had pulled the wires that were wrapped around her and Tucker, taking away the power. No technology, no power for Technus. Technus, now beaten, fled from the scene. I pulled myself back together, going over to Sam and Tucker to phase them out of the ropes.

"I'm sorry guys," I replied, my voice low.

"No sweat," Tucker replied. "It's just Technus. We can defeat him blindfolded!"

He had a point. "Let the Weekend o' Fun begin," I declared.


We didn't see Technus for the rest of the day. When it was time for our movie, Tucker was running a little late. "Sorry," Tucker apologized. "My PDA's been acting a little wonky."

"Wonky," Sam questioned, surprised by his word choice.

I on the other hand had another idea. We had plenty of money, "Why don't you just junk this unit and get a new one?" However, the thing shocked me. I jumped. "Sorry! It was just a suggestion!"

"Looks like we'll never make it to the movie in time," Tucker said, dejected.

"Unless we can find some way to defeat the laws of gravity and time," Sam said, suggesting. I got an evil idea.

"I have just the solution," I declared, running inside. "Wait here!"


Dad took the bait just like a hungry trout on a June bug. Sam and Tucker clung to their chairs as Dad tore down the road faster than my powers ever dared to carry me. "Are you sure there's a ghost in that movie theater," Dad asked me, tearing down the road.

"Positive," I said, thinking to myself that at least there will be when we get there. Paulina has started a dirty trick lately. I've come to her call (from my 1800 number thanks to my name giveaway) three times and she's told me that there's a ghost now. I'm just pulling one of her tricks. "And if there's not, you can pick us up in two hours and six minutes."

"Previews," Sam declared from beside me.

"Two hours and twenty-six minutes," I corrected. I had another reason for doing this. With the cold and Sam's stubbornness lately, I don't want her getting sick. I could allow her to fly herself but it would still take longer than Dad could on a bad day.

"Good thing I installed the Fenton path finder to find the quickest route there," Dad replied. Sure, Dad. Whatever you say. My ghost sense went off but my mind was quickly drawn away from that fact by the numerous belts that wrapped around us. Sam had the most followed closely by Tucker. I had maybe three. What the heck?

"Dad," I asked, confused. "Is this some kind of safety feature?" I think it's malfunctioning.

"Safety features are for punks," Dad declared. Then who did all this. The RV started flying suddenly and I got a bad feeling. If all the ghosts are in the Ghost Zone… Technus. Sam and Tucker started screaming, the loss of control terrifying them. "Don't worry, kids," Dad declared. "Everything will be okay once I deploy the Fenton Ejectors!"

Dad activated the invention he mentioned and sent all of us into the air. The invention was the same as a fighter pilot ejector seat, parachute included. I pulled the sheet over me, allowing the sheet to protect me. Once I activated the rings and transformed, I took out for Technus.

Technus was in an electronic store (where else? ), building himself the perfect body, again. To my horror, though, the RV was the basis of his body. With all the technology my parents have in that vehicle, Technus could truly be unstoppable. Finally, he stopped adding units and stood there in his glory. This is so not going to end well!

It didn't take him long to throw me through the wall and out of his hair. I landed in the garbage dumpster after having slammed through a brick wall. If I had known he would put that much momentum in that throw, I wouldn't have allowed myself to fly through it. There's another endorsement from the resident ghost boy.


We were back at my house now and I was trying to figure out what to do. Sam and Tucker sat on my bed, trying to comprehend everything that was going off. I hated how this cut into our time. I've had all week to spend time with them and I blew it. When I try to spend time with them this weekend, I end up causing it to fail before it even begins.

"My ghost hunting life is always interfering with my personal life," I declared, angry with myself.

"You have a personal life," Tucker joked, trying to make the situation light.

"I will now," I declared. I had an idea. It worked once.

What are you thinking about, Phantom asked me.

You want to be your own person for once in your life, I asked him.

Are you thinking what I think you're thinking? The Ghost Catcher.

The Ghost Catcher, I replied at the same time as him.

In the basement, it separated us and we were able to combine afterward, Phantom replied.

What do you say, I asked him.

Let's do it!

I transformed into my Phantom form and phased through the floor, leaving an equally confused Sam and Tucker. When I returned, I was holding the Ghost Catcher. "The Ghost Catcher," I declared. "Expunges all things ghostly!"

"I don't know," Sam replied, standing up. "Isn't that a little dangerous?"

"Not really," I replied. "I've accidently used it before."

Sam sighed, "I don't think this is a good idea but I'm not going to talk you out of it so I won't even try."

