Author's Note: I am going to dedicate this two-shot to the person whom suggested it to me: zuckonit. I hope it's as good, or even better than you were expecting! I was worried about writing this because I didn't watch Degrassi at the time that Sadie was on the show. I just started up watching Degrassi regularly with the last season, so I was unsure how to write her character. This one-shot takes place in the current time of the episode, but with Drew still in school, and Sadie still on the show! Anyways, hope you enjoy! Oh yeah, and I don't Degrassi! And I don't know if Sadie knows about Gracie or not, but for the sake of the story, she does.

Mystery Date

"He has got to get a girlfriend," Drew sighed, shaking his head as Adam sauntered down the hallway to meet up with Fiona and Imogen.

"He seems happy to me," KC shrugged, shoving some books into his locker.

"Dude," Drew looked at KC as if he were completely off his rocker, "His two best friends are a lesbian couple," Drew sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "That's not normal, man."

"Well, I don't know what you suggest," KC slammed his locker shut, "And besides, Eli and Clare are his best friends too."

"And they're dating too! He's got to get a girl of his own. Someone to hang out with while Imogen and Fi, and Clare and Eli are out on a date because he's driving Bianca and me absolutely crazy! Last night…last night we were in the basement on the couch making out, and he came downstairs and interrupted us to ask if we wanted to watch Ninja Wrestling Battles with him."


"So, this is like the fifth time in the matter of a week that he's interrupted us at really, really bad times. He needs a girl. And you're going to help me get him one."

"Oh no," KC winced, "Please no."

"What's the problem?" Drew asked, "You and Conner have been hanging out with him a lot more. Surely you can kind of get inside his head and help me out with this, right?"

"Like I said," KC repeated, "Oh no. Please no."

"I was thinking we should set him up on a blind date," Drew suggested as they walked together down the hallway, ignoring KC's previous comment. He waved his hands in the air, making a huge production of his, in his opinion, brilliant idea, "We have him go to Little Miss Steaks and we have some chick go to Little Miss Steaks, and boom! Blind date time!"

"And you really think this is a good idea?" KC asked, his concern evident, "Who is Adam even interested in?"

"He had a thing for Fiona, and now he's got this lame crush on Imogen. I think he just likes girls he can't have. So we have to introduce him to a girl he can have."

"Alright. But who?"

Drew glanced down the hallway before pointing at a girl sitting on a bench in the foyer, "Her."


"Do you know her?"

"Yeah, we used to hang out. She dated Dave. Dave and Adam are friends now. Doesn't this break some sort of bro-code?"

"Dude, I wrote the bro-code," Drew dramatically ran his hand through his hair before turning back to KC and saying, "It'll be fine. Besides, Dave is with Ali and as far as I know, he likes it that way."

"But Sadie…really?"

"What's wrong with her?" Drew asked, "She's kinda cute."

"Well yeah. I mean, I hang out with her and all, but you're not looking at the bigger picture here. We are about to set her up with your brother. What if she's totally wrong for Adam?"

"She's a chick. She's perfect. Come on, let's make our move."

"Our move?" KC looked sick.

"Yeah, come on," Drew adjusted his backpack on his shoulder and walked up to the girl. She kind of bounced as she walked, and she was really cute; Adam would owe him big for this one, "Hello," Drew threw on his best seductive voice, "Sadie, right?"

"Drew Torres," the girl turned around and raised an eyebrow, "To what do I owe the pleasure."

Drew's grin grew even wider, "Well uh…"

"That was sarcasm, dude," KC patted Drew's shoulder. Drew's grin fell to a frown and a slight blush formed on his cheek, "Excuse him," KC pushed in between Drew and Sadie, "I was wondering if you would be up for doing us a bit of a favor."

"Oh," Sadie folded her arms over her chest, "Is that so?"

"Yes. You remember Adam?"

"How can I forget Adam?" Sadie smiled sweetly.

"Well, we were wondering if you would want to meet him for diner at Little Miss Steaks on Friday night."

"Like a date? A date with Adam?" Sadie's brow furrowed.

"Is that a problem?" Drew asked defensively, and KC had to push him back from jumping in between them.

"I never said it was," Sadie tucked a long strand of hair behind her ear, "I like Adam. He is very sweet. But it is a bit suspicious. Why would the two of you want me to meet up with Adam for a date?"

"He needs a chick," Drew explained, bluntly.

"Well you certainly get to the point," Sadie turned to KC, "KC, I don't know…why are you doing this?"

"Adam needs a girl in his life – one that isn't already taken. He needs to go on a date and just have some fun. So what do you say?"

"Was this his idea, or yours?"

"Well…uh…" KC shot a sidelong glance at Drew.

"I see," Sadie sighed, "Alright, well I guess I'll do it."

"You will?" Drew asked, excitedly.

"But I am only doing this because I think it'll be fun too. Adam's sweet, and I am sure we will have a fun time together. One condition though…"

"Oh no." KC winced again.

"He's paying."

"Perfect," Drew reached around KC and patted her shoulder, "Be there at seven on Friday. You won't regret it!"

"No way!"

"Adam, here me out!" Drew begged, in desperation, "You're not even giving it a chance!"

"I don't want to give it a chance!" Adam angrily tossed a pair of socks into the wash, "You can't just randomly set me up with whoever you want! And why are you trying to set me up anyways? I'm fine!"

"Dude, your best friends are two couples. You need your own girl. You need someone to spend the weekends with."

"Oh, I get it," Adam turned from the washing machine to face Drew, "You're doing this in hopes of getting me out of your hair."

"I didn't say that," Drew held up a hand, "Just listen to me, alright…"

"Fine," Adam tossed some underwear in, "Who is she?"

"It's a surprise."


"Sorry," Drew grinned, "But where is the fun in that? Come on, don't you want to go on the date, even if it is just to see who this girl is? Come one! The suspense is killing you, right?"

"I'm riveted," sarcasm dripped from his lips, and Drew rolled his eyes.

"Just give her a chance. She is really sweet."

"You thought Katie was sweet…and she's psycho now."

"Come one," Drew begged, "I told her you would."

"Alright," Adam sighed, "Fine. But only because I don't want to disappoint her – whoever she is. But there's one condition."

"What's that?" Drew asked.

"I'm going to need some money for this."

"Crap. See…I kind of told her you'd be paying…"

"Alright," Adam grinned, "Then you can fork over the money for both of us."


Adam held out his hand, and Drew winced before digging his wallet out of his pocket and handing Adam two twenties, "Happy?"