The Problem with Friends

Chapter One: Jackal

Dear Your name-chan,

It's been a long time since I've last contacted you, hasn't it? I'm doing well thanks, and I've just made it to B College. How about you? Are you doing well at S College? I hope so… I'm sorry things have been so hectic and I haven't been able to talk much, but anyways, I hope we can get together soon… Ah, well, I'm free next week if you want to meet again, so let's get together soon, alright?


This was the first letter you have received from Anna in a long time… Ha, Anna, that's right, she actually goes by a different name now, though she must have signed "Anna" just for you.

Alright, so by now I bet you're wondering, uh…What the hell is going on right now?

Ha ha, well, just let me explain this to you through my letter… I'll do it through story, since I seem to be so good at that. Alright, now where to begin? Our story starts just over a year ago, when we were both seniors at the local D High School.

Somewhere… Far, far away… In a parallel universe…

Ha, I'm just messing with ya, we're actually in modern Japan. Nowhere special, really, and you were being chewed out yet again by your best friend, Jackal… Otherwise known as me! Or… Uh… Well, really, you were being chewed out by Anna, the 'me' you knew at that time. I was just a bystander who you knew and yet didn't know at the same time. You haven't really met me yet.

I'm Jackal, she's Anna.

Confused already? Good, that'll keep things interesting.

So who am I? Well, Anna calls me 'Jackal', but you can really call me anything you want because in all honesty, I don't have a name. I mean, I'm really just a random blob of a spirit who's lost her memory and who'd decided to party in some teenager's body for who knows how long, but anyways, let's just say we're both your best friend.

Even though you don't know me, thus far.

I'm still babbling about stuff you don't understand yet, aren't I? Sorry, sorry, I promise I'll explain some more stuff as my… Er… Your story progresses, so let's continue, shall we?

Anyways, to shorten this up, I'm pretty much your best friend and we've known each other since Anna came out of her coma a few years back, just before high school. What, you've forgotten that too? Well shame on you! Ah, sorry… I forget that it's not your fault that you've forgotten all this stuff… Argh, this is all so difficult to explain, especially through a shitty letter like this!

… Let's just continue on!

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, you were being admonished by Anna again because you failed another history test, your tenth in a row. A world record, I must say.

So she was scolding you yet again for not studying properly while I was laughing from the darker corners of Anna's mind. Like I said, I was just an innocent bystander then.

You're a smart girl. Really, you are, but sometimes even the simplest of questions can prove a problem. Especially when it comes to history.

That year, our class was working on the Sengoku period unit and you totally sucked when it came to names and remembering battles and such, which is why you've failed so often. For some reason, all these facts and things just weren't sinking in, and it didn't help that everything modern Japan knows about the Sengoku Era is totally wrong. I mean, seriously, our scholars know absolutely nothing about the real Sengoku Era, but either way, you still weren't getting it.

It was just another day at Anna's and my apartment, and it wasn't getting any better for you.

You sighed in annoyance and whined, "Come on, Anna-chan, just give it up already. I suck at history, alright?"

Anna shook her head stubbornly and said, "No. Don't give up so quickly, I'll help you study this, okay?"

You sighed and threw yourself backward onto her bed. I snickered and Anna sent a mental glare to shut me up, as if you could actually hear me. She tapped on the white pendant we wear to keep my power in check and then sighed again, saying, "Have faith in yourself your name –chan, I'll help you with this, alright?" She flipped through the history book in front of her thoughtfully.

You didn't answer and Anna sighed again. Finally she said, "What if I said I could actually bring one of the Sengoku Era daimyos to you?" I looked at her incredulously and she continued, "Do you think that would help you?"

You snorted and rolled onto your side to face the wall, "Yeah it would help, but that's crazy talk Anna-chan. Time travel doesn't exist."

"Oh…" Anna said, sharing another mental glance at me. I grinned, ooh, she's actually willing to use our power for once? Hm… This could be interesting. "I guess you're right." She smiled secretly and I knew.

Time to go back to the Sengoku Period. Holy shit, that's awesome! I can't wait to see my Kojuro again! Hm, just thinking about it got me excited~.

"Is that everything?" Anna asked a few days later, biting her lip as she studied our circle. She tied our white coat tighter around our waist and I grimaced. She's always doing that, it's so annoying… I mean, we wear a revealing costume to show off our great body in the first place right? So why the hell does she keep trying to hide it?