Sam sat back down on the bed, giving in to my crazy antics. But not today. Today, this was brilliant.

Ready, I asked him.

Ready, he answered. We charged at the ghost catcher and I was ready to see him as a solid person for the first time.

The Ghost Catcher hurt more this time than it did before. In the back of my head, I could hear a second set of screams mirroring my own. As I became more aware, I realized that I was watching it from a third person.

Forth person!

Wait a minute, I asked. Are you telling me you're not a real person?

Oh, Phantom has a body but that's not me the same way that's not you. Something went wrong!

It took some time to adjust but I could see out both eyes. I was looking at myself and then I was looking at myself. It's hard to explain. Phantom looked identical but he looked more like the superheroes from comic books. Oh, great.

You're telling me!

Then through Phantom's eyes, I could see Fenton. He looked identical to my human form but he was like some kind of party person. His attitude lacked any true responsibility. I've never been that way!

It gets worse, Phantom replied. They're like regular ghosts. They have their own obsessions. Fenton is obsessed with having fun and Phantom is obsessed with, you guessed it, being the hero. They're not us. They're just projections of what we wanted to be when we went through the Ghost Catcher. I don't understand. It worked last time.

Is there any way to reverse this, I asked.

Not unless we can contact Sam and Tucker. We're just observers. We have no control, not even over our powers.

Great, I replied. So we're forced to sit here and watch these idiots go about, pretending to be us.

Yes, he replied, his voice covered by a sigh. Fenton on the top and Phantom on the bottom, he continued, talking about how we saw each screen. As the two forms of us looked in different directions, it became less confusing. It's like my sight has been divided in half. It's like dual screens on a video.

"I call the fun Danny," Tucker cried, picking up 'fun' Danny and carting him off. Sam looked about to protest but sighed, defeated.

"Hey," Phantom said, his voice deep and ridiculous. "You wear an awful lot of black to be a superhero sidekick! Have you ever considered bright primary colors?"

You've got to be kidding me. "Tucker," Sam said, turning away from the 'hero.' "Wait up!"

Phantom laughed. Can't say that I blame her!

I cringed in horror as Phantom looked in the mirror, changing his demeanor from serious to boosting. I could almost hear the fanfare music that must have been playing in his mind.

Too bad we can't join her, Phantom shrieked. For the love of God, man! Stop that!

I laughed at his response but I felt the same way. It burns, I chuckled out. I made it sound like what people say in the comedies.

There's nothing funny about that!


'Fun' Danny had went to watch the movie at another show time while 'Superhero' Phantom went looking for trouble. In the top screen, Fun Danny sat slouched in the movie theater. Popcorn sat between his legs and a soda sat in his hand. "This is more like it, dudes. No responsibilities, no ghost fights, no lame super-heroics…" He dumped his soda into the floor purposely.

"No manners," Sam chided in shock. That's what I was thinking.

"Are you going to wipe that up," Tucker asked, giving him the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure.

A man walking down the aisle slipped. I cringed, my ghostly eyes able to detect who the man was. Sam and Tucker on the other hand were not as good at identifying the man.

"Looks like that man's butt done it for me," Fun Danny remarked, humor in his voice. He could identify the man if he gave a damn.

Fun Danny let out a loud belch, not having the self-restraint to hold it in or at least minimize it. Sam and Tucker both gasped loudly, "Danny!"

"What," Fun Danny asked, his voice even sounding lazy. "Lighten up, guys. What can a man with a wet butt do?"

The man pulled out a flashlight, shinning it on the three of them. "Not much," Sam said, identifying him as soon as the light flashed on. "Unless he's the manager."

"You," the man barked at Fun Danny. "Did you do this?"

"So what if I did," Fun Danny asked, looking away from the manager.

"All right, you hooligan. Out!"

"What are you going to do," Fun Danny chuckled cruelly. "Fat ass?"


He's a bigger moron than I gave him credit for, Phantom replied. Security hurled Fun Danny out of the theater, unsurprisingly, as Sam and Tucker followed him out like lost puppies. They couldn't figure out why their friend was so different now. I know them and they bound to be worried. "And stay out," the manager cried as he followed his two security personnel in.

"Relax, guys," Fun Danny remarked. "I'll just phase us back in!" He grabbed Sam and Tucker's hands, pulling them towards the door. When all of them came into contact with the door, all five of us were surprised.

That can't be good, I replied.

"I can't go ghost," Fun Danny declared, upset.

"That's not right," Sam replied. "We should go back to the lab to figure this out."

Yes, we should, both Phantom and I called. We wanted this to end. It was humiliating!

