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Story Title: Common Law ABC Drabbles
Drabble Title: A is for Acceptance
Rated: PG-13
Romance: Travis x Wes
Notes: For the most part, these drabbles are not related to each other in any way beyond all concerning Travis and Wes. I'm posting all of these drabbles as a chaptered piece so I don't have a twenty-six one-shot drabbles on my profile. Most of these drabbles are going to be between 100 – 500 words. Comments and criticism gratefully accepted.
Collection Summary: Travis' and Wes's relationship, described in a twenty-six pieces, by twenty-six different letters and twenty-six different words.

Word Count: 270

Drabble Summary: Travis still can't accept Wes's great cooking.

A is for Accept – To take something offered

'Um I still can't get over how well you cook.' Travis said delighted with a sigh as he ravaged the plate in front of him that had his favorite Chicken Parma. Yum.

Wes raised an eyebrow at him. 'You mean after all this time as us being partners you still can't get over how good a cook I am.'

'Yup I don't think I ever will. It is also good to know that those cute little hands of yours can do something other than cock a gun expertly.'

'My hands are not cute or little!' A small vein popping up on his forehead and headache starting to form.

'Are too.'

'Are not!'

'They are!'

'No they're not'

'Yes they are'

'No they're … you know what Travis I'm not going to play this childish word game with you.'

'You know what your right Wes I apologize for my childish behavior.

Wes eyebrow raised again not expecting Travis to be so … well mature and his vein was less visible. The headache was gone too.

'Okay then, I accept you apology and I'm proud of you to admit you were wrong. I'm proud of you Travis.'

'Thanks Wes that really means a lot to me.' He looked down to Wes' hands. 'Sorry for calling you cute and little. That was the wrong word.'

'Travis…' Wes gave Travis a warning tone that he either heard and ignored or wasn't paying any attention to at all.

'You don't have cute hands Wes. They are obviously pretty.'

The vein and headache came back with a vengeance.

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