Rather than tying her up with her hair, as he had threatened, Terese watched with interest as Severus rummaged through a dresser drawer in search of something.

Finally, looking pleased, he turned back to her holding up a worn looking old silver and green wool scarf.

Terese giggled. "Is that what I think it is?"

His only answer was to jerk his head in the direction of his bed. Obediently, she stepped over to the bed and laid down.

Slowly, teasingly, he sauntered across the room to where she lay. There was mischief in his eyes, and she was fairly certain that she knew what he had in mind.

"You're going to tie me up with your old scarf?" she asked, amused.

Still not answering, he gave her a sharp look and placed his finger against his lips. That was her cue to hush, and she bit her lip to keep from laughing out loud.

"Hands over your head" he demanded.

He placed one knee on the bed so that he could lean down and tie her wrists together. The scarf was long enough that he was able to tie the excess to a bed post, leaving her at a diagonal angle.

Terese knew she was grinning ear to ear, and hoped that it wasn't spoiling whatever fantasy he was attempting to act out. When he had secured the scarf to his satisfaction, he backed away off the bed and then leaned casually against the bottom bedpost, watching her.

"Well?" she giggled.

His only response was a quick wave of his hand. Terese let out a little squeal as the cool dungeon air hit her naked flesh. Every last stitch of her clothing had disappeared into thin air.

"Hey! I brought that bra from home and I don't have another one!"

He smirked, but still said nothing. His eyes roamed over her body lazily, almost as if he were bored. Terese started to get a bit nervous.

After several tense seconds, he finally moved away from the bedpost and slowly began to walk around to the side of the bed. He stopped still at the bottom, and she saw his wand appear out of his sleeve.

Terese's eyes widened when he traced the tip of the wood over the top of her foot and very slowly up the inside of her calf. She opened her mouth to ask him what he was doing but closed it again when his eyes met hers and narrowed in warning. She was expected to stay quiet.

When the wand reached her knee, Severus kneeled again on the bed so that he could continue his journey up her body. The wand traced her thigh, up her hip, then over her rib cage, and over her left breast at an agonizingly slow pace. She gasped when it brushed over her hardened nipple.

He slid the wand across her collarbone and down over her right breast, working his way back down until he reached her feet once more. When he lifted it off of her toes, he set it back against her lower belly, and with his eyes following the path he was tracing, he drew invisible little swirls up over her navel, midriff, and chest.

The longer this strange game went on, the more Terese found herself enjoying it. The wood tickled, and spread a warm vibration of energy over her body. She assumed it must be the magic, moving out of him and through his wand to trickle over her skin. In contrast with the refreshing coolness of the room, it made for a very erotic sensation. Goosebumps covered her limbs, and occasionally she would shiver.

Never in her life had she been both so aroused and relaxed at the same time. She wasn't sure if she wanted to fall asleep or beg him to screw her senseless.

"Mmm... this is nice" she mumbled. As soon as she spoke, the wand lifted off of her skin. Curious, Terese looked at her lover questioningly.

"You have a choice to make" he informed her. "And you will only get to decide once."

Smirking, she nodded.

"I'm going to remove the scarf, but in its place you'll be bound by magic. Not like simply being tied, I mean completely immobilized. You won't be able to do any more than blink your eyes. I will be free to do with you whatever I wish and you will be unable to escape or even protest. Granting your consent will mean you will have to trust me completely for a duration of my discretion. Witholding your consent means we stop now, I let you up, and your clothes go back on. I will not hold your refusal against you, but I will not make this offer again. The choice... is yours."

Terese stared at him, a mixture of amusement and unease showing on her face. She knew he wouldn't hurt her, but submitting to someone's every whim for an indefinite amount of time with no way to communicate was not an idea she was sure she liked.

On the other side of the coin, she knew that she didn't want him to stop what he was doing either. Therefore there was really only one way to answer.

"Go ahead. I trust you."

He was pleased with her answer. She could see that in the way his eyes glittered.

"Very well" he whispered. With a slight movement of his wand, the scarf began to loosen itself from her wrists and the bedposts. When it was completely freed, it slid under her head and then rapidly wrapped itself snugly over her eyes and knotted finally at her right temple.

He muttered a word and Terese felt her body go limp, completely paralyzed although she could still feel the air, and the bedspread beneath her. She tried with all of her willpower to move, even just a little, and found it completely impossible.

She attempted to open her mouth to speak, but her lips would not move. Panic rising, she tried to make her vocal chords cooperate to no avail.

He had been right. There was no way for her to protest, or to communicate with him at all. She was still able to breathe, thankfully, and he was right, her eyes did move underneath the makeshift blindfold, but that was all. In her fear, her respiration quickened drastically and she felt wetness gathering in the corner of her eyes. She trusted him... but this was very unsettling.

Suddenly, she felt a large hand press against her cheek, firm but gentle. The bed moved under his weight, and she felt his breath on her face. "You're all right" he whispered. "Trust me."

Terese sighed with relief, her anxiety immediately soothed. Her breathing slowed again to a normal rate, and he pressed two fingers to her neck, checking to make sure her pulse was slowing back down again as well.

"That's it" he said, comfortingly. "Relax. Nothing will harm you while I'm here."

If she could have smiled, she would have.

"There" he breathed. "That's better." His weight on the bed shifted again, and then left. She listened carefully, wondering where he was. She heard the sound of a cabinet opening and closing, and then seconds later he was back again, next to her.