"Or we could go bowling," Fun Danny suggested.

"I call the fun Danny," Tucker cried again. He picked him up again, ready to have more fun. At least he's enjoying himself. This weekend was supposed to be about them.

"Wait," Sam cried but it was too late. Tucker had already packed Fun Danny several feet.


Phantom on the other hand was having a blast all his own. He, he.

Nice use of a pun but don't call him Phantom!

Superhero Phantom, I retorted, was fighting Technus who had attacked the town's power grid. Great, they just got that operational again! He was doing most of his attacks for publicity and not fighting to win. Better?


"No distractions, no cumbersome secret identity; more time to dispense my unique brand of ghostly justice. I love it," Superhero Phantom declared. What the heck is cumbersome?

Beats me?

"Leaping lightning rods," Superhero Phantom cried dramatically. Okay, Robin! "This looks like a job for Danny Phantom." I thought you were going to say Batman!

He's putting that image out for everyone to see, Phantom shrieked. This is terrible.

Talk about getting a big head. Everyone will think we're doing this because our status has changed from villain to hero!

I think I'm going to be sick!

"You fallacious fiend," he declared. Where the heck is he getting all these words. His vocabulary is bigger than ours.

Oh, just stop it. You idiot! This is terrible. Why, if I was more than a projection of the real me right now, I'd pummel…

Phantom continued with his rant. His words also became increasingly dirty.

"Danny Phantom is only half ghost," Superhero Phantom finished his monologue. What are you going to do?

The rings formed but nothing happened once they passed over his body. I sighed a big sigh of relief.

Oh, you idiotic, deceptive, full of shit moron, Phantom declared. Just tell the world your Danny Fenton. That won't cause any problems!

Okay, Phantom. You need to calm down now.

This guy is an imbecile. He may have a big vocabulary but that's because he has small common sense… or any kind of sense for that manner. He's a god damned fool!

I'll just leave you to rant.

I turned my attention to the top screen, leaving Phantom alone as he continued to cuss his counterpart. Man, is he pissed! Sam, Tucker and Fun Danny were bowling now, and they seemed to have fun. This is going to be the longest day of my life.


Fun Danny enjoyed his free time, doing things I would never do. He even stole Dad's teddy, drooling on it. Oh, for the love of God!

And don't get me started on the window sill and the bird moment. Sam would have a duck calf!

On the television, as shown by Dad, was Superhero Phantom fighting Technus. Fun Danny wanted to meet Sam and Tucker at the peer, the incident less than interesting to him.

Then at the pier, they were enjoying the carnival that had come to Lake Summerset. Fun Danny was relaxing in the front of the rollercoaster, having a blast. You couldn't tell that, of course, but he was too lazy to even show how much fun he was having.

"I could, like, stay on this rollercoaster forever."

It stopped dead in its tracks.

"Looks like you just may," Sam said, her voice hard. Sam was getting fed up. Please, Sam, end this! Okay, what caused this?

On the top screen, Phantom was almost at the same place.

Superhero Phantom, he declared. Do not call him my name!

Superhero Phantom, I corrected. Jeez, this is getting tiresome.

"Wait a minute," Superhero Phantom said, thinking for a moment.

Can't you hear the rust gears turning?

I chuckled. "Street car, power lines, power generator. You've been charging yourself all night. Technus Two Point O is a wattage wasting wastrel!" Where the hell does he get these words from?

And you're a whatever-you-said idiot, Phantom declared. You're just now figuring this out?!

Technus shot Superhero Phantom, sending him flying in another direction.

You know, Phantom said softly. I think I'm on Technus's side.

Oh, come on. We have to give the underdog the benefit of the doubt. We almost always win!

Yeah, well, I don't think he even knows how to!

I chuckled again. In Fun Danny's sight, Superhero Phantom hurled past him.

"Why couldn't you say supermodels," Tucker objected.

"Did someone say super," Superhero Phantom declared in a big voice.

All those people, Phantom gasped in horror. Oh, I'm going to be sick!

"Relax, citizens," Superhero Phantom cried out heroically. "Danny Phantom's on the job!"

Now, I think I'm going to be sick!

If I was real, I'd be throwing up right now!

"Danny," Sam cried as Superhero Danny flew away. "Aren't you going to do something?"

"What," Fun Danny asked, "he said to relax!"

Suddenly, Fun Danny was yanked out of his seat. I was seeing everything from his perception and he didn't know what happened so I didn't know what happened. We were pulled inside the Specter Speeder, Dad holding our hand.

