A love letter


There she is. Over at the other side of the room is the girl I've had on my mind since the first day of school. She is perfect with the way she speaks, the sparkle in her eyes, and I swear her purple hair sparkles every time the sun hits it.

Rio Kamishiro, have you ever noticed me? I'm the pink haired boy who sits in the front of the class. My name is III, or that's what everyone calls me.

"I've always been too nervous to talk to you so…" I shake my head in front of the mirror. "No, that's not right. Maybe I should just leave it in her desk or something."

I sigh and look and take out the note from my uniform pocket. Even though this thing has been in my pocket all day, it looks perfect. The perfection of the note gives me enough courage to confront Rio. I'm going to do this today!

I exit the bathroom and quickly walk through the halls. I decide to try our classroom first. Rio always stays after class to help out. Before I can even make it halfway to the room I find the girl I've been looking for and hide behind the corner of the wall. No, I'm not hiding because I'm scared. I'm hiding because of him.

"III, is that you there?" he speaks.

"Yes IV, it's me," I answer and come into view of the two. Normally I'd enjoy the company of my brothers. But IV… he knows I like Rio and he's now decided to ask her out before me.

"Well you can scurry along now, I was just talking to the lovely Miss Kamishiro here," IV told me with a smirk on his face. He pulled out a white rose and presented it to Rio. "So Rio, would you like to be mine?"

"Wait!" I shout and shove my gift to Rio. "It's a billet-doux. Read it."

Rio looked confused, but still unfolded the letter while IV looked over her shoulder and read it aloud. "In the sunlight your hair glitters like tinsel. Soft eyes that you're gifted with has my heart skip a beat, even though I'm looking the other direction…"

He droned off and read the rest of the note to himself along with Rio. "That's for Rio, not you!" I complain.

Rio closes the note and smiles. "That's beautiful, but what's a billet-doux?"

"It's a love letter in French."

"Then you could've just said that you know?" IV said.

"But French is the language of love, which is what Rio is causing me to fall to," I told my brother.

"Whatever, but Rio is still going to chose me right?" IV pulls out his rose again for Rio to take.

"That's very sweet of both of you," Rio told us as she began to walk away. "Well the one who's been on my mind is…"

She went out of earshot and continued to walk away. IV and I look at each other and shout back to Rio. "Who have you been thinking of!?"


A/N: I was going to wait a while for posting that since I have a few other stories I need to finish, but I was inspired with this word! I may not update for a while because of my other stories, but if a certain word attracts me I'll think about it.

This is actually based off the song "First Love Academy" by Rin and Len Kagamine and GUMI. It was actually going to be YumaxKotorixCathy at first, but then it was IV as the shy one. As I began typing I decided to make it III instead and IV as the Sauvé one.

Hope you all liked it!