A noisy, disorderly disturbance or fight; riotous brawl; uproar.


Characters: Arclight Family

Summary: Boys will be boys.


Thomas and Michael are a rambunctious duo. They always managed to get into a fight with one another. Boys will be boys.

Byron sighed as he heard the two fighting in the other room. "Chris, could you please see what the boys are fighting about this time?"

"Of course father," Chris replied. He entered the other room to see what the boys were fighting about this time.

"Thomas. Michael. What's going on?"

The young boys ran over to their older brother and tugged on his clothes. "Chris! Chris! Chris!"

The two boys began to loudly babble about their newest problem.

"Can you two calm down and clearly say what you want?" Chris asked.

Thomas and Michael stopped talking and took a deep breath. "WE WANNA HAVE A FAMILY DUEL!"

Chris smiled. He opened the door to report to his father. "Father, I think I found out what the fracas was about this time."


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