Author's Note: So this is my first Eureka fanfic and for those who care, I'm totally and completely a Jack/Allison shipper. Please enjoy!

Summary: 8 weeks into the life of Dr. Allison Blake-Carter.

Eight Weeks


Sophia Rose Carter rested comfortably in her very safe—Jack made sure of it—high tech bassinet, courtesy of Fargo and Holly. They'd had it overnighted from their super-secret post the moment they got word that Allison went into labor. Her name was inscribed in white in an attractive font neither Jack nor Allison recognized. With its girly frills and soft colors, it definitely gave off a comfortable, baby friendly vibe. It made no noise and wasn't too high tech that the new parents had to worry about their baby. All in all, Fargo and Holly did a good job.

Fargo and Holly weren't the only ones to give gifts to the little girl. In fact, Jack and Allison had a room full of technology for Sophia, some of which they both agreed to never use but gratefully took anyway. Some of those presents were painfully ill-conceived and completely unsafe. Allison found that she much preferred plain old onesies and bottles, even pacifiers were great. Jack found it easier to tactfully turn them down; they were very capable of providing their child with things that she needed. Of course Allison shot that sentiment down straight away; if people put in their time to create something specifically for Sophia, then it was their duty to accept, no matter how dangerous the invention—there was no rule that said they had to put it to use. Allison learned that the hard way. When expecting Jenna, she'd turned down a very lethal looking baby swing from an up and coming scientist. Suffice it to say, to this day, said scientist still had hard feelings toward her.

Her head nestled on his chest, Allison snuggled up into her husband's side. The stress and events of the past few days was still lingering and she was exhausted. Sophia couldn't have chosen a worse time to make her debut. On Christmas Eve while enjoying a late lunch with their family, Allison's water broke. Used to babies coming at inopportune moments, the family kicked into gear, loaded up the car, and headed to the hospital. Sophia wouldn't be born for another 12 hours, on December 25, 2012 at 2:20 AM.

Pulling her even closer, Jack pressed a kiss to Allison's forehead. "You did an amazing job."

Allison smiled looking up at him. "We did an amazing job."

Right as her parents were leaning in for a kiss, Sophia chose that moment to make her presence known. Jack moaned his complaint as Allison back away. "Get used to it honey. Sophia's needs come before our own."

"Story of my life," he replied watching his wife carefully lift Sophia into her arms.

To be continued . . .

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