I studied it as well and then nodded, "Yup, it should be." Anna wiped our forehead with the back of our hand and I hid my smirk. Yup, that should be everything… If you wanted to go to the Sengoku period with other people, not if you wanted to bring someone back from that time and especially not if you wanted to go just by yourself.

Anna's smart, and she's learned all my tricks in the short time we've been aware of each other, but even she's unable to tell the difference between certain Time Perception Circles. Plus, it doesn't help that even the most minor of mistakes can prove a problem when traveling to certain times. But hey, that's A-Okay with me.

The sooner we get out of her time, the sooner I can take control of her- Our body.

"Here it goes then," Anna got on her knees and started the hand patterns. Because she didn't know that she had created the wrong circle, and you were still in the room with us, fast asleep, yeah, but here, that's just enough for you to travel back in time.

We're going to the Sengoku Period, and you're coming with us.

When she drew her katana and slashed a quick cross in the air, the familiar blue and white light filled the room and I smiled. Time to go to the time I know best.

We woke up what seemed hours later with a groan. I shook my head and looked around, and the familiar green landscape of Oshu met my gaze. Success!

We made it to the Sengoku period~ I pulled out a tiny firework from the pocket of my white trench coat and lit it with my forefinger. I watched it make a small explosion in the afternoon sky. Hm... Now where might that hot-headed daimyo be?... I sheathed the katana back in its scabbard tied horizontal just above my waist on my back.

"Jackal!" Anna yelled at me from the pendant we wore, now black and signifying that Anna's power was under control, instead of mine. "What's going on? I thought you said that was the correct circle to bring people to us, not us to them, and especially not with her!"

Ah… She already noticed that you were with us, that's too bad. I smirked and grasped the pendant by the cord, looking into it and saying, "Sorry Anna, guess I was wrong. Please accept my sincerest of apologies."

"Jackaaaal!" Anna yelled and I dropped the pendant into our coat pocket.

I really am sorry but… It's so unfair! Anna refuses to give me any control when we're in her time, so why should I give her any in mine? Plus, it's been over a month since we last came here, so of course I'm bored out of her/my/whatever's mind! I need time to play too!

I shook my head, I'll make it up to you later, I told Anna, but she refused to reply. Well let her sulk then. I'm gonna have my freedom here. It's my turn.

I glanced behind me when I heard a groan. Looks like you're finally waking up. Wait until you see where we are. I walked over to you as you pushed yourself onto your knees. You groaned again and then rubbed the back of your head. You finally looked around and your eyes widened as you began to panic, asking quickly, "A-Anna-chan, where are we?"

I smirked, tying Anna's long black hair into a high ponytail and then saying, "Sorry Princess, but my name is Jackal, and we're in the Sengoku Period."

A/N: Well here we are! I finally worked up the motivation to do a Sengoku BASARA Cast X Reader thing. Maaan, it's so difficult; I hate having to write 'you' all the time! I was originally thinking about making this a Date MasamuneXReader, but in the end I was like, "No, why should I limit it to just one character when we've got an entire cast to mess with?" And so, this series was born.

It'll probably center a relationship mostly between you and Date, but like I said, it won't be limited. It may stray around.

Also, I introduced myself as a character. ... Myself and Anna, of course.

Now that I'm out of story bounds, how shall I explain 'Anna and Jackal'? ... Alright, yes, Anna and Jackal are 'real' characters. Meaning, I use them in real life just as much as I do in my drawings or stories. They are... My personality personified – self-insert characters.

Because she's most similar to me, 'Anna' gets my nickname. She is usually used to personify my lighter emotions, or, the less harsh ones at least. She's quiet, distant, and sometimes a little apathetic when it comes to people's feelings. She usually comes off as cold or emotionless, but she's also more known to show child-like interests in stuffed animals and such, and shows more sympathy to people when required.

Jackal is a different story. The complete opposite of Anna and the side you usually 'see' when I write these author's notes. She's wild and brash, but can also be somewhat apathetic, though not in the same way Anna is. She's usually loud and cheerful, but she's also harsh and can be somewhat cruel, purposely. To put it simply, Jackal is a bit of a bitch.

Anyways, that's about all I can say without giving too many spoilers.

I will work hard on this series, and I hope you keep an eye out for the next chapter.

- Jackal

(Ha... It's so difficult to explain Anna and Jackal without giving too much away. I barely know them myself.)