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Ah, summer was finally gone! The weather was getting a bit cold though, and I had forgotten my jacket at home. I figured I should buy a new one; I was at the mall after all...

"Motoki! I think I should buy a new jacket."

"Okay, Mamoru, let's go."

Motoki was nice. He was my best friend - but you already know that. Anyway, we searched for some time at the mall and then I saw the most beautiful girl ever. She was blonde, bubbly, with bright blue eyes, laughing at a jacket. Okay, I get it. It's pea green, hideous. But the way that girl made fun of it, and seeing how pretty she is, I decided I was going to buy it. That way, if I crossed her on the street again someday, she would at least look at me - even if it was just to laugh. Just me luck, Motoki knew her and started talking to her.

"Hi Usagi! Nice to see you!"

"Hi Motoki! Not working today, huh?"

It was great that he was talking to her – I now knew her name. Usagi, my little Bunny... And she used to go to the Crown! I realized I should start paying more visits to my friend at his job. All of a sudden, I noticed she was looking at me. I froze for a few moments then, rushed into the store! I couldn't talk to her. Not yet, anyways.

"Hi! Welcome to the store. My name is Akane, can I help you?"

"Oh, hi! I was wondering; that green jacket... do you have it on my size?"

Well... That's when the plan "Make Usagi look at me" was put into action!

"Hey, Motoki! What do you think?"

"Damn, Mamoru! That thing is awful! Why do you want to buy THAT one?"

"Well... You'll see..."

And that's how I bought my green jacket. But you cannot tell anyone about it.


The dark-haired man finished telling the story to a little girl with pink hair who burst out laughing and saying, "Wait, dad! So, you bought that ridiculous pea-green jacket just so you would have something to talk to mom? I'm so telling her that! MOOOOOOOM!"

"Chibiusa, don't!"