Hello again after a long time, this is Varien Dathemire, writer of The Variant Prototype Fanfiction. After some thinking and careful consideration, I've decided not to continue writing The Variant, and instead, rebooting it, with some input from the Reviews I've received, I'm going to tear it all down, and build it back up from the beginning.

Instead of starting After the second Outbreak, it's going to be rewritten, starting roughly in the midpoint between The First Outbreak, and the Second, possibly carrying through from there, Or taking place in a Side-Story Dimension thing taking place During the Second Game, Behind the Scenes, or in something that Contrasts the events of Prototype 2.

The characters are going to be changed as well, along with the story behind it all.

Due to the Character submission page, I've received a number of entries, and I feel obligated to include those entries in the story somehow, despite this rewrite not including a large number of Prototypes.

It may involve Crossover material as well, but I'm undecided on that point.

If your curious as to why I've decided to rewrite, I'll explain briefly here:

Everyone who makes something with flaws either decides it's time to end it, or rework it, I've decided to rework it, planning it through far more this time, and outlining all of the story a bit better for myself, before writing anything about it. I feel it's a bit too Messy at this point, and I've essentially built The Variant character up too much, despite Viral Degeneration, he's essentially Immortal without the use of Fire or a Cure.

In that regard, The character needs to be cleaned up and built up Manually in a progressing manner, rather than starting with Nigh-Godlike abilities due to the resources available to him.

Things that will be changed:


Character Background

Time Frame

Character Amount

Things that will remain Unchanged:

Characters Themselves

Certain Character Abilities

Part of The Variant's Goal

The current incarnation of "The Variant" will die off soon enough due to Document Life, and as a result, the rewrite will take it's place.

Thanks for the support and critique given to This Incarnation, it should lead to a superior Rewrite.