A/N spikes soul mate abilities consist of him being a day walker and something else which you'll find out later and basic soul mate abilities are feeling the pain that your soul mate feels, reading your soul mates mind, and knowledge of the soul mates place near you when they are near you. And the ability to block thought connections if you think hard enough.

You very well know how I am doing. mom why did you send me here right when spike was about to KILL me? Why didn't you bring us here sooner? I said

"This was the only time you were alone together. And plus it was also the only time I could freeze time in your realm and stop you from getting killed. So I took my chance and I brought you up here showed you, your past memories.," Mom said.

Thank you I said sheepishly.

Then I turned around and I grabbed spikes waist, leaned up and kissed him.

Mom cleared her throat behind us. I stepped back and instantly turned red. She smiled at us and said, "alright now all I want to know is if your going to keep your relationship a secret for a while or if I can wake Xander."

I looked at spike who said, "whatever you want, luv."

I smiled at him and said "i think we should keep it a secret for a while."

she said, "okay 1 passed out Xander coming up. And oh yeah spike you're going to have to give her your ring."

spike said, "wot I'm going to fry."

she said, "no your not remember soul mate abilities? More specifically yours?"

he said ,"oh yeah."

she handed him a watch. "this watch holds the ability to raise your strength to my level and stop the others from noticing your being a day walker."

" how would they notice my being a day walker if they didn't know I was still here?" he said.

She looked at her watch and said "time for you 2 to go. Bye."

I looked at her and was about to ask the same thing when we rematerialized in the sunlight he handed me the ring and told me he'd see me next week... little did he know that he'd be seeing me sooner than that...

...the next day...

spike was watching me fight when suddenly I felt a sharp electric shock I turned around confused when I saw spike getting dragged off by some army guys. I was about to chase them when I heard Willow call my name. right I had to study with her today... ugh.

…spikes P.O.V...

I awoke in a little white box of sorts I looked around I saw nothing I brought my watch with me where was it I searched my pockets and grabbed it I looked at the window and touched it. It was electric glass pretty strong. I put the watch on set it to ultra-strength and non electrocution. I punched my fist all the way through and I automatically figured out what was wrong with me and my head. I got a chip shoved in there. This ought to be fun. I run out of there and get away as quickly as I can. I run to Buffy's house. I see her mum and the bit outside about to leave. I waited until they left then I climbed up the tree that led to Buffy's window I knocked on her window. She walked up to the window and smiled, then she kissed me and invited me in. I thanked her and told her all about what happened. She had this smile on her face.

"What's with the smile?," I asked.

She said, "I have an idea." and then she got an evil look in her eye.

I looked at her and said, "whats with the evil look."

she said, "evil look there is no evil look."

I said, "uh-huh"

she said, "i have an idea of how to get my friends to like you more here is what we are going to do you are going to appear on Giles' doorstep tomorrow. Then we find you laying right out of suns reach. You tell us a story where harmony kicks you out of her crypt. I will send you dirty looks when I can but otherwise we'll be acting like we hate each other unless your here and none of my friends are here. Or just the none of my friends including Giles part. Eventually we'll start acting like we're just friends. so on and so forth."

I said, "This will never work."

she said "How do you know?"

I said, "I know that because you can't last 2 hours without touching me and I can't last 2 seconds without trying to feel you up." then she punched me in the arm and I laughed and said, "well you know it's true love."

she laughed and said, "on your part maybe but not on mine."

I said, "yeah that's why halfway up here I heard you moan my name."

she blushed bright red and said "I did not"

I said alright then I'll make you a deal I'll pay you $1000 if this does work and you pay me $1000 and a blow-job per-person that learn tat day."

She looked at me smiled and said, "deal" then I heard her think he will NOT win this.

I smirked and looked at her and said, "we'll see who wins."