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Chapter 90: Jammed

Erin looked up at Vlad inside the cramped coffin; they had never closed it before. She felt herself begin to panic in the small space. She'd never been in a space as small as this before. Her own coffin had never had the lid closed before. She couldn't stand it.

She tried breathing, panicking as she couldn't draw in air. She couldn't get her lungs to work which made her panic even more.

Vlad heard her gasps and quickly caught her face and forced her to look at him. Her eyes darted everywhere but at him.

"Look at me." He told her softly and slowly her eyes rested on him, "You're a full vampire now, you don't need to breathe."

Erin nodded understanding his words, she felt herself relax. He kissed her forehead lightly, feeling her still underneath him. He continued to hold her face until she completely calmed down.

She looked past him, upwards at the still rounded coffin. She would have thought that the coffin would have caved in with the force of whatever it was thrown at them.

"What was that?" She moved to click her fingers but he grabbed her hand and held it tightly.


She understood why he'd done that, "Whatever did that could be waiting for us outside." She whispered.

That wasn't it; well it was part of it. "No I think it was the roof that landed on my coffin and…"

Erin looked at her watch, "It's still daylight, for another hour at least." She dropped her head back downwards onto the soft cushioned interior of the coffin. Daylight would kill them both, Vlad would be able to withstand it for longer than her that's if she'd completely changed and there was nothing to say that she hadn't at the moment.

"The mechanism's probably jammed anyway." There was no way he could open the coffin, she wouldn't be able to either, using the locks.

Erin looked at him in confusion; there was no way he could know that. His visions didn't work like that usually it was when she or one of his family was in danger, although she supposed now could be classed as being in danger. "How do you…"

He lifted her hand upwards to where the two halves of the coffin lid met. He gently ran her hands down the seal. Her eyes widened in understanding as she could feel a small bump there. The halves had been pushed inwards, just a fraction but it was more than enough to jam the mechanism. It wasn't visible to the naked eye but it was clear to feel.

"I might be able to open it when the sun goes down." Vlad muttered, glancing upwards. "Until then…"

"We're stuck in here." She finished, looking around at their latest 'prison'.

At least there were no bars.


Erin really didn't like this sensation, she didn't like feeling this closed in. She tried to move but only succeeded in catching Vlad in the stomach.

"Sorry." She muttered trying to force her eyes to compensate. They hadn't fully adapted to the dark yet, although she'd never really had a problem before. It was either that or she really didn't want to think of how small and dark their prison was.

He was growing worried; there were a number of expressions crossing her face. "You okay?" He looked at her.

"Yeah, it's just different; usually we leave the coffin wide open…" She closed her eyes, trying to ignore the sensation that was growing.

"You don't like being in closed coffins?" He had a faint smile on his face as he said the words. "Being a vampire is going to be interesting." He grinned unable to hide it anymore. Vampires were protected by the lids of their coffins, he needed to keep his closed at all times for protection when he slept on his own, besides it wasn't practical with the both of them as they were now uncomfortably proving.

Erin gave him the most indignant look she could muster. "Apparently I've always been a vampire and I've survived in beds since I was born." She told him as a matter of fact. "I can sleep in a coffin if the lid is open as well." She pointed out, "You know that as well as anyone. I just don't like being closed in."

She didn't really have a choice in that. "With everyone out to slay us, we'll need to close the lid more often. Especially you on your own." She pouted at him; she didn't like his words at all. "It won't be as bad in a coffin where there's more room." He assured her nodding, he'd felt the same way with his coffin but he'd grown reluctantly used to it.

"Really?" If he could do it then she could she supposed.

"Promise." Vlad's expression softened, "When we move to Transylvania I promise we'll have a bigger coffin…"

Erin smiled brightly up at him. "Are you asking me to move in with you?" She felt giddy; he was asking her to move into his room, for there to be no barriers between them at all. She didn't know how his family would feel about that or his kind but she didn't care.