She heard the faint pop of a stopper, and then a quiet thump of glass being set down on the night table. She heard what sounded like him rubbing his hands together, and shortly after he picked up her right hand. She could smell the oil that he had rubbed onto his hands. It smelled of cinnamon and cloves and was warm and tingly on her hand and arm.

He massaged her whole hand, in between her fingers, and then up her arm, to her shoulder. He was taking his time, missing nothing. He worked his way across her chest, and over down her other arm, repeating the process down to her hand on that side as well. Next he moved down her stomach, onto each thigh, and down her calves. Skipping her feet for the time being, he carefully flipped her onto her stomach, where he he lavished her back, shoulders, and buttocks with the same attention.

If Terese had been capable of making any noise, she would have moaned. This was by far the most thorough and pleasurable massage she had ever had the privilege of receiving. She hoped he would never stop.

When he flipped her over again and again backed off of the bed, she silently mourned the loss of his hands on her body. She heard the rustle of fabric, and hoped that it meant he was shedding his own clothing. When he again settled on the bed, he did not touch her so she had no way of knowing.

There was the sound of the stopper again, and again the little thump of him replacing the bottle on the table. She waited, almost forgetting to breathe, wondering what he would do next.

At last, she felt him move again, and he slowly slid his body over top of hers. His skin was definitely bare. Her heart began to pound with anticipation, and she felt him pause.

Severus gently removed the scarf from Terese's eyes, and he studied her face for any sign of discomfort. She saw that he was concerned, and longed to tell him that she was fine. Better than fine, in fact, and couldn't remember ever having felt quite this good.

She blinked slowly, trying to convey her emotions with such limited means of expressing herself. He stared into her eyes, and various images of the last several minutes began to flash through her head like someone looking at a flip book.

He's using legilimency she thought. Excellent. I wonder why he didn't do that when he wanted me to answer his questions?

"The Headmaster forbade it" he said, smirking. "Due to the sensitive nature of some of the information that you're carrying around in that pretty little head of yours. Believe me, it wasn't any sort of ethical issue on my part, I was simply following orders. That's why I restricted myself to only the last few minutes. What we do when we're alone and disrobed is absolutely none of his business." His smirk spread into a wolfish grin. "I am glad you're enjoying yourself so much, by the way."

He laughed deviously when her cheeks reddened with embarrassment, and then kissed her hard.

He had been debating on whether or not he should release her from the spell before making love to her, and right on up until he'd perused her memory of the last few minutes he had remained undecided.

The last thing he wanted to do was take advantage of her, but realistically, she had never turned him down before and she had consented to this little experiment in the first place.

When he'd seen the little pulse in her neck speed up he had feared she was afraid again, or feeling violated somehow, and he hadn't wanted to take any chances. If Dumbledore ever found out he had used legilimency on her he would be furious... but Severus didn't think he would ever find out. It was a risk he was willing to take.

Now, knowing that not only was she comfortable with their current arrangement, but thrilled by it, he knew that the obvious choice was to proceed.

The whole thing had been completely spontaneous. He'd really had no previous plan in place, but had decided to wing it in the interest of doing something exciting for her. In spite of how much he enjoyed their physical relationship, in the back of his mind, he still had a great deal of guilt over his own lack of experience. He was, among all of his other concerns, always wondering whether or not he was actually satisfying her at all, or if she simply cared too much for him to let on the truth.

It was a great relief to know how she really felt, and, as it turned out, also a massive turn on. He had planned to carefully and meticulously concentrate on only her pleasure, but now, under the circumstances, he was feeling a bit too randy to be quite that selfless. Thankfully, he didn't think she would mind.

Terese felt like swooning under his attentions. He was practically attacking her lips... and neck... and breasts... Ah yes, this would do. She had never realized that it was possible to be as immobile and lifeless as a rag doll and still get this much enjoyment out of sex.

I learn something new every day here she thought, amused.

Unable to wait anymore, he plunged into her hard and she wished her voice was working so she could properly show her appreciation. His enthusiasm always made up for his lack of experience, and he was right about being a very quick learner. He was better now, after such a short time, than anyone she had ever been with previously, and she didn't think that it was just because she was biased. The hot tingling in her nether regions suggested that he had found another use for his oil as well, and she made a mental note to ask him about it later.

Terese felt her passion building and suddenly found herself hoping that he would remove the spell so that she could be a more active participant. She felt guilty just laying here enjoying his efforts.

He let out a loud groan and grabbing his wand off the night table, he muttered a quiet, raspy word. Terese felt a brief pins and needles sensation throughout her body and discovered that she could move again.

"Mmm. Love you" she moaned.

"Forgive me darling, but I couldn't stand it anymore. I prefer you more animated I'm afraid."

Not wanting to disappoint, she wrapped her legs tight around his hips and laced her fingers into his hair.

Afterwards, draped over him, the sweat cooling on her body in the damp dungeon air, Terese had a thought.

"What was that oil?" she asked him, glancing over at the bottle that was still sitting on the night table. It was glass, about four inches high, and about three quarters full of a dark, amber liquid.

He smiled. "I made it for you. It's a little something I actually dreamed up many years ago, when I was feeling particularly sorry for myself. I never intended to actually make it, because I never thought I'd ever have anyone to use it on. It's got ginger, and cinnamon..."

"And cloves" she added, which made him smirk.

"Yessss..." He chuckled. "And a few other ingredients that I think I'll keep to myself. It's a massage oil, obviously, that has warming properties." His lips twitched with slightly embarrassed amusement. "But it is multipurpose, as you may have noticed."

Terese grinned. "Yes, I noticed. Very nice. You're going to have to somehow help me procure another bra before tomorrow morning, you know. I'm not facing the school without one."