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"But why?" Havoc whimpered, shoulder rolling forward. This wasn't the idea news he had expected for the end of the working day. His blue hued eyes, liquid, watered pathetically. And to think he had been excited for the end of the day, shame. The cigarette between his lips creased as he frowned.

"Second Lieutenant Havoc," a stern female voice reprimanded firmly, an authoritive figure. The poised woman nodded to the other three men in her audience. "Gentlemen," all three immediately drew their spines in and drew up tall, just in case she tried to pull out her twin guns. "It is all a part of work experience-"

"How's looking after some snotty nosed kids gonna help us with work?" Heymans whinged, eyes narrowing. The woman shrugged off the interruption, for his health's sake and opened her mouth to continue.

"It's not like we can just arm a bunch of toddlers with fire arms." Furey added nervously.

"I don't even want kids!" Falman declared, throwing his arms up in the air and biting his tongue. The first lieutenant tapped her foot impatiently, closing her open mouth, so she didn't look like she was catching flies, immediately gaining the attention of the lower men: Furey, Havoc, Heymans and Falman.

"Are you done?" She asked voice low.

"I have a question Lieutenant Hawkeye." Furey dared to say, simpering back.

"Yes?" Riza returned, somewhat niffed.

"Uh, what about Brigadier Hughes and the Armstrongs?"

"Hughes does not need to participate in this drill as he," Hawkeye paused. "Already has experience. And the Armstrongs are going away on a mission in Briggs, if you hadn't noticed the schedules and notice board." Kain shrunk back, nodding his head lightly.

"But what does the Colonel think of this?" Havoc queried. Riza tugged a paper out of her pocket and unfolded it, holding it up for the small group of military men to see.

"He agreed to this new branch of training by signing this paper."

"But the Colonel-:

"Doesn't even look at his papers?" Riza finished, raising an eyebrow at Falman. He immediately sunk back into his place, not even knee-high to Hawkeye Riza. "The Colonel read through this paper thoroughly. He agreed as well as I did that in an event of emergency or disaster, when central is forced to take care of children of a very young age, we should all be able to apply to the standards of any good parent or parents. Training will start immediately." Heymans nudged Furey, whilst Hawkeye put the paper away, the small man almost toppling over but the weighty shove of his accomplice.

"Mustang doesn't sound like the very fatherly type." The big man hushed hoarsely.

"Further comments may be voice at the meeting in ten minutes, Heymans." Riza Hawkeye said, eyes focusing in on his in a threatful way. Heymans theatrically zipped his lips and threw away the key. "You will all be assigned a child tonight, at the meeting. The child will go home with you and come to work with you each day. You all will be given a journal and write what you feed the child, where you take the child and what time you put the child to sleep and the times exactly. Leisure activities must take place three times a week and supervision shall be constant. This will all happen over a period of one month." Hawkeye bowed her head and stalked towards the office door, but stopped in the doorway, finger lingering on the wood. "And another thing, if the child dies whilst under your care, Colonel Mustang has given me full permission to reprimand the," she paused. "Failures," upon uttering the last word, the sound of a safety clicked. "Gentlemen, you are dismissed."

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