"You don't have to," He sounded unsure, she hadn't heard him like that in a long time. "I thought that we could share…"

He didn't get to finish as she leaned up and kissed him slowly, wrapping her arms around his neck pulling him closer to her. She slowly pulled back but he followed her not wanting to break the kiss. She managed to pull back for the briefest of seconds letting out a laugh. She placed a hand on his chest and pushed him back gently. "That's a yes, just in case you didn't understand." She laughed before groaning as he shifted. "You're heavy." She murmured looking down the length of him.

Vlad narrowed his eyes at her; he pulled back so sharply he hit his head on the damaged lid. He winced ignoring the stabbing pain throughout his skull. "You don't usually mind."

Her face took on a mischievous expression, "Usually you're not there for long." He usually shifted and pulled her across his chest.

He dropped his head down to his chest, "I get the message."

She was hinting that she wanted him to move.

He tried to shift his weight and only succeeded in drawing a pained gasp from Erin. He winced trying his hardest to avoid knocking her stomach. He was trying to lift himself off her so she could slid across but ended up putting his foot on her leg.

Erin's elbow found his ribs and he let out an 'oomph' as it dug sharply into him. "Sorry." She whispered as she tried to give him some space to manoeuvre himself around.

He managed to press his back awkwardly against the side of the coffin, bending and arching it painfully. Erin mimicked his actions so she faced him.

Vlad tenderly wrapped his hands around her waist and tipped his head asking if she was ready. Erin nodded; they had to move at the same time to achieve this. He nodded head as he counted three before rolling them clockwise.

Erin came to a halt across his chest, her left hand trailed up to his shirt collar resting palm down there. Her legs tangled with his and she let out a sigh at the more comfortable position. The only downside was that she was now closer to the lid. She closed her eyes; it was an easy problem to solve.

"Now you're too heavy." He taunted with a grin, her eyes snapped open and she hit him lightly on the chest.


The time passed more comfortably like this, she like the way his hand traced patterns on her shirt. She was curious what he was drawing. Vlad loved art, there were drawings of his all around his room – or at least there had been before the roof had caved in on them. His movements were hypnotic and enough to send her to sleep if she let herself drift off.


He turned his head towards her. "Hmm?"

She lifted her head up and brought her other arm up to pillow her head on his chest. "I'm sorry about earlier. Nearly marking you with my fangs."

"I know." He turned towards her a fraction, "I overreacted. I was just upset that you were going to do it without knowing its importance."

"I know now." She smiled at him, before kissing his neck and nipping it lightly as proof with her normal teeth. She was glad he didn't shudder or push her away as it proved that he had forgiven her for her impulsive actions. "I won't do it until we mate." She promised him. "Although being Blood Partners should have some perks." She told him with humour.

Before he could ask her what she meant something caught his attention.

"Shhhh…" Vlad whispered, he could hear something outside.

Erin tipped her head listening carefully, she couldn't hear anything at first but then her mind fixed on something. The sound suddenly seemed to be amplified tenfold and she winced at first before she became used to it and listened intently.

It was a shuffling sound, actually more of a scuffling outside. Something was scraping against the locks of the coffin, trying to open the mechanism. The mechanism couldn't be opened singly it could only be opened as one – at least when the coffin was undamaged that was the case.

Vlad looked to Erin and nodded. It was now or never.

He closed his eyes and concentrated. The mechanism was useless so he focussed his mind on the hinges of the coffin instead.

The pins in the hinges rattled frantically as he concentrated. There were eight hinges on his coffin, less than the locks, he had to concentrate on.

Erin could see the pins slowly dropping from the hinges inside the coffin. This power of Vlad's always amazed her; he was growing stronger every day with them.

His eyes suddenly snapped open as the last pin dropped out and landed in the inside furnishing.

"Ready?" He whispered for her ears only, a whisper that quiet couldn't be heard by anyone on the outside.

"Yeah." She whispered.

He clicked his fingers once.

The lid flew from the coffin bursting through the wall that lay in front of it, leaving nothing more than a pile of rubble and dust floating to the ground.

Leaving them vulnerable to whoever was waiting on the outside.


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