"Come on, son," Dad declared. "Let's catch us some ghosts!" How the heck did he get the Specter Speeder's keys. I took them from Mom and Dad after Walker arrested me! "You kids will be safer down there," Dad declared, pushing the rollercoaster. With his strength, it slowly started down and gravity took over. Oh, Dad!

Sam and Tucker's screams could be heard but Fun Danny couldn't care less.

Dad flew the Specter Speeder to sit right in front of Phantom.

Super-Superhero Phantom, Phantom cried. He sounded half-mad.

"You're gonna want to nail him between the eyes," Dad declared and I realized what he was asking Fun Danny to do. Um, Phantom?

I see. He sees! It's a miracle. He's developed a brain… too bad Fun Danny's about to kill him!

"Now, waste him," Dad cried happily, swiveling the wheel in front of Fun Danny so that the launcher would be within reach. Ut oh!

Fun Danny looked between Dad and Superhero Phantom, the ghost's eyes the size of quarter dollars. Doing what I would do if I were in this situation with another ghost, he tipped the Specter Speeder to the side, giving Superhero Phantom plenty of time to escape. However, his seatbelt wasn't on so he fell… the hatch sitting wide open. He landed just above the door and I breathed a sigh of relief. The Specter Speeder reared upward as Dad tried to gain control, causing him to fall out of the open door.

Fun Danny screamed and I diverted my eyes. I was only a subconscious so it's not like I could close my eyes. Superhero Phantom was in a hard dive and Fun Danny came into his sights.

"Dueling doublegangers, have you lost your half of our mind," Superhero Phantom declared, furious. He landed him on the ground.

"Dude," Fun Danny retorted, "I'm not the one wearing a bed sheet!"

Ah ha, Phantom cried happily. You tell him Fun Danny!

Both Danny's screamed and jumped out of the way of a blast. "I'll save you Danny," Dad's voice reached my ears through the screens. His voice had an echo because of it being broadcasted through both of my minds. "Wait," he echoed again. "They're both named Danny! I'll save you son!" Still not precise enough!

"Go," Fun Danny screamed at Superhero Danny as they ran.

"I need your help," Superhero Danny cried.

"Why," Fun Danny screamed as they ran.

"You can get past the ghost shied. I can't turn human," Superhero Danny replied.

Fun Danny held his arms up, "Fine! But I don't know why I'm doing this!"

"It's your duty," Superhero Danny declared as he picked him up and lifted him away.

Fun Danny chuckled, "You said doody!"

This is ridiculous.

Superhero Phantom tossed Fun Danny through the shield and he caught the roof-ladder. Through his eyes, I could see Fenton entering the RV. Superhero Phantom started rocketing blasts at Technus.

"Let's see what I can do to drain his battery power," Fun Danny declared while Superhero Phantom kept Technus busy. All of the needless gadgets started going off, causing the battery to die.

"I'm shutting down," Technus cried, "but how?"

The shield dropped.

"Yes," Superhero Phantom cried. The RV stopped moving. Fun Danny jumped out of the RV. He ran over to Superhero Phantom and they started pushing Technus all the way into Lake Summerset.

What, Phantom cried. Use the damn thermos!

They're not that smart, I commented as they pushed Technus into the lake. Mom and Dad are going to kill you when they find out you trashed the RV.

"Like, when Mom and Dad ask what happened to the RV, I am so not covering for you," Fun Danny declared. I shook my head… well, I would have if I had a head to shake. He's not exactly your known brother. We're not really twins!

"And it's that kind of attitude that makes you such a disgrace to our family," Super Danny cried.

"Uh, my family," Fun Danny corrected. You were just trying to say you wouldn't cover for him the way a brother would! "You're the full time superhero, remember?"

"Then perhaps it's time to fuse back together!"

Yes, yes, yes, Phantom cried, sounding on the verge of hysteria.

Super Danny turned intangible and jumped inside Fun Danny. Finally, this is going to be over.

What, Phantom cried. No, no, no! It worked last time!

How come it didn't work, I asked confused. Super Danny is just overshadowing Fun Danny!

Why, Phantom cried, sounding as if he may be crying. Are we doomed to live like this for the rest of eternity?

Wait, I declared. Remember when I first grabbed the Ghost Catcher. It was sitting out.

Mom and Dad upgraded it, Phantom cried.

We may need to actually pass through it to undo the damage.

They may never find that out! We need Vlad! He's smart enough to figure this out!

So are Sam and Tucker, I shot back. This is not over! It will not last until Monday.

At least I'll know this will end then if it hasn't already!

It'll be over today!


