Alex Mercer had been killed by the one they call Sergeant James Heller. The world would never see him again, and it was unlikely there would be another viral breakout, unless Gentek tried to Weaponize it again.

That's what they thought anyway.

I had been someone once, I had also worked on engineering BLACKLIGHT, but I hadn't worked with Alex Mercer. The resulting strain of virus that I had engineered was similar to BLACKLIGHT, but it worked in a slightly different way. See, the VARIENT strain of virus wasn't quite as limited as BLACKLIGHT, it could absorb biomass from deceased life forms. Not only that, but it also was focused by will, if it willed itself to be shaped differently, it could shape itself differently, if it had enough Biomass to form the shape.

I knew that all too well, it saved me from death, but made me into a monster as well. I watched through the first outbreak as Elizabeth Greene carried out the will of REDLIGHT, the original Virus Strain. I watched as she created Hunters, Hydras, and the MOTHER, and finally, I watched as Alex Mercer killed the MOTHER, and consume Elizabeth Greene.

Lastly, I watched as the Supreme Hunter tried to kill Alex Mercer, and was killed in the process, and as Alex Mercer disposed of the Nuclear Warhead in the waters outside NYZ.

Fourteen Months had passed, and the Second Outbreak began, as Alex Mercer transformed NYZ once more, and infiltrated Blackwatch and Gentek with his Evolved. During the second Outbreak, I had an unfortunate run in with one of the evolved, he had foolishly attempted to consume me.

I had been watching, listening, for I could sense the virus, and hide my own, I had known there was an evolved lurking nearby, along with James Heller. He had been looking for them for a reason which I did not know, when he found the one he was looking for, two more jumped in to aid in the fight, while a third ran off, picking me up in the process.

He proceeded to run up a nearby building, held me still, and punched through my torso, I felt no pain, for I knew that he would not survive, my body had turned nearly liquid, holding only the image of my body. His arm sank deep into my chest, where I solidified, Cinching his arm off, leaving me to consume his lost mass.

Staggering backwards he said "What are you?" I replied simply, "VARIENT" and grabbed him by the head, crushing it, and consuming him.

Not a drop of blood was left, not even a stain of the Evolved I had consumed, I cared not to know who it was that I had consumed, his memories I discarded, but his Mass would help strengthen me.

After the short work with the Evolved, I turned and watched as James Heller consumed the last Evolved, then I retreated back into the Red Zone. I had been building Strength, ready to take whatever challenge would face me, be it James Heller, another Evolved, or Alex Mercer himself.

My name is Varien Dathemire, and I am the VARIENT.

This is a Footnote where I'll leave extra comments, they'll be in bold, well this first chapter is basically just to give background information on The Varient himself, and excuse the use of my Username for The Varient, I'm not really good with them. I'd like feedback, both positive and negative, positive tells me where I'm writing strongly, and Negative tells me where I need improvement.