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This Story Doesn't Really Connect With The Show At All, But I May Throw In Some Parts Of The Show. If There Is Anything I Think You Should Know I'll Let You Know. But It Doesn't Take Place During The Last Four Or Five Episodes Of Season 3


Kurt lay on the bed in the hotel room and mindlessly played with a strand of hair on his head. He felt hands running up and down his naked back and couldn't help but smile. He was lying on his stomach, facing the foot of the bed, legs dangling in the air, and completely naked. He smiled as he felt the hand stop at his butt and softly massage his round cheeks.

"Haven't you had enough of me?" He asked. He was staring at a painting that was hanging opposite of the bed and found the contrast of three different colors and shapes to be the most fascinating thing he had ever seen. It could have something to do with him coming down from his orgasmic high.

The hands wandered up from his but to make a grab at the back of his neck, trying to turn his head. Kurt looked back and made eye contact with the man he had just had mind blowing sex with. The man was staring back with a smirk on his face.

"Princess, you know that I can never have too much of you." Noah Puckerman said plainly.

Kurt giggled and then maneuvered his way around so that he was straddling the older teen's waist. He placed his hands on Noah's chest for support and he smiled down at him.

"You know, I was at home before you called. I was sitting there, a pint of Ben and Jerry's and a stack of Marilyn Monroe movies, including the new motion picture starring Michelle Williams, My Week With Marilyn, all ready to be watched as I soaked in my own loneliness." Kurt said toying with the deformed nipple that once held a silver nipple ring. "I think you owe me big time for ruining that."

Noah held Kurt's waist and rubbed circles with his thumbs on each of the boy's hip bones. "Personally I thought that everything that I just serviced you was payback for messing up your Marilyn Minnelli marathon. And you know you don't need ice cream, it'll ruin your figure."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Its Marilyn Monroe sweetie, Monroe." Kurt corrected. "And I would beg to differ that you paid me back with that performance." He said.

Puck looked up at him and scrunched his eyebrows together. "Are you saying you didn't enjoy it?"

Kurt shrugged and looked off to the side. The curtains covering the windows were a tacky teal with distasteful patterns that Kurt found to be downright disgusting. He looked at the navy carpet, which completely clashed with the curtains and sighed. Usually he insisted on picking the location where he and Noah met to "hang out", but this being a spur of the moment thing, Noah had driven them to some hotel on the outskirts of Lima.

"This hotel makes my skin crawl." Kurt said looking at the only thing he found decent, the sheets. "Why can't you find a place where the curtains and carpet match? Or at least are tastefully clashing."

"So you didn't enjoy the sex?" Noah asked again, the look of confusion still occupying his face.

Kurt looked to the teen and smirked teasingly—something he had learned from the Jewish teen himself. He leaned down and planted a kiss to Noah's cheek. He then kissed the corner of his mouth and stopped at his full pink lips.

"I had an amazing time." Kurt whispered, his breath ghosting over Noah's lips.

Noah went the rest of the way and pulled the two into a heated kiss. Noah naturally took the leading role. He grabbed Kurt's face and pulled the boy down more than he already was. Kurt moaned into his mouth, opening it as well, giving the chance to Noah to slip his tongue in. Kurt sucked the boys tongue into his mouth and let their tongues dance for dominance. Of course, Noah gained it. When he felt he needed air, Kurt pulled away, nipping at Noah's bottom lip.

"If you weren't impressed the first time, I'm sure I could put in another round." Noah smirked, nodding down to his already growing penis.

Kurt smiled and reached back to take the semi-erection and started to stroke it to its full length. With a firm grip, Kurt stroked the boy and had him groaning for more in a matter of moments.

"C'mon Princess," Noah sighed out. "Don't tease me."

Just as Kurt was about to make a move toward the enlarged member, a familiar tone blared through the room. Kurt stopped his action and looked at the pile of clothes in the corner. He got off of the teen and the bed and made his way to the noise. He dug through several clothes until he found Noah's jeans and pulls his phone from the pocket.

"It's Quinn." Kurt deadpanned.

He tossed the phone on the bed next to his lover. Noah looked from the phone to Kurt, who had started to put his clothes back on. Noah sighed and then answered the phone.

"Hey babe." He said. "Uh, yeah I'll be there in like twenty minutes." Noah looked over and Kurt had already got on his shirt and pants and was starting to lace up his (no doubt designer) ankle boots. "See you soon. Love you too, bye." Noah hung up and set the phone on the bed.

Kurt stood up and pulled his jacket on. He picked up his scarf and stood looking at the boy still lying naked in bed. "Can I take your keys? I'll just go and wait in the car for you." He said.

"Princess—" Noah started.

Kurt held his hand up and shook his head. "You know you don't have to explain. I'll just go wait outside then. Hurry though, its cold outside."

Kurt walked out of the room and closed the door with a slam. He exhaled and all of his pride suddenly exited his body. He felt like breaking down and crying, once again. He hadn't meant for things to happen this way. He never expected that he would be the dirty little secret to Noah 'Puck' King-of-All-Things-Badass Puckerman. He never thought that he would sleep with Noah. But it happened, and he liked it. Now he was trapped with being the one thing that the Jewish teen wasn't all vocal about. Kurt was hidden in the tacky rooms of hotels and motels whenever Noah was horny. And to his own disliking, he never opposed it.

He knew that Noah would never come out in high school. Noah was not the type that would shout out "Screw them!" and publically hold Kurt's hand. Well, Noah had held his hand in public before—but it was miles outside of Lima and no one that could possibly know them was around, so he had no problem holding Kurt's hand and kissing him against the walls of buildings. Oddly enough, Kurt felt like he had mattered in the moment. But the second Noah had pulled into the parking lot to the movie theater in Lima, he made Kurt hop out first, then he moved the car and came in ten minutes later. That was their relationship—if you could even call it that.

And to top all of that off, Noah had insisted that he got back with Quinn so that no one suspected anything. This made Kurt feel ten times more used. He was called to Noah's side when Quinn was busy or simply wouldn't put out for Noah. Kurt didn't complain to the boy or even ever said that he wanted Noah and him to be exclusive, he just waited until he was wanted and went quietly. And for that he hated himself.

Kurt walked down the hallway to the elevator and pressed the down button. He waited patiently until the shaft came and he got in. he felt a tear well up in his eye and fall as he felt a sting of pain coming from his backside. Just another reminder that he was being used for sex. But he didn't say anything, he wiped the tear from his eye and rode the elevator down to the lobby and walked out to Noah's truck. He wrapped the scarf he had on tighter around his neck and waited in the cold for his (for lack of a better term, and simply because it was the rightfully name) booty call to come down and take him home.

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