Chapter seventeen

Later that night, Harry and Draco put their children to bed, said goodnight to Narcissa before heading to Harry's bedroom where they both went into the bathroom and shared a shower. At first they were a little awkward with each other at first, but when they started kissing then their uncertainty left them. Harry knew Draco would be a little tentative at first as he had never done more than kiss another bloke, where Harry as Harriet remembered exactly what she had done to Draco. So he decided to start, first with his hand then with his mouth and Harry found it just as enjoyable as Harriet did. They finished showering, dried and got into bed and Harry started again. He kept his mouth going on Draco why he listened to the pleasurable sounds Draco was making. When he was hard and ready, Draco coated his fingers with lubricant and got Harry as ready as he could and Draco found he enjoyed having his fingers inside Harry and it wasn't long before he had his cock sliding in and out of Harry. Then Draco was a little hesitant, but he started slow by licking Harry's cock and again, he enjoyed it and just kept his mouth working on Harry until he was hard and ready. Then Harry did exactly what Draco did, first his fingers then his own cock.

After they had both made love to each other a couple of times, they had their arms around each other and that's how they fell asleep.

Christmas morning at Grimmauld Place was a messy affair. The twins, with help from Harry and Draco, ripped the paper off all their presents. Harry, Draco and Narcissa laughed loudly as James and Lily had more fun with the brightly coloured paper and boxes then they did with their toys. Harry and Draco had exchanged gifts, the Draco and Harry had given Narcissa her gifts before Narcissa gave Draco and Harry her gifts, so lots of presents being opened by all just like any other family on Christmas morning.

Why Draco and Narcissa fed the twins their breakfast, Harry showered then decided to put on some of the nicer clothes Harriet bought. He put an expansion charm on a bag and loaded up the gifts for all the Weasley's before heading down stairs. Then Draco and Narcissa both had their showers and again, loaded up their bags with their gifts for everyone.

Harry dressed his two children in warmer clothes, packed their bags, made sure they had plenty of spare clothes and their milk. He'd just finished when Draco joined him in the living room.

'They look nice and snug.'

'Yep, all ready for a big day at the Burrow,' Harry looked up at Draco, 'Last night was great Dra, well I thought so,' Harry shrugged feeling uncertain.

Draco noticed Harry looked a little worried, he smiled and slipped his arms around Harry, then kissed him softly.

'It was wonderful and showed we can make this work. I admit I was surprised at how easily I was able to do things to you.'

Harry chuckled, 'Things Dra,' Harry leaned in and whispered, 'You mean suck me.'

'Yes,' Draco blushed a bit but smiled, 'but yes and even though it was our first time, I can't wait for more.'

'Anytime now Dra, we are officially unofficially living together.'

'I want to make it official, maybe as soon as we get another house, that way we can move in officially together and let everyone know at the same time.'

'If you sure because I know I am.'

'Sorry I took so long,' Narcissa smiled.

'You didn't mum and you look lovely.'

'You look very nice Mrs. Malfoy. Now let's get our children Dra,' Harry picked up Lily why Draco picked up James, then they both picked up their bags and the five of them all stepped into the fireplace together.

'Look, it's the Potter/ Malfoy family,' Ron said as he instantly hugged Harry, then Draco, kissed Narcissa on the cheek, then took James into his arms, as Hermione also hugged and kissed all before taking Lily.

'We hardly step inside and lose our children,' Harry laughed, 'But Draco, why don't you introduce your mum to everyone,' Harry gave him a smile then sat down next to Andromeda, taking Teddy why Draco introduced his mother to the extended Weasley/Granger family, along with Andromeda and Teddy.

'So how did they enjoy their first Christmas?' Molly asked.

'Had more fun with the wrappings and boxes than anything else, we spent a fortune and they would have been just as happy with a bag of paper.'

'All kids like the sound of the paper, this lot was exactly the same as small children,' Arthur smiled around at his children.

Over the next hours, conversation never stopped until Molly started to load up the table with food, then everyone ate, but still talked when they could. Harry and Draco spent most of the time feeding their children, Andromeda feeding Teddy, Bill feeding Victoire where Molly and Arthur stared around at their family, even the extended parts of it.

After eating, Harry headed upstairs to use the bathroom, when he finished he stepped out and saw Ginny.

'Can I talk to you Harry?'

'Sure,' Harry folded his arms and waited.

'Look, I'm sorry for the way I acted. Everything just changed overnight and I didn't know how to handle it. Then you ended up pregnant of all things.'

'Harriet ended up pregnant, men can't.'

'You know what I mean Harry, I just didn't know what to do. But I've done a lot of thinking, maybe we can start again.'

'Why now, after all this time?'

'I didn't think I could look after babies, I was ready for the responsibility of everything involved with babies and you had two.'

'So their older now, is that what you mean, you can deal with them now their not so little?' Harry could see the answer written all over Ginny's face and he was right. Now his children weren't so small now, she wanted Harry again, 'Sorry, it's not going to happen. All you would have had to do was stick it out with me, but you blamed me and blamed my children for something that was out of my control. I have a family now and I not changing it.'

'But it's not a real family Harry, Draco might like being with her, but you're a bloke. Can't you at least think about it?'

'I don't think so,' Harry turned and headed downstairs but couldn't see Draco anywhere, 'Where's Draco?' he asked Narcissa.

'Said he needed some air, I think something's wrong Harry, maybe you should talk to him.'

'Okay, I won't be long,' Harry put his coat on and stepped outside and saw Draco pacing in the snow, 'Dra, what are you going out here in the cold?'

'Trying to stop myself from bloody hexing you Harry, how could you do that, how could you hurt me like that. I thought we were going to give this a go?'

'What are you talking about and how did I hurt you?'

'You and Ginny, getting back together.'

'We're not and I have no idea why you thought I would ever consider that,' Harry took Draco's hand, 'I told her no, I have my family even if I didn't tell her everything.'

'You really turned her down?'

'Yes, I did, for you, well for us. I'd tell everyone now if I could Dra because I realise I'm already bloody in love with you. I'm not one to just have sex but I knew how I felt that's why I wanted to.'

Draco stared into Harry's eyes, then kissed him, hungrily, passionately and he wasn't going to stop.

'Merlin, I've been so worried Harry because I love you too, you as Harry, not just Harriet. I love bloody both of you.'

'Then let's tell everyone Dra, I don't want to hide this anymore?'

'You're not, we all caught the snogging,' Charlie grinned.

Harry and Draco turned and saw everyone crowded around the door, and everyone was smiling.

'Now you decide to snog a bloke and you're already taken, I can't win,' Charlie shook his head making everyone laugh.

'Now get in here you two before you freeze,' Molly waved her hand.

Harry and Draco put their arms around each other and stepped back into the house, where Draco sat and pulled Harry onto his lap making everyone laugh.

'I get the best of both worlds, Harry now, Harriet for two months, unless I get her knocked up again.'

Harry laughed, 'I'll be in that, I wouldn't mind having some more kids.'

'Oh blimey, more Harry?' Ron gapped at his friend.

'Yep, I realise I love being home with my children and I want to fill the house with a lot more, how about ten Dra?'

Everyone laughed as Draco's mouth fell open, but he wasn't the only one. Ginny looked shocked, then realised if she just got used to Harry being a woman two months of the year, she could have a life with him, now her dream of marrying Harry was gone and it was all her fault. Narcissa instantly loved the idea of more grandchildren, but so did Molly and Arthur, because as far as they were concerned, Harry was their son, so they knew they were going to have a lot of grandkids and the Burrow would be again filled to capacity.

The End: