Chapter Four: Anna

"Why?" I whispered, gripping the blood soaked dirt tightly. "Why, why, why?" I pounded a fist into the ground angrily and rested my forehead on it as the rain poured down. My katana lay beside me with its tip stained with my blood. It was a direct thrust into the chest, so why didn't it kill me? I just don't understand... Why?

"Haven't you given up already?" asked a voice irritably. I looked up as the apparition of the 'other me' formed before me. "I already told you there's nothing you can do to beat that Perception Circle on your back, so just give up already-"

I scowled and shouted, "Shut up, it's all your fault, all of this!" I stood up abruptly and grabbed the collar of her coat. Although she's nothing more than a ghost to other people, she's all too tangible to me. The other me flinched and I grit my teeth. "You… You… You!" I shouted.

"You've taken everything from me! I can't age. I can't die. … I can't even lethally wound myself." I looked away and whispered, "I'm… A monster. And you… It's all your fault."

"Monster?" she asked curiously. I looked back up at her as she smirked, "You know, I really can't understand why you're so unhappy about this. I mean, any other person would feel blessed at having a near immortal life."

I scowled, "'Near immortal'?" I questioned, "And what do you mean by that?"

She shrugged easily and said, "Even though I don't remember so well, I know I had this power when I was alive too, but obviously I died at some point or else I wouldn't be here like this. At least, I think…"

She looked away and I finally let go of her, sinking to the ground. I pulled my knees to my chin and hugged them, hiding my eyes with my forearms and the only sound between us was the rain falling.

Finally she said quietly, "You know… It's okay… To hate me."

"Hate you?" I asked wearily, not looking up. "Why would I hate you? You've been with me for over twelve years now, so you should know that's not a part of my personality better than anyone. I don't 'hate' people. I can't."

She laughed, "I suppose you're right, but… Even you can be pushed over the edge, right? Besides, I don't remember ever being liked when I was alive, so it's not like it would bother me."

I smiled thinly, "Hmph… It must have been a lonely existence then."

"I suppose so," she said again nonchalantly. The rain was thinning out and I could feel it slowing down, the drops now gentler than before. We were silent again until she broke in, "Hey… Why don't we work together then?"

I looked up at her questioningly and repeated slowly, "Work… Together?"

She nodded with a grin and replied, "Yeah, since you and me are stuck together, we should figure out how to undo this. You know, it isn't any more fun being trapped inside someone else's body than it is having someone trapped in your body. … What do you say?" she held her hand out to me and smiled brightly and I looked at it.

"But… I don't even know your name," I said slowly. The other me blinked a few times in confusion and then retracted her hand to scratch the back of her head.

"Oh… That's right, hm… I guess I haven't told you yet." She looked away as she thought hard about her name. "My name…" she said slowly. "My name… What is my name?..."

"You don't remember?" I asked, curious again.

She laughed nervously and said, "No, weird, huh? Well, since I don't remember my real name, what do you suggest I should be called?"

"You can't even remember your own name…" I said quietly, "It must be very lonely to be you…"

She shrugged, "Maybe."

I looked back at her and our eyes held each other. I cringed inwardly. Everything about her was the same as me, from her nose, to her lips, to her ears… She even had her cartilage pierced on the top in her right ear, just like me… Her hair was tied up just like how she always ties it when she gains control over me, and it's like looking into a mirror. Though no matter how she visualized herself, nothing could change the look in her, my, brown eyes.

They glittered mischievously and I felt like they were showing me something desolate, something not all too truthful about how it felt and something that screamed abandonment. Like an animal left to die on its own… Finally it came to me. "Jackal." I said slowly, "Your name… Should be Jackal."

"Jackal?" she asked, quirking an eyebrow up questioningly, "Why that?"

"Jackals are used to illustrate loneliness and abandonment… And for someone who can't even remember her own name, I imagine that's how you would feel, even though not consciously."

She snorted and said, "Seriously, I already told you I'm not lonely but…" she grinned, "Fine, then let's start over." She removed her hand from the back of her head and stood still for a few moments. Then she opened her eyes, grinned, and held out her hand to me again, "The name is Jackal and I'm a Time Perception Witch, or at least, so I've been told. Nice to meet you, Partner."

I smiled, "Jackal… My name is Anna. Nice to meet you too." I reached out my hand and they held each other. She pulled me up from my sitting position and smiled, eyes glinting again.

Without letting go of my hand she looked up with a sigh and said, "Ah, look! The rain finally stopped, and the moon is full… Isn't it perfect?"

I looked up with her and smiled again, our hands still holding each other, "Yes… It's lovely… Jackal."

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- Jackal

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