I Can Barely Say

Hi guys! I don't know what's happening with me LOL every time I see a picture of Emily and Nolan, I start imagine a new fanfic…. So here I'm. This one is going to be probably a two or three-shot.

In this universe, Emily doesn't break her engagement with Daniel and (of course) she's in love with Nolan…not Jack.

Hope you like it. Camy

PD: Revenge and all its characters belong to ABC. And English is my second language so, I'm sorry if you find a mistake.


-The Hamptons-

She has been looking at the dress for hours now, still unable to put it on her body. 'Are you sure you want to go on with this?' Nolan asks her, 'I thought you loved me, I thought…' Of course she loves him but she HAS to do this for her father. 'I do love you! …I hate this, but I have to do it'. He doesn't say anything and starts getting closer to her… she takes the first step and kisses him ….'I can't stay, I'm sorry Ems… I will always love you'. He closes the door, and when she's sure he's gone… starts crying.

A while later, Charlotte appears to let her know that Daniel is waiting for her, 'You look stunning Emily' She smiles at her and tries to say thank you, but if she speaks now she will cry again, and she can't cry…not anymore.

The sun is shining, 'How Ironic…' She thinks while she walks down the aisle with Jack by her side…Daniel kisses her hand and whispers an I love you, she takes his hand and prepares herself…'This is how it ends, I will always love you Nolan'

When the priest says 'If anybody knows a reason to stop this wedding, please speak now' Emily looks for Victoria, hoping she will say something… but she doesn't, she just smiles. And now is the moment everyone was waiting for…

-'Daniel, would you accept Emily Thorne as your wife, to love her and take care of her for the rest of your life?'

-'I do' Daniel answers with a huge smile on his face.

-And Emily, would you accept Daniel Grayson as your husband, to love him and take care of him for the rest of your life?'




Nolan is bored, bored of… everything. He misses Emily so much, but he can't go back… it would be worse for both of them. But he can't stop thinking about her, about their first kiss, their first night together, the first time they said I love you to each other…

His cell phone rings, but he doesn't pick up. It rings again, this time he looks at the screen, Emily is calling. 'I can't… I can't do this' He throws the phone away and watches how it breaks against the wall.

What he doesn't know is that Emily didn't get married…

-'I… I can't do this anymore… I'm sorry… I have to go' Emily runs to her cabin, before she goes… she takes her father's box and says 'I am going to follow your advice… I don't know if I will be able to forgive them for what they did to you but, I will go and live my life… like you always wanted me to. Goodbye daddy' and with that, she takes her keys, close the cabin and drives to the airport.

Emily arrived to Paris in the evening and got a room in the nearest hotel, without knowing that He was there too… she changes her clothes and gets ready for dinner.

A couple of minutes later she's sitting alone in the dining room, thinking of all that happened just hours ago, when a very familiar voice says 'Ems? What happened? What are you doing here?' Emily doesn't say anything and kisses him, He immediately kisses her back.

-'I couldn't do it… I realized I love you too much to let you go'

-'I love you too, and I always will'

Emily starts to tell him everything that happened, and he confesses how much he missed her. Soon it was dark outside and they decided to share a room… 'I don't want to sleep without you' he says and she blushes.

When they were inside their new room,' you know…' Nolan begins 'I can barely express how happy I am, this is your entire fault' Emily laughs and says 'I know how you feel; you don't need to say it out loud'.

In the morning, they get up early and walk around the city. Emily wants to know everything about Paris, especially where the shops are… so Nolan takes her to the best shops and buys everything she wants, not because she can't, because he just wants to… a million of dollars later they go back to their hotel and enjoy each other's company.

A month after that, they decide it is time to go back, 'I have to fix the mess I made so I can start over' Emily says. Nolan tells her to dye her hair black again because it will be easier to avoid the press and he had a thing for black hair. Nolan packs his and her stuff and prepares everything, while Emily's downstairs doing the check-out. Later that day, a black haired Emily and Nolan start their long journey back to America.


So, what do you think it will happen when they return? Will Daniel talk to her? Don't be shy and tell me what you think, even if you think I should stop right here or you didn't like it :)

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