Chapter 1: Breakout

Normal POV

Lucy she was 10, her mother died. After her mother died her father turned cold towards her. When she was 11, her father was murdered in his sleep. She was taken prisoner and forced to keep quiet about her past saying it would be also be bad for her by Brain so everyone will forget her and he can become Fiore's new King. Ever since then she was trained to become a useful tool for the King by the guards of the prison known as Sky Tower Prison. But then...

Lucy's POV

I yawned. Another day in this hellhole. I'm now 15. I trained in physical combat and using weapons, they didn't know I was a

"Oi! You have a new cell mate!" A guard shouted, interrupting my thoughts. He tossed in a blue haired girl and a white cat.

"Kyaa!" The girl cried. The guard locked us up and left.

"Hey," I said, "I'm Lucy."

"Wendy, be careful...," The cat whispered but I heard. Wait. WHAT?

"I'm Wendy. This is Carla." The blue haired kid said shyly, "I hope we could be f-friends?" I smiled at her.


And then we became quick friends. She's so nice and cute! I heard she was separated from her parents and then got taken away from her brother without him knowing. I learned that she was a dragon slayer and so was her brother. Carla could see the future sometimes and I also heard that Wendy's brother had a cat like Carla too.

Three weeks passed since I met and became friends with Wendy and Carla. We all hated it here.

"I'll find away to escape. I'll get you out of here, don't worry," I promised her.

"Lucy..." Wendy cried. She misses her brother a lot...

"Don't worry," I smiled,"I'll take care of everything!"

"T-Thank you, Lucy-san"

"Are you guys finished with the drama yet?" Carla asked. I laughed.

"Yeah, Carla, we're done," I smiled.

The day ended and Wendy and Carla fell asleep. I walked up to the prison bars. In front, sitting on a stool, was the guard.

"Pshh. He fell asleep," I muttered. I reached through bars and grabbed the keys. Then I walked over to Wendy and woke her up.

"Eh? Lucy-san, what's wrong?" she yawned. I motioned her to keep quiet then showed her the keys.

"Come on," I whispered motioning her to follow me. I opened the prison cell door and we ran out of there quietly.

"Fresh air! Finally!" I said.

"Lucy-san, we're not safe yet," Wendy pointed out.

"Oh. Fine, lets go."

We ran for what seemed like hours. Then I saw the clearing of the forest.

"Wendy! Look!" I exclaimed.

"Wow! We made it back to Magnolia!" She smiled. Magnolia? It sort of rung a bell..., I thought.

"We should find a place to stay."

"Yeah." Carla said.

"You're awake?" Wendy and I asked.

"The whole time...," she yawned.

"Oh. Well, lets find a place!" I exclaimed. She nodded. We found an abandonned house and stayed there for the night.


Normal POV

Natsu Dragneel. When he was 10, he and his sister were separated from their parents. After that he joined Fairy Tail, a guild, along with Wendy. Recently, she disappeared and he was mad at himself for losing her. He lost all of his family except Happy. He was now on a mission to find her. And now...

Natsu's POV

"Dammit! Why can't I find her?" Natsu growled. They were at their guild. He sat down at a table, Happy following behind,"It's just so weird and confusing! Everytime I try searching for her by her scent it's mixed with a differend scent..."

"Maybe someone's with her?" Gray asked. Natsu just shrugged and then sighed.

"Well, I'm heading off! C'mon Happy!" Natsu said. Wendy...I hope you're safe.

xX End of Chapter Xx

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