The combined Danny's walked the floor, Super Danny disgusted at my bedroom. I know I should have spent more time cleaning but forgive me for having bigger wishes for my free time. "Curse this eternal messy room," Super Danny declared, his deep voice sounding instead of the lazy one of Fun Danny's. "This looks like a job for the vacuum cleaner!" Oh, lord God almighty!

"Danny, are you sure you're okay. You don't seem yourself," Sam asked him. He had told them on the way home in the Specter Speeder that he was okay. Technus wrecked the Specter Speeder after we flew off, my ghost powers much faster than its flight mechanism. It was okay but it had some dents Dad had to smooth out. Of course, Dad blamed me—ghost me, that is.

"Of course I'm myself. I'm," Super Danny started. However, his hands jerked back to himself, Fun Danny reaching inside of himself using Super Danny's powers. Hey, that's a trick I learned!

Maybe they're becoming more like us as time progresses?

Maybe, I replied softly.

"Dude, get out of me," Fun Danny declared.

"No," Super Danny roared. "We must merge again at once!"

"We didn't merge," Fun Danny barked. He turned to my mirror. "You overshadowed me!" He pulled his eye socket down and opened his mouth wide, checking his throat. He's not a virus!

Are you kidding me? This guy is the worst case of bullshit-itis I've ever saw.

I returned my attention to the dual screens, getting disoriented from the sight. Phantom looking at Fenton and Fenton looking at Phantom. It's confusing. And, I barked, don't say it. I called Fun Danny Fenton!

Phantom groaned but said nothing further.

"Something must have gone horribly awry when I tried to duplicate myself," Super Danny lamented. You didn't…

"You didn't duplicate yourself," Sam voiced my exact thought. "You split yourself in half!"

That you got wrong. I created them when I tried to separate something that can't be reversed. Even if I had told Mom and Dad about the accident, which I'm glad I didn't, they couldn't have reversed its effects on me. Nothing can reverse my new DNA profile.

Then why could we split in half back in October, Phantom asked the same thing I was wondering.

I'm not sure, I replied. I think Mom and Dad have upgraded it and I believe the only way to reverse this is to pass back through the Ghost Catcher but I'm not sure how it happened the first time.

"Another pass through the Ghost Catcher should fix things," Tucker replied, getting off my bed. He picked up the Ghost Catcher and passed it over their two heads.

Finally, Phantom declared. I had a similar reaction.

"Or it could make it ten time worse," Tucker declared, his mind unable to describe whatever he saw. I stared at his face, trying to figure out what had become ten times worse.

"Danny," Jazz's voice came from behind me. Her shriek also formed but still the two Danny's stayed rooted facing Tucker. Come on, one of you! Turn in the other's direction so I can see what happened.

"Danny," Dad's voice boomed from outside my room. Sam and Tucker gasped and ran for the Danny's, Sam grabbing Fenton while Tucker grabbed Phantom. Surprisingly, Sam started pushing Fun Danny. What the heck?

The Danny's reacted to the surprising turn of events, groaning as Sam and Tucker pushed them. What the heck is going off?

I don't know, Phantom replied.

"Not both of them," Sam declared. However, the floor groaned the way it does when someone is about to come into my room. Time had ran out. Sam pushed Tucker and Fun Danny in the closet, having no time to allow Tucker to escape the shove.

"Danny, I need-hey," Dad started but turned angry. "What is the Ghost Catcher doing in your room?" Crap. Now he notices all the weapons littering my floor. There is usually a thermos, pistol or pencil box somewhere in my room at all times. "You march that thing back into the lab this instant," Dad declared. Fun Danny groaned, picking up the Ghost Catcher and carting it out of my bedroom. From Super Danny's view box, I saw him open the door. Even more surprising than Sam and Tucker's reaction was the pink arm that I saw. Ut oh.

I think I know what happened, Phantom replied, a lump in his throat.

Yep, I replied. We were both too scared to voice aloud what had happened.

As Super Danny closed the closet door, Mom walked into the room. "I swear I don't know what's come over Jazz. Danny, be a dear and go show her that you're all right."

"I'm more than all right," Super Danny declared in his super voice. No, not Mom! She's smarter than a pack of Elephants at a genius convention! "I'm Danny Fenton!"

Mom smiled widely, clasping her hands together. Then a look of confusion fell over her, cocking her head to the side. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Super Danny paid no attention to the light threatening to come on in Mom's mind. You're going to get us killed!

The suspension was building with both Danny's so close to Mom and Dad and I kept switching my eyes back and forth between the view boxes. Both Danny's resembled each other and Mom would know if I was a twin. This couldn't be covered by a pale face and white hair. This would end in the dissection of me on a lab table!

