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"Peter, are you even listening to me?" Lucy's exasperated and irritated voice finally sucked Peter back to realism from where his mind was lost in La La Land. Nodding his head and smiling, Peter reached over to pat his fifteen-year-old sister's head absent-mindedly; he was a bit annoyed that she had ruined his thoughts that consumed his mind more lately than usual, but he didn't let it show.

"Yes, that's a wonderful idea, Lu," he reassured her. Lucy's brown curls bobbed as Peter patted her head, and she belted his hand away. He was supposed to be helping her with a homework assignment for history, and Peter was too busy in thought; his mind couldn't help but wander when he thought of that girl. That pretty, pretty girl. The one that was in the hospital and made his mind go crazy. The one who made his head spin at the very thought of her.

"I asked you if you wanted to go smash your head into that pole outside our house," Lucy said irately, crossing her small arms across her chest and jutting her lower lip out in a pout. Peter was about to protest to his sister, but hearing the remark, cheeky laughter came from across the room. Edmund had a broad smile drawn over his face as he turned the page of his book and shook his head, his feet on the coffee table. He was laughing harder, but he tried to cover it up with a cough as he momentarily regained his composure.

"Good one, Lucy," Edmund chuckled even harder, his face red and flushed from laughter. Shooting a glare at his brother, Peter wadded up the piece of paper he had been writing on and chucked it clear across the room, hitting Edmund squarely in the forehead. The boy hissed in anger and gave him a death glare before going back to his book. Lucy's eyes softened as she saw her two aggravated brothers. Resting a gentle hand on Peter's shoulder, Lucy leaned closer to him to murmur in his ear.

"It's about Jane Doe, huh?" her voice was soft and reassuring, and Peter couldn't help but nod; Lucy was the best at comforting and was the most compassionate of the family, so Peter couldn't help but pour out everything to his littlest sibling. She was the one who had the most sympathy when he was going through something hard. Right now, Peter couldn't get his mind off the girl. He had seen her before and it was driving him crazy that he couldn't remember; Peter was almost positive he would be able to remember such an appealing face like hers. There was something about her that was so captivating. Something that made him think of her daily to the point where he would tune out the rest of reality (much to the abhor of his parents, kin, friends and acquaintances). Peter swallowed the lump in his throat, glancing at his sister curiously. Smiling kindheartedly at her brother, Lucy nodded before going back to her project. "I understand," she responded before sitting by Edmund. "Ed, I need some help with homework…"


That night Peter tossed and turned, unable stop thinking of Jane Doe. It was like someone was pressing a rewind button in his mind and playing the last two days over and over again. He was only able to think about the accident. The terrible sound that was emitted from the car as it tumbled down the street and crashed into the tree in front of his house… how he had ran over to the car, his feet pounding on the ground faster and faster… how his tie had been blowing back as he ran and how his neat dress shoes that he had so cared for had gotten scuffed in a matter of seconds… how he had removed his jacket so he wouldn't take up so much space in the little overturned car as he had maneuvered his way into the car and dragged her out of it… how he couldn't stop thinking of her even after the calamity… Peter finally gave into his tiredness, and for once, his mind was at ease…


"Mr. Pevensie," Professor Bones called sharply, and Peter's head snapped up from where he was staring absent-mindedly at the piece of paper that lay in front of his face. The girl sitting behind him, Patty Henderson gave Peter a sharp kick to the back of the foot, trying to get the boy to pay attention to the lecture that Professor was giving them. This was the second time that Peter's attention had to be drawn back to class from his own Wonderland. Peter's blue eyes looked guiltily into Professor's stern yet irritated bright eyes. Peter had been dreaming about Narnia again, the land that he longed for so much. When he had first gotten back, it had taken a long time to get used to boring Finchley again where he wasn't a king and didn't rule a country, but he had let Narnia fade away into the back of his mind just until it happened that Edmund, Lu, and Eustace had gone there two years prior. He was able to let that situation go, perhaps reluctantly, but lately, Narnia had always been coming up in his thoughts. Everything reminded him of his beloved country. It was like Narnia was poking him. Continuing to poke and poke until Peter gave into his thoughts, even when he tried to fight them off. But Peter was never that good at mental battles. He always fought with his fists, or in Narnia, his magnificent sword.

"I'm sorry," Peter called out before slumping in his seat and trying to pay attention. Suddenly, anatomy seemed so boring. Subconsciously, he raised a hand.

"Yes?" Professor Bones asked, not even bother to look at who was raising his hand; he already knew. Peter gulped and fidgeted around in his chair, trying to find the words to say to Professor. Patty was giving him a death glare. Some people obviously wanted to learn the lesson and not have Professor stop every minute to recapture Peter's very short attention span.

"May I go to the loo, Sir?" Peter asked nervously. His blue eyes were locked on the back of Professor's head. The professor froze before nodding slowly. He turned around, running a hand through his wispy white hair.

