Fan Fiction: Perfect Chemistry Series

Two years after Chain Reaction. I do not own the Perfect Chemistry Series or any of the Characters.

Carlos's point of view:

This is my first time back in the states in almost three months. I have been in varies places in the Middle East, and am on leave for the next three weeks. The past couple of years have been one hell of a ride. After my last trip home to Fairfield I was sent back to the front lines. A year after that I came back to Colorado, and Kiara and I tied the knot.

It was not a lavish ceremony. It was just me, the love of my life, her family, mine, and a few close friends. Mi' ama cried about a hundred times (or more), my brothers and I did the best not to argue (unsuccessfully), my three year old nephew managed to make it down the two rings on a pillow (with the help of a frantic Brittany). In the end it was the best day of my life, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

A lot has happened to my family since then. Mi' ama and my new Step-dad are still in Fairfield, and so is Alex's family. Both he and Brittany work at some nearby research lab, and Alex has taken over my cousin body shop. Little Paco is now the biggest heartbreaker in his Pre-School class. They recently moved into their very own house. Luis and Nikki just finished their sophomore year at Purdue. They are both headed back to Fairfield for the summer.

What is special about this visit home is that my wife has no idea I'm coming. She thinks I won't be home until Christmas, and it is the middle of May. About a month ago I called my in-laws, and told them I was coming home. They arranged for Kiara to eat supper at their house this evening.

I make my way from the Boulder Municipal Airport in a rental car, and head to the Westford house. I pull into the drive way right next to Kiara's car. I walk up the front steps and ring the doorbell. Kiara opens the door; I have about three seconds to see the shock on her face before she threw her arms round my neck. "What the H-hell are you doing here?" I spin her around a couple times, and set her down. "I'm home, Chica." I stepped back to get a good look at her. Now it's my turn to be shocked.

"Carlos. I'm Pregnant"

The next thing I know my mouth is pressed to hers.