Stupid Fun Danny hadn't finished descending the stairway as Mom's feet passed the squeaky floorboard. She exited my room and I haven't made the pass. Tucker purposely put his beret in Mom's face. "Does this smell funny to you," Tucker asked. Good boy. Still, Fun Danny didn't see the danger.

"Tucker," Mom cried. "I don't have time for this. And we should really do something about that problem dandruff!" Mom removed the hat from in front of her face. "Danny," Mom addressed. "The Ghost Catcher can wait. You need to go check on your sister." No!

Fun Danny groaned, sitting the Ghost Catcher down. He turned around, ascending the stairwell again. Sam and Tucker gasped, crying, "Danny, hide!"

On the screen of Super Danny, he was in the hallway again. What did I miss?

He called Dad paunchy! Dad ordered him to take the Ghost Catcher to the lab!

This is impossible! And Dad is so not paunchy!

Fun Danny leaped over the stairway, hitting the floor with ease. Super Danny ran back into the bedroom. Oh, yeah, that'll work.

The doorbell rang, causing Mom and Dad to both declare they'd get it. Dad picked up the Ghost Catcher on his pass to the door. He passed it to me, Mom staring at me strangely. "Take this to the lab immediately!"

"He should check on Jazz, honey," Mom replied. "She was really freaked out!" Sam, Tucker and Super Danny slowly descended the stairs. Tucker waved Fun Danny over and he followed them into the lab, carrying the Ghost Catcher.


They were trying to decipher the mystery of the Ghost Catcher when Mom announced, "Good news, kids." Sam stepped in front of Fun Danny and Tucker noticed her plan. Sam and Tucker just barely blocked Fun Danny but his head still towered over theirs. Mom and Dad didn't seem to notice. "We recovered the data recorder box from the RV."

"As soon as we connect it to the house's main data frame, we should be able to determine what happed this afternoon."

No, I screamed.

Don't, Phantom cried.

"Dude," Fun Danny declared.

"Dad," Super Danny cried.

"No!" they both said in unison.

But it was too late. Dad connected the connector and the house suddenly sparked alive. Both Danny's stood out in the open, looking in all directions as a glow came over everything in the lab. We just made the entire house Technus's body. This is a disaster.

They both assumed the position to transform, despite being there in front of my family. I guess I would do the same thing. With Technus having control over everything in the house, including the portal, I would need to waste no time. Secret identity or not, priorities must come first. Cords flew out, entangling Sam, Tucker, Mom and Dad. "Going ghost," they cried together. I held my breath.

The power washed over both of them, them both declaring, "Whoa, I can still do that!"

"I'll save them," Super Danny declared. If it weren't for the dual screens, I'd never know who was who. "You deal with the house hijacking horror!" At least he's using core words I know the definition of but I'd still never use that kind of vocabulary.

Fun Danny leaped into the air, attempting to fly through the several floors separating him from Technus. However, his head slammed painfully into the anti-ecto walls of the lab. "Would it be too much to ask for all of my powers back?"

If he's missing core powers, Phantom said in shock.

"Eat ghost ray, you evil electrical extinctions," Phantom declared. His hands sparked but nothing more. "Fizzling Phantoms, are my powers diminished as well?" Phantom phased my family out of the wires, declaring, "At least that one still works."

Ghost ray and flying is what Fun Danny has, I declared.

And intangibility and invisibility is what Super idiot has, Phantom declared. I laughed.

He's not so bad… just a bigger vocabulary.

And a smaller nut.

Brain! Just say brain!


Sam and Tucker came to their feet first, ready for a fight. Mom and Dad stood up, weary of me.

"Ghost kid," Mom declared.

"Not now," Sam barked. "Tuck!"

"On it," Tucker said but he had his doubts. This was not going to be easy. You can't beat the Fenton mainframe. Mom and Dad designed it to be infallible.

"You need to evacuate these premises immediately, mortals. It is not safe here," Super Danny declared. Are you nuts? Don't push them!

"What's with you," Dad asked, his head cocking to the side.

"Get them to safety," Phantom declared. He leapt into the air, trying to fly.

You can't fly, dummy!

He fell face first.

"I think I'll take the stairs," he declared. He ran up the steps, his speed still superior to my families. I can't wait for this to be over!

On the Fenton-cam, Fun Danny was getting his butt beat by Technus.

What are you doing, you idiot, Phantom cried. Go help Danny!

I looked back to the screen to see Phantom exit the house. On the upper screen, Fenton came flying down, hitting the concrete. Phantom (the disembodied one) gasped. I looked up to see Fenton in Super Danny's sight. Oh crap.