"Of course, Mr. Pevensie." Peter got up quickly before briskly walking out of the classroom, ignoring the burning stares from his fellow students. Walking down the long corridor and feeling insecure about the fact that he was the only one up and wandering around, Peter rolled his eyes when he heard his shoes squelch the ground, creating a screeching sound. The hallways were vacant and lonesome, making Peter shiver. His eyes were fixated on the cobblestone floor until he heard a soprano giggle. His eyes snapped up to see a girl that stood only mere feet away from him. She had wavy almost scarlet colored hair that tumbled down her back in wisps, and a soft smile played on her full lips. She was tall and very slender; beautiful. Her skin had a creamy complexion, and her cheeks were a rosy pink color. And oh, her eyes. They were the most vibrant shade of violet-blue Peter had ever seen; they crackled with strength and joy. Across her cheeks, her nose being the bridge, were freckles. Little freckles that looked like someone had sprinkled nutmeg across them. Beautiful blue and violet flowers were in her hair, and she wore a light-weighted white dress that seemed to fit her perfectly. It looked like a dress that the naiads wore in Narnia; she looked like a naiad. It was possible that she was the most beautiful young woman Peter had ever seen; possibly more beautiful than Susan. She waved at Peter. The young man reached out, but she danced out his way, giggling as she did so.

A soft smile crossed Peter's face as he reached for her again, and he watched in admiration as twirled out of his way. Her feet, which were bare, touched only certain stones on the ground, as she leapt from stone to stone, teasing Peter. Peter broke out into a run. "Wait!" she didn't listen. She continued to run, dark hair flying behind her and her soprano voice sounded again. "Stop!" Peter replied desperately as he ran; it was like just before he could catch her and catch her by the arm, she would always be a step ahead of him. Like she was anticipating his every move. Finally, she flung open a door and stepped inside, but Peter was right at her heels. He barged into the room, eyes wild and his stance tense, looking around for her.

"You're back, Mr. Pevensie…" it was Professor Bones's voice. Peter's eyes snapped up to meet his professor's and everyone else's annoyed glares. Peter sighed and ran a hand through his golden hair before shaking his head in sheer perplexity. As if on cue, the bell rang, and Peter went to his seat to collect his belongings. The girl was nowhere in sight. "Peter, a word?" Professor called as the last person filed out of the classroom. Peter obeyed reluctantly, coming up to the professor and facing the old man. "You seem distracted…" Professor started. Peter nodded slowly.

"I'm sorry, Professor. It's just that I can't stop thinking about her…" Peter said slowly, sighing and pacing on the spot. Professor didn't need to ask who 'her' was. Peter sighed again, desperate this time. "I really am sorry. I just…" his voice was clogged as he fought for the right words. Edmund was good at explaining and being fair and justifying things. After all, he was 'King Edmund the Just'. At the very thought of 'king', Peter shook his head again. "I'm sorry." Professor Bones looked at him sympathetically before putting a hand on the boy's shoulder.

"I understand." The professor smiled at him before shooing Peter off home to get some sleep. Peter sighed in relief as he walked out of the building and through the courtyard. From afar, there was a very pretty maiden that stared at him…


"She's not waking," the doctor said softly to Professor Bones as he ran a hand along the girl's forehead, sighing. "She has a high fever. There's not much hope for this girl any longer." Quirking his mouth to one side, Dr. Baker took a long look at the unidentified girl. "Might as well bury her now," he joked to himself, but Professor Bones heard him. Shocked at the doctor's hopelessness, Professor Bones's mouth shot open in evident surprise as he shook his head in disbelief, trying to persuade the doctor otherwise.

"Doctor, you shouldn't give up on her," Professor Bones reasoned, looking at her face closely, seeing how this life was struggling to stay on this Earth instead of giving up the fight with death. The battle was ruthless and Professor Bones could see she was losing, but she was trying harder and harder, that had been apparent enough. The doctor exchanged a wary glance with the professor, sighing and running a hand through his receding brownish-gray hair.

"Even if she did survive this, her face would be permanently damaged." He shot a look of pity at her, looking at how she was mauled by the glass. How the damage from the glass marred her once pretty face. Professor Bones nodded slowly, contemplating the situation with great care. His wrinkled old hand moved slowly to Jane Doe's marred face as he cupped her cheek carefully.

"Doctor… would you mind if I had a student care for her…?" The Professor remembered how a very young and curious man had taken such a liking to this girl that he barely even knew. The Professor could see the palpable speculation and curiosity lingering in his most dedicated student's eyes when he caught sight of Jane Doe. The Doctor sighed but finally shrugged in defeat. He gave Professor Bones a long look before laying a hand on the old man's shoulder.

"Professor…" he started, "I barely let your students attend to my patients…" his eyes reverted to Jane Doe's emotionless face.

"The young lad is quite inquisitive and devoted to his work. Besides, he has taken a nice liking to this young lady!" Professor tried, glancing at the Doctor, eager to see what he would say. Dr. Baker finally relapsed, considering everything Professor Bones had said.

"I don't know this young chap, but I take your judgment into consideration…" he began, and Professor Bones's face lit up like a child receiving his presents on Christmas Day. "But this girl's life hangs in balance, and I don't think there's anything else we can do for her…" he paused, trying to catch his breath. "So yes, this fellow may come in and care for her, but tell him not to get his hopes up." Looking circumspectly around, the Doctor shuffled closer to Professor Bones, as if telling him a very important secret. "After all, it was you who got me here in the first place… Professor." Professor Bones chuckled before the two walked out of the room.

"Maximus Baker, I always knew you would accomplish great things. Even when no one else thought so." Dr. Baker laughed heartily, shaking his head.

"I know." As they walked down the long, mostly empty hallway, Professor Bones took one last fleeting look at the room that they had just exited.

"What do we do in the mean time?" he glanced at Dr. Baker who answered slowly and carefully, fully taking in the severity of the situation not only because this girl was almost dead but because he was entrusting her to a stranger. What if she died? What if she had a family that had loved her and were angry now because the doctors and nurses didn't try hard enough to save their baby girl?

"Pray for a miracle."

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