Chapter one

After the battle of Hogwarts, Harry went to stay at Grimmauld Place. All the Wesley's tried to get Harry to change his mind, but he was adamant. He wanted some time alone, just too finally realise that his life was now going to be very different. Harry did go to the Burrow quite a bit, he spent time with his friends, but also Harry and Ginny were getting to know each other again even if they were taking things slow. Harry needed this time because he wasn't completely sure what he wanted, so he didn't want to hurt Ginny or make it worse between them. Before, his life was always chaos and dangerous, now it's relaxed and calm.

During the first couple of months, Hermione had been able to go with Ron to Australia and find her parents. She restored their memories and brought them home. Ron got used to having a girlfriend with parents, so he would go visit Hermione at her parent's home, and she would visit Ron at the Burrow. They also visited Harry a lot at Grimmauld Place. Harry had also visited Teddy and Mrs. Tonks a lot, their first visit was a little awkward, but they both realised they wanted the same thing, for Teddy to be loved and looked after.

Even though Harry wanted time alone, he did still spend time with all his friends, usually at Harry's place though. Whenever Harry went out and into the magical world, he was never left alone. A few times he had woman kiss him, but he also had men kiss him as well, so he tried not to go out very often.

For Harry's eighteen birthday, Mrs. Wesley had planned a family dinner, but also invited some of Harry's friends and Harry couldn't help smiling, knowing it was safe and everyone could finally enjoy themselves without worrying about anything, including danger.

Harry woke the morning of his eighteen birthday, stretched and headed into the shower. As he passed the large mirror, he stopped suddenly.

'No, I'm seeing things because I'm still half asleep,' Harry screwed up his face then took a step back to the mirror before he finally looked at himself, 'Oh fuck, what's going on,' Harry looked down at his body, then back at his reflection in the mirror, 'Someone must have slipped me something. How can I fix this, I have no idea,' Harry kept staring at himself, then left the bathroom throwing his robe on, before he paced his bedroom, 'Hermione, would she believe him, she might laugh. But she is smart, so she'd know how to reverse this. I can't stick my head in the fire, they'd see, how will I contact Hermione,' Harry started pacing again, 'My patronus, but I want Hermione to come alone, he didn't want Ron to see him, or anyone to see him.' Harry closed his eyes, then thought about what he needed to say before he sent Prongs off and hoped Hermione didn't take long.

Hermione was sitting at her parent's dining room table when a patronus appeared, shocking her parents, then she heard Harry's voice, well she thought it was Harry's voice, but it was definitely Harry's patronus.

'Hermione, please come straight to my place, but I don't want anyone else to see, hurry, it's important.'

'Hermione darling, what was that?'

'A patronus, normally their used to fight off dementors, but Harry learned how to use his to talk for him from Professor Dumbledore. Everyone's is different, Harry's, as you've just seen is a stag, but other people can have the same patronus. Harry's voice sounded strange,' Hermione sat thinking whether it was really Harry and really safe, 'I better check on Harry, make sure everything is alright. It's his birthday, so he should be getting ready to head to the Burrow.'

'Please be careful Hermione,' her father said.

'I will dad, I can protect myself,' Hermione kissed both her parents cheeks, 'I'll be back to take you to the Burrow, I'm not sure how long I'll be though,' Hermione hurried towards the back yard then apparated away. She arrived on the top step, then let herself in, 'Harry, where are you?'

'Hermione, upstairs, hurry,' Harry called.

Hermione almost ran up the stairs, 'You're voice sounds strange, what's going on,' she said as she got to Harry's closed bedroom door.

'Um, something happened. I woke up and I'm different and I don't know why.'

'Can you let me in please?'

'Promise not to laugh Hermione.'

'Of course I won't Harry, now open the door.'

Harry quickly turned, used his wand to unlock and open his door, then turned his back to the door.

'What, you seem fine, well sort of.'

'Hermione,' Harry sighed, 'look, this is strange and I think someone slipped me something.'

'What are you talking about and why does your voice sound higher?'

'Okay, please don't laugh,' Harry turned around then quickly opened his robe before closing it again and saw Hermione standing there looking completely shocked, 'Say something, anything and tell me you know how to fix this.'

'Um, Harry, you're a woman.'

'I know, it's like someone used polyjuice potion but not, because I still look like me, just more, well girly. I've got boobs Hermione and well everything.'

Hermione couldn't help herself, she snickered, 'Sorry, sorry, just give me a look again but don't close it so quickly,' Hermione watched as Harry closed his eyes then opened his robes, 'Does it feel real, like those breast are real?'

'Yes, feel so you can see for yourself.'

Hermione took a step closer, then lightly touched Harry's boobs, 'There real, but your face is still you, but feminine, you've got a female figure, you're legs are more shapely, and yes, you also have woman's parts all over. So close your robe and start telling me everything you did yesterday until you woke up this morning.'

'I never went anywhere yesterday, I stayed here. I thought since I was going to spend the day with everyone at the Burrow, I'd take the day to myself. I made myself dinner from what I bought last week, coffee, one class of Firewhiskey, then I went to bed and woke up like this.'

'I need to check everything you ate and drank in case they were tampered with. But what about personal products, soap, shampoo, anything?'

'Well I do have my soap and shampoo, and…' Harry hesitated.

'And what?'

'I bought some men's moisturiser. I thought my skin was too rough.'

'That's very common today Harry, but never tell Ron. Let me check the bathroom stuff first, then I'll do everything else.'

'Thanks Hermione,' Harry sat on the bed as Hermione went into the bathroom but heard Hermione laugh, 'You promise not to laugh Hermione.'

'Sorry Harriet,' Hermione called, 'sorry Harry, I'm just as much in shock as you are.'

Harry scowled but just sat there waiting then Hermione walked out, 'Anything?'

'No, so I'll go check the kitchen, why don't you get dressed?'

'Oh right, my clothes will look great on me like this. But I need a shower anyway, so I'll wait until you check everything because you should know I'm not going anywhere like this.'

'Worked that out already, I won't be long,' Hermione left Harry's room and headed downstairs and started to check everything that Harry would drink or eat, including the Firewhiskey, 'Nothing, so what's going on.' Hermione headed back upstairs, 'Everything's fine Harry, so I think we need someone that might be able to work this out. Normally I'd say Professor Dumbledore even if he is a portrait.'

'I'm not leaving Hermione and I can't have anyone see me like this.'

'Let me tell the Wesley's to cancel today and I'll explain later. We'll have to work out something to tell them. But Harry I don't know what this is, so we need to talk to someone. What about Professor McGonagall?'

'No,' Harry's eyes went wide.

'Harry, this is serious, okay, what about Madame Pomfrey, she's a healer and has to keep things to herself. I'm sure I can explain enough to have her come here.'

Harry sighed but nodded, 'Okay, thanks Hermione.'

'We'll work this out Harry, don't worry,' Hermione squeezed his hand then went downstairs to try and explain what is going on when she had no idea what was happening here but more importantly, how to fix Harry because she knew he wouldn't leave the house or let anyone see him looking like this.