"Wait," Mom cried. "Where's Danny!"

Light passed Super Danny's sight, "I'm right here, mother!"

"But weren't you just," Dad stated, confused.

Oh, crap, this is not good.

"Mom, Dad," Jazz's voice cried. Both Danny's looked up, seeing her in her bedroom window. "Danny, other Danny!"

Oh, crap, I hissed. I was worried about Jazz but something was nagging at the back of my mind. I stuffed it away, ready to fly after her. However, I couldn't control my body and I had to hope the Danny's would have the same urge. Mom and Dad dashed inside. Crap!

"Jazz," they both cried as they ran into the house. Fun Danny sat up as Super Danny triggered the rings again.

"We have to stop him," Super Danny declared.

"Ha," he scoffed. "Good luck, dude."

"I only have half our powers. We must do it together," he cried again. "it's your duty!"

Fun Danny laughed again. "You said doody twice!"

"Focus," Super Danny cried.

"Tried it," Fun Danny dismissed it. "Didn't work. Back to bowling." Oh, give it up. We're not normal. We can't keep putting this off. Ghost hunting is the only thing that matters. Not family, not friendships, not school. Protecting the lives of this town!

"It'll be fun," Tucker suggested.

"You'll get to hit stuff," Sam added.

"Sweet," Fun Danny agreed. He lifted the four of them into the air, going after the house. Oh, my God, Fentonworks is walking!


After dropping Sam and Tucker off in the house and their disappointed sighs, the Danny's went to the roof to fight Technus. At least some part of me is coming out in them. They tried to defeat him but he was too powerful with the house. It was impossible. He was too powerful.

"Multitask this," Tucker cried. They both turned around to see Sam and Tucker wielding the Ghost Catcher, expunging Technus. I groaned. Leave it to Sam and Tucker to figure out what to do.

Technus appeared outside the house, it collapsing on the beaches of Lake Summerset. I looked around, the pier in sight, the carnival packed with its Saturday crowd. Everyone would see my house, unmistakable for my house, miles from where the house should be. Great.

"Then perhaps it's time my ghostly form had a ghostly upgrade as well," Technus called to the sky. Sounds like the same Technus to me.

They both grabbed him before he could fly away but Technus sent them flying backwards. The screens disappeared, becoming a single view. I looked around, noticing the 360 panoramic views. "They did it," I said, hearing my voice echo from being spoken. "I mean I did it!" I put my focus on Technus, knowing the projections of our desires no longer existed. "All right, Technus. You're dealing with me now, the real Danny Phantom!"

"No matter," Technus said. "I'll escape to further my plans!"

"Shouting out your plans again," I asked, sarcasm in my voice. I grabbed his tail again, catching the thermos Tucker tossed me. This is how you defeat a ghost! "That is so One point O!" I declared, sucking him inside.

"This isn't over, child! I'll be back!" Technus disappeared inside the Thermos.

"Way to pull yourself together, Danny," Sam declared, being quite witty if I don't say so myself.

"How did that last pass work anyway," Tucker said, examining the Ghost Catcher. Side one – separate. Side two – merge. Duh!"

I powered down, happy to be one and in charge again. "I'm sorry I couldn't put together that fun Weekend I promised you guys," I apologized. One day was hardly going to fill everything we wanted to do.

"Are you kidding," Tucker said. "This was a fun weekend!"

"Really," I asked, thinking to myself how it wasn't to me.

"We're your friends, Danny," Sam said, coming to stand by me. I leaned against the railings, looking out into the massive lake. "Kicking back or kicking butt!"

Tucker joined Sam and I, both of them leaning to mirror me. "I'm not nuts," Jazz cried. I hadn't heard her previous statement for I was watching Sam and Tucker but I knew what she was talking about. She did see me transform and she's been trying to figure out how I could be in two different places at once. Jazz knows and she's being Jazz, waiting for me to tell her. It's not going to happen.

"Glad to see you in one piece, son," Dad replied as he came up beside Tucker. Mom stood beside Jazz who stood beside Sam.

"Tell us about it," We all three declared, chuckling at the inside joke.

We all were leaning against the railing, looking out at the sunset as it started to cast rays of light across the sky. The snow caused the light to shine brightly. It was a beautiful day, not too cold out. "Now, to work on getting the house back," Dad declared.

"Hey, Dad," I said, looking to my right. "Maybe we can do that after the weekend?"

We all chuckled because that wouldn't work for this town. "How are we going to do that," Sam asked, sitting up.

"How else," I groaned as I slipped away from the railing. I went inside, transformed and phased out of the house via the wall. "Need some help," I asked as Phantom, floating in front of them. Tucker let out a laugh and I tried not to send him the death glare I wanted to. Thankfully, Sam jabbed him in the side for me.

"What are you proposing," Mom asked me, narrowing her eyes.

"For helping me defeat Technus," I replied. "I'll return your house."

"How," Dad asked, narrowing his eyes as well.

"I don't know if you've noticed it or not, but I've got super strength," I said, my voice even. "What do you say? It'd beat the old way."

"Sure," Jazz said, smiling at me. "We'd be honored to be assisted by a hero."

"I'm not a hero," I spoke softly. "I'm just trying to do what is right."

Mom cocked her head to the side but shook her head to clear her thoughts. It's just a trick, I heard a small voice. It sounded different.

My eyes widened, my smile unable to be stopped. Someone else's voice! I heard someone else's voice. It's not Mom's but it's not mine either. Yes!

"What are you smiling about, ghost," Dad asked.

"Nothing," I said, still with the smile. "Do you wish to go inside or wait for me at the lot?"

"We're going to follow you with guns trained on you," Mom replied. "That's our house you're carrying. We don't just trust it to anyone… or anything."

"Fair enough," I spoke, placing my hands behind my back. Sam and Tucker crossed over the railing, one hand holding the bar while the other reached out to me. I smirked, grabbing their hands, one in each. I lowered them to the ground gently. "Would you like a lift down," I asked as I approached Jazz again.

"Y-," Jazz started as Mom yanked her back.

"No," Mom cried. "Sam, Tucker, you two are in so much trouble! Now, let's go find Danny, young lady."

"He left," Jazz said quickly. "You remember that he went to go find help. He probably ran back to the house!"

"Okay," Mom sighed. Why are they always lying for Danny? Is he back to his old tricks?


When Mom, Dad and Jazz walked outside, my parents lifted their guns on me. "Okay," Dad replied. "Try anything funny and we'll scatter your cells ten ways to Sunday."

I didn't reply, only phased through the ground. "He done that before," Dad replied as I solidified my hands. Once the house was all the way off the ground, equal to my height, I made myself solid. I carried it back to the lot slowly so they wouldn't be left behind. If I wanted to steal the house, which is ridiculous, I could do so easily. Before they could blink I would be gone.

I lowered the house on its foundation, using my ectoplasm to reconnect everything Technus disconnected when he possessed the house. I landed in front of my parents.

"I owe you a lot," I said. "More than I could ever repay. Thank you for what you allowed me to do with the suit. I am sorry I lost it."

"You're talking about when the town was sucked into the Ghost Zone," Mom declared.

"Yes," I replied. "If it weren't for your suit, I would have never been able to defeat him. I owe you so much and more. If you're ever in need," I replied. I imagined a business card with my team phone number and my ghost name on it. "I'll gladly assist," I said, handing it to Mom. "Thank you so much."

"We owe you a lot too," Sam replied, walking to stand beside me. "So much more than we could ever repay."

"I was just doing my job," I said, my voice having an edge. Do not start this!

I won't allow them to treat him like a criminal, another female voice replied. I could almost hear Sam in the voice but it wasn't quite right.

"What happened to my suit," Dad asked.

"I'm not sure," I replied. "The suit drained me until I was barely existing. When I became conscious again, I was out of the suit. I'm so very sorry."

"Maybe it'll turn back up," Mom replied. "All right. Scoot. You helped us; I can't fire on you now." Mom lowered the gun, "Ghost hunter's rules."

I smiled, "Nice to know you obey the rules." I replied. I knew she was responsible for half the rules invented and has shaped the other half at some time or another since her induction to the board of directors. Of course, she wasn't alone. I've had my hands on some of the rules as well.

"Of course," Mom replied. I nodded, taking to the skies.

"We got to go," yelled Sam and Tucker, purposely trying to allow me to hear their message. I could hear it if they whispered it. "Bye," they cried.


The weekend concluded and school resumed. However, things were different now. I can't focus on my personal life anymore. I exist to protect this town. That's my reason for being. Monday remained ghost free but Tuesday saw the return of the normal ghosts. Two weeks. Two weeks' vacation, one of them spent recuperating.

AN: Here's the first chapter of New Beginnings. I hope you have followed along from the original. If you are new, this story is a continuation of a series. The first installment is called Bitter UNIONS. It is required to understand this story. These stories contain explicit sex, male sex, rape, pedophilia and language. The following chapters will see more Vlad and more mature material. Readers